The Mandalorian may finally open up Yoda's backstory by using the child as a key to unlock the decades-long mystery. So far, The Mandalorian exists in the underworld of Star Wars. These are the topics we’ll be covering here: Back in 2005, the same year Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith hit theaters, George Lucas and Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader) interviewed each other as part of Moviefone's Unscripted series. Baby Yoda may not be a clone, but there is certainly an interesting in cloning his DNA, which isn't all that surprising given how special he is. Related: Star Wars: Everything We Know About Yoda's Species. She loves binging a new series and watching movies ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to hidden indie gems. Throughout the first season, Mando is most concerned with what’s right for the Child and finding a place where he might be safe from the other bounty hunters still looking to cash in and the Empire. So is the Child possibly a war refugee like Mando himself? The Mandalorian follows the rules of the bounty hunter guild but he instantly feels a moral responsibility when it comes to Baby Yoda. While the galaxy believes that the surviving members of the Empire retreated in defeat, they have actually been staying under the radar while planning their next move. While the fact The Mandalorian stands alone is part of its appeal, it’s also something that won’t last much longer. It'd explain what becomes of Baby Yoda, and fill in the blanks of Snoke's origins. There’s plenty more mileage to get yet out of Baby Yoda, and the longer he’s a smiling, cute avatar for the Star Wars brand, the better for the company. It was Kaminoans who made the clone troopers who’d eventually carry out Order 66, after all, and so if Pershing is one of or linked to them, then it strongly suggests cloning is on the cards for Baby Yoda. Jedi don’t often venture into this world unless it’s to stop a crime lord who has severely rattled someone in the upper echelons. And yet, Baby Yoda’s story has to end somewhere. When a fan asked what Lucas could tell them about Yoda's species, here's what the iconic director had to say: "But to be really honest with you, I never really figured out where he came from, what his species is called… [his species] doesn’t even have a name," Lucas told Moviefone. Maybe Yoda’s species is from this region? Where did Yoda, Yaddle, and Baby Yoda come from? Some people have found ways to explore it, namely Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Chiss species and some members of the Empire. A desperate attempt at continuity for a species that only has one or two members at a time? As the adorable McGuffin of Season 1, he was fought after, sought after, and taken care of by a whole host of characters, and with Season 2 mere days away, we'll surely see more. In The Mandalorian's third episode, The Client told Dr. Pershing "to extract the necessary material and be done with it." Perhaps they’re no more or less likely to be great Jedi than humans are. .cls-2{mix-blend-mode:screen}.cls-3{fill:none;stroke:red;stroke-miterlimit:10;stroke-width:4px}.cls-4{fill:red}. It also would explain why Moff Gideon is seeking him so feverishly: he's linked to Darth Vader himself. When Kara's not busy writing, you can find her doing yoga or hanging out with Gritty. He’s the subversive secret mysterious stranger that enters the film and then exits at the end.". There are reasons to believe that Dr. Pershing is a clone scientist ordered to use Baby Yoda as a way to produce more subjects of the species. We know the Sith tried to do just this with the Emperor’s son, but failed to transfer the Sith lord’s powers to the strand-cast (although Rey would eventually inherit these exact powers, including Force lightning, one generation later). The center of The Mandalorian is, without a doubt, Baby Yoda. 61 Inverse readers think so. Then again, does it really matter who Baby Yoda's birth parents are now he's in a clan of two? Related: Every Upcoming Star Wars Movie & Release Date. This not only makes Mando one of the most wanted men in the galaxy but also a confirmed anti-hero who chooses to do right when faced with a life-changing decision. Whether they should or not is an entirely different matter, but it’s undoubtedly something Disney could do. So let's talk about the history of Yoda's species, and learn more about other notable characters who bear a resemblance to one of the greatest Jedi Masters who ever lived. When everything in Star Wars is explained, the universe feels big, but it can also feel rote. It gestures at Star Wars’ fantasy influences while not going so far as to outright explain the motivation behind the gesture. Is it happenstance that their species produced the greatest Jedi Master in the modern era? Do you think we'll learn more about Yoda's species in The Mandalorian? Like Yoda, Yaddle was a Jedi Master and known for her great wisdom. And for more on Mando, be sure to find out what we know about the show's weird Season 1 release schedule, and if George Lucas would ever return to Star Wars. The pointed ears are the surviving trait that display the character’s fantasy influence. Related: The Mandalorian Hiding Baby Yoda For So Long Was A Marketing Mistake. The studio knows the popularity of The Child and will want to sustain that for as long as possible, and that means keeping him safe and happy. The Mandalorian is a veteran in his field, but could he be aware of the rarity regarding Baby Yoda's species? The fact that a whole TV series is dedicated to this mysterious infant implies that it's a key piece to the bigger picture. There's already an Imperial presence in The Mandalorian and the timeframe loosely fits, so it could be that Baby Yoda is wanted - and eventually used - to make the Supreme Leader (h/t Thor Skywalker on YouTube). Baby Yoda is said to be … She was known for both exuding patience and kindness, and having exceptionally deadly Force powers that could trap a person in stasis. A whopping 912 Inverse readers thought his background would remain cloudy for the rest of the series. Or just one of many children gone missing in a dangerous galaxy? On top of that is the fact Palpatine himself is still around at this point. Cloning is already a big part of Star Wars and it will be so again in The Mandalorian season 2 - which will feature Boba Fett, while someone like Rex could also appear - and this ties it all together. Coincidences are rare when the Force is involved, so the fact Baby Yoda was born the same year as Anakin Skywalker suggests the two are intrinsically linked. Supreme Leader Snoke was a clone made by Palpatine, but could the Star Wars villain have used The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda to create him? Having Baby Yoda uses to create Snoke would be dark and controversial, but it also directly connects Disney’s most popular character to its biggest movies, which is the kind of brand synergy they love and may not want to pass up on. Although The Mandalorian teased some aspects of Baby Yoda, like his already impressive Force powers, and revealed him to be 50-years-old (which isn't much considering Yoda lived to be 900), there's a lot about him that remains a mystery, both in terms of his past and future. Star Wars: The Mandalorians and Their Symbol Explained, How Hunt A Killer Expands the Blair Witch Universe with New Horror Game, Horror Movie Origin Stories: Directors, Actors, and Writers on How They Fell in Love With the Genre, The Most Terrifying Magic: The Gathering Cards, Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Scariest Films to Stream, Star Wars: The Mandalorian – Baby Yoda Explained. The Mandalorian has introduced The Child, aka Baby Yoda, and teased he's wanted for cloning. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Since the Mandalorian’s adventures mostly keep him in the relatively lawless Outer Rim of the galaxy, he’s geographically placed in the right spot to venture into this dangerous sector of spac. If this is the true origin of Baby Yoda, he's far more powerful than first thought. Following Disney's acquisition of Star Wars, the EU was deemed non-canon and rebranded as "Legends," making the child even more significant to The Mandalorian and the franchise as a whole. Will this Force-sensitive Child give The Mandalorian a way to connect its otherwise Force-secular story to the mystical side of the galaxy in season 2? Snoke has free will, but his actions and goals are still orchestrated by Sidious.“. Full spoilers for The Mandalorian follow. The child could be directly related to Yoda or Yaddle but signs are pointing to Baby Yoda as being the last of the mysterious species. The child could be directly related to Yoda or Yaddle but signs are pointing to Baby Yoda as being the last of the mysterious species. ", Dave Filoni says Baby Yoda is an acceptable name for The Mandalorian's breakout star, Dr. Pershing's patch on his sleeve resembles the same symbol for the Kaminoans who cloned Jango Fett, find out what we know about the show's weird Season 1 release schedule, George Lucas would ever return to Star Wars. He’s the subversive secret mysterious stranger that enters the film and then exits at the end.”. Baby Yoda being used in such a nefarious way is arguably a step further given he’s a child, but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that they’d do it (especially if there was a way of cloning him and having him escape after, allowing the best of both worlds in Disney’s eyes). The Yoda species remains an element that cannot be canonized, cannot be commodified. Another interesting aspect of this is that, in The Mandalorian season 1, Din Djarin posts that The Child could actually be a strand-cast himself. When everything in. Full spoilers for The Mandalorian follow. The man employed by Werner Herzog’s character in season 1 has a symbol on his sleeve that might match the one worn by Kaminoan cloners, which implies that this doctor has some pretty specific plans for Yoda’s species. Both of those theories may not have that much evidence behind them, but combined, it's hard to see why it wouldn't work as an explanation. Not only is their home planet unknown, but so is the species’ real name (if it even has one), which is why it’s simply refered to as “Yoda’s species.”, When George Lucas originally created the character, Yoda was intended as a mysterious creature, an open-ended question in a wide universe. Even when the bounty hunter goes back for the child, all of the fellow hunters have tracking fobs linked to Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda's presence in The Mandalorian means that there are three known figures of the race, all of which are Force-sensitive.

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