Trying to figure out whether they've actually improved them or not. 26.1k Followers, 1,530 Following, 664 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from KAREN WILLIAMS (@karenwilliamstylist) Honestly that guy needs a makeover. Share your shitty contour pictures here. Karen Williams is a fun-loving, free-spirited celebrity stylist who has dressed everyone from Beyoncé to David Beckham. Watch all you want. Sign up to our email newsletter for the latest news and insights. From tiger stripes to brownie batter face, you can find it all here. ... Karen Williams. COPYRIGHT © 2020 GLEAM FUTURES, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Karen Huger Reveals Why She Would Have Pressed Charges if She Was in Candiace Dillard Bassett's Shoes 2 weeks ago. I literally searched for a 100% hitter forum just to see if other people noticed how the makeup artist literally makes everyone look yellow asf . THAT MAKES ME SO MAD!!!! I love watching this shoe but that makeup artist can not match a foundation to save her life. Everyone looks like someone blew a fist full of that fake butter powder for popcorn into their faces. A make-under rather than a make-over show, targeting people whose style is so in your face you cannot help stop and stare while their family and friends squirm with embarrassment. Episodes 100% Hotter. I think she looked way better in the beginning than when she left. Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the crappycontouring community. She then went on to be a freelance fashion stylist, working in both advertising and editorial. Anyone noticed how the same people "randomly picked off the street" are used for many of the people. She also brings the contour all the way to their mouths. They made her hair way too tight and made her so yellow! Three top stylists lend their fashion wisdom to celebrities and regular folks seeking to glam it up or tone it down. Release year: 2017. Best known for her Netflix and Channel 5 make under shows 100% Hotter and Celebrity 100% Hotter, Karen has also appeared as a guest judge on TLC's Ultimate Shopper.. Karen started her career as a magazine fashion and beauty editor. My husband and I just started watching this show and keep saying this exact thing! Best known for her Netflix and Channel 5 make under shows 100% Hotter and Celebrity 100% Hotter, Karen has also appeared as a guest judge on TLC's Ultimate Shopper. Collection 1. Senior Talent Manager -, 5800 Bristol Pkway, Culver City, CA, 90230. But the makeup artist girl wears waaaay too much make-up herself, wich is just stupid and wierd. 100% Hotter. And they said they lighted up her makeup but it was literally 10X darker! It's mystifying. Does he think he's Jesus?Seriously the show is mean, like sure, tone down people's looks if you want, but no need to be so cruel to them about their style. It really bothers me on episode 7 how the really y’all and pretty girl that looked actually very good when she walked in, (except for the animal print outfit) and then when they were done with her she looked awful!

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