Jackie recorded this incredible version when she was only 10. Judith Durham is in a class of her own. Some years ago he replied to a YouTube upload I had sent him. Joyce gives it socks but she’s singing to football hooligans, high on their own gas at this point. It’s a complete disaster. Achingly beautiful. It was a perfect fit and the rest is music history. Being of Irish descent, over the years I’ve heard many, many renditions of Danny Boy, but my sisters and cousin and I love the Peter Hollens version best! It has been used in multiple videos on YouTube, many that will tear at your heart strings. At the very end of the documentary, John Hume is asked under Derry’s walls if he thinks 'Danny Boy' will ever be adopted as the official Anthem of all Ireland. Experts explain. This tender message of life, love and death is delivered on a sweet and rousing melodious air. Only yesterday I was out walking on air with headphones listening to the heavenly Mezzo Soprano from Kansas, Joyce Di Donato. The orchestral arrangement is a bit of a mess. YouTube takes me there and lo and behold, for an encore she does Danny Boy. Percy Grainger introduced a completely unnecessary few notes that are trotted out by many performers these days who don’t know any better. To her horror and mine, some fellow with his shirt unbuttoned has apparently attempted another arrangement of the one song I can safely say does not need to be tampered with. Thanks to the wonder of YouTube I find Joyce doing complete justice to Judy Garland’s ‘Over the Rainbow.’ The BBC announcer says that Joyce was singing the last night of the Proms at the Albert Hall the previous night. Terry Browne is a Dublin poet and pianist who played his own work at Carnegie Hall in 2016 - the musical art history of the foundation of the two Irelands. As usual, just ever cassidy, just guitar, very simple, with a clear voice, the voice of angels, with her interpretation, make you want to cry, touches the heart. No one can do what he does at the end,. The first failed attempt in 1912 by its author, Mr. Frederic Weatherly of Somerset, was rescued when, it is said, his sister, living in New England, suggested he try an Irish air derived from the traditional "Aisling an Óg Fear" (The Young Man’s Dream), which had been popular around the town of Limavady in County Derry, Ireland. Danny Boy sheet music Public Domain Nelson Mandela said the song liberated him beyond his prison bars. A great night has been had by all, apparently, as Joyce is ushered back on stage. Beautiful and haunting. If you hear this version you may believe that Jackie love this song but it's the opportunity. Best Rendition and Best Female voice...EVER! There is no second place. This is not only the most extraordinary version of Danny Boy, but truly one of the most moving and poignant musical presentations ever recorded. No sincere and as we know his voice is one of worlds all time most beautful and famius. A little over-orchestrated and schmaltzy, but she has the purest voice and hits the high notes well. The Muppets did a sinful version of 'Danny Boy'. There was apparently some film left in the camera and a few quid unspent in the Beatles budget. Whatever she sang she turned to pure gold. Thanks for doing it nevertheless this one time! For starters The Hall is in its usual state of post final Proms flags-on-the-floor, balloons-in-the-rafters disarray. That’s it. Playing via Spotify Playing via YouTube Playback options What is it about this song? It’s just another in a long long line of 'Danny Boy' fails, I’m so sorry to say. So she will not sing it again. This is the best version by far. A nice but now dated television documentary on the song, entitled “In Sunshine or in Shadow,” was put together by ITV as an afterthought to a Beatles Retrospective. The most beautiful voice ever! © Copyright 2020 Irish Studio LLC All rights reserved. Danny Boy, Live at Red Rocks: Performed live at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado … He told me that it was as good as any version out there. I like her version better than any other.. John McDermott's a capella performance of Danny Boy is the purist version I have ever heard. Her emotion showed through in all she sang. The parents of Elvis Presley said he sang it … Great fidelity throughout the vocal range. I was one with the song, the emotion felt was one of all consuming focus on the story and that voice of John McDermott. Watch the video for Danny Boy from Johnny Cash's American IV: The Man Comes Around for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Just beautiful. © Copyright 2020 Irish Studio LLC All rights reserved. Read more: The top ten best and worst renditions of Danny Boy. He can sing like no other. I only wish she would sing it now with her more mature voice. It has been used in multiple videos on YouTube, many that will tear at your heart strings. This version is breath taking especially notes at end. I’ve played this song on piano almost every day for sixty years. This is not only the most extraordinary version of Danny Boy, but truly one of the most moving and poignant musical presentations ever recorded. They are actually laughing and shouting as she starts. I am too happy for words. Starting out with one finger on a hard-sounding, old, reconditioned upright with a cruel and apparently irreparable middle C. We called our first-born Danny and he knows and likes his music. Someone loves this exiled Danny Boy and will rest peacefully for eternity if he should come home just once, kneel at the plaintiff’s graveside and say a short prayer to the Blessed Virgin on his behalf. Jackie recorded this incredible version when she was only 10. It touched my soul. I could listen to her all day, every day but then I’d have no time to listen to that other perfect vocal artist, Janis Joplin. Achingly beautiful. He said "Yes, one day...... when we all grow up.". Jackie's talent is simply off the charts. Read More: Why is the song Danny Boy so popular? OMG. Not to be missed! Every line he delivers is perfect, please listen to Roy's version before voting. Joyce, as always, is heavenly. A tormented Irish Jig morphs awkwardly into the air we know and love. Most moving rendition of "Danny Boy" I have ever heard. Most emotional and moving version I have heard. Eric Clapton’s instrumental is always nice. Become a Friend of IrishCentral - help us to continue bringing Ireland to you, The most haunted spots in Ireland to visit this Halloween, Vatican priest who saved thousands from the Nazis died on this day in 1963, Coronavirus live updates: 15 deaths reported between NI and RoI today, Ireland to have its first Halloween full moon in 20 years, JFK's major influence on fellow Irish Catholic Joe Biden, Fundraiser launched for Irish girl to get cancer treatment in the US, IrishCentral readers’ favorite Irish names for boys or girls, IrishCentral readers’ favorite Irish names for boys. I took his critique and lodged it immediately for safe-keeping in my heart. Her voice is calming. I once thought Nigel Kennedy had cracked it but no longer do. Emotionally powerful! Top 10 Cute Characters You Would Most Like a Toy Plush Of, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases, Best Fitness Center Chains and Gym Franchises. Read More: The real story behind Danny Boy - the beloved Irish ballad. I think her "live" version with an orchestra is the most touching of all. So the finest voice on the planet is about to sing the finest song with the BBC Symphony Orchestra behind her. Jackie's talent is simply off the charts. The two short verses cut straight to the chase. If you have not heard her, go to YouTube and check it out, but be ready to cry. The song, which is the other great unsolicited gift to Ireland that ranks ahead of the English language and Victorian sewers, is rarely if ever performed with anything approaching its deserved heights. Just listen to it. Danny Boy is no exception. So what’s all the fuss? The perfect voice for this song.Beautiful. I do know this. She’s the only one who clearly gets it and can sing it as it deserves to be sung. I have really never heard one adequate version. Surprised us all showing what a good emotional singer she was outside of the Seekers repertoire.

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