Rational thinking Pakistanis should search what is their real identity, now a days every information available in your fingertips. @Imran Bahattar, "Welcome to the club of the ostracised." Pervez Hoodbhoy saheb rightly deserves Highest international award . No. If Bangla Desh is suddenly so prosperous, why are they not integrating the poor muslim Bengalis (called Rohingyas) that have lost their homes and properties in Mynamar to settle in BD? Some scholars praised my work in private; others told me to prepare for the flak that was bound to follow. India does business with Bangladesh, dont just help economic development. It does not look like that we have learnt any lessons even now. analysis accurate. WISDOM IS THE NAME OF THE TRAIT OF REMEMBERING EXPERIENCES AND MAKING USE OF THEM (IMAM ALI A.S.). Yes, the economic numbers look great but people are not happy with a govt they did not choose, one that forced its way into power & cheated the public. The reason for this may be summed up as the well-founded fear of “knowledge is power”. But the most expensive consequence of the security state mindset was the nurturing of extra state actors in the 1990s. Bangladesh benefitted greatly from very low tariffs accorded to its exports due to widespread poverty there. Also, most important, unlike Pakistan, BD spends very little (less than 1%) of its GDP on defense. I am reading right now the book 'Confronting the bomb', where a chapter written by Dr. Pervez hoodbhoy talks about all the' what ifs' regarding west pakistan, nuclear bomb and Bangladesh. Very well articulated guide for any country, not only Pakistan. Great job Pervez and hope to see you soon in Houston. True love for the country means doing what is right for the country rather than for their own pockets. Great article Mr. Hoodbhoy! Sir I have been seeing you since 2008-09 shouting loud and clear to transform Pakistan from worriers to business man by adopting tools required such as population control etc but establishment will not hear it Sir, it's their bread and butter noway they are going to change. He is one of the Pakistanis I admire.Totally pragmatic down to earth in touch with reality.Wish there were more like him in all parts of the subcontinent which got partitioned in 1947 who can without getting tied up to outside countries like US,China or Russia live in mutual harmony and greater prosperity for its poverty stricken masses.May common sense,men like Hoodbhoy propagate prevail. South Asia needs to learn how they manage it. In case of Pakistan it is completely a different world. The article says "They (West Pakistani leaders) said Bangladesh could never survive economically and would humbly ask to be taken back." India 31.1% in 2009 dropped to 21.2% 2011. Bangladesh exports more garments than India and Pakistan combined, thanks to the country's cheap labor. Breaking ice with Bangladesh and offering an unconditional apology is a bold policy shift that would signal to the region that Pakistan, as a responsible country, is owning up to its past mistakes and trying to find common ground with other nations. It's not correct that Bangladesh lack intellectuals. It is good to have other options open,good for the economy. "From a war economy to a peace economy". @Kris, A reality check: How many readers have visited Bangladesh recently! There are any number of ordinary, decent Pakistani citizens who deeply regret the breaking up of their country and the loss of its eastern wing. How come a poorer country like Bangladesh has been able to reduce population which was more at the time of separation and Pakistan could do nothing to control its population. In next 5 to 10 years you will not matter. The reason is obvious: the product that comes out of Indian and Bangladeshi government schools is a few notches - and in some cases many notches - better educated and appears to be better suited for handling both front desk and back office tasks. Never expected to see an article like this in a Pakistani newspaper. Pak needs to reevaluate its priorities and must understand that in weapons they can't compete India. Excellent article! New implementable modern health policy. Now this facility will no more be available to Bangladesh so it will be interesting to see how she performs in future. India too has overtaken Pakistan in income per head after 1991. Your scientific analysis is 100% correct. Brilliant piece of writing, should be an eye opener for all concerned, kind regards. If anything, by demanding an apology instead of adequate reparations, Bangladesh had prepared the ground for a graceful ending to a painful episode of history and for a new beginning in bilateral ties. A decision to apologize to Bangladesh would cause pandemonium among certain groups in Pakistan. Many “facts” had been exaggerated, fabricated, distorted or concealed. You wrote "They (West Pakistanis) said Bangladesh could never survive economically and would humbly ask to be taken back". Nawaz, Zardari, IK and so on all have to excecute their agenda otherwise they cannot survive. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? As has always been and more so recently we have seen how countries and nations have been destroyed by the powerful. For Pakistan, these are lessons to be pondered over. Very nice analysis. Pakistan had a bureaucracy from the start who with the elite schemed to haul in all the cash and make laws to ring their cash registers. Amazing timing of this article. Excellent article. In case Pakistan manages to score a mammoth 400 runs, they will have to ensure that Bangladesh gets all out for a total of just 84 runs or less. It has been described as a work that “will set anew the terms of debate” about this war. Will that resolve all our issues and problems which exist today? Last month, Al Jazeera published an article entitled Book, film greeted with fury among Bengalis. Truth remains: pakistanis have developed serious anti-India hatred (recently demonstrated by a series of vile anti-India articles on Dawn regarding Kashmir and the failed exercise in London), which has now become a generational problem -- it will only go away in 2-3 generations, and that too, only if sane voices such as Dr. Hoodbhoy are accepted and respected. I think the question should be, HOW, not WHY?

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