As both Azrael and Batman, Jean-Paul abuses his power as a vigilante. Once that was done, Shade upheld his deal with Vigilante by giving him the intel on the local gangs and they parted ways.[9]. This next hero has become a popular vigilante in the DC Comics world, with a complex backstory that makes her the perfect focus point for the line between hero and vigilante. However, her practices continuously get her in trouble. Eventually, Red Hood tames this behavior, but the use of lethal force remains a temptation for the former Robin. As a freelance writer, Brianna has formerly written for and acted as an editor of GeekFeed. Usually depicted as a wealthy socialite who comes from a military family, Kate Kane’s rise to one of Gotham’s protectors never ceases to fascinate. Some could even be Tragic much like with Batman from the DC Comics who happens to do the exact same thing but with a tragic motif with his parents and eventually for the sake of protecting those in … During Bill Willingham’s run on Robin, Tim brutally beats a villain named Johnny Warlock for harming Stephanie Brown. Besides an instance with her best friend, Akila, whom she had to stop with the help of Wonder Woman, Artemis tries steering clear of deadly tactics. This act of violence becomes somewhat of a cycle for Rorschach. From aliens from other worlds who come to Earth as protectors to metahumans with extraordinary abilities and beyond, the world is populated with some of the most powerful heroes in existence in the DC Universe. She’s also been a member of the Birds of Prey and a spy for the organization Spyral. Regardless of the continuity in which she appears, Batwoman’s as fierce as vigilantes get. Marvel: 5 DC Villains Namor Can Beat (& 5 He'd Lose To), The 20 Deadliest Vigilantes In The DC Universe, Ranked, 10 Marvel Characters Who Can Defeat Their Teams Solo. Plus, Roy’s skills as a martial artist are an added bonus. Vic Sage’s Question remains one of DC’s most fascinating yet under-appreciated vigilantes. Olsen's narration notes that Saunders has been dead and came back to life, but does not go into detail. Ordinary humans who develop fighting or technical skills that they then bring into the world as a means of stopping crime on a whole new level. Or so she thinks -- he somehow survives her knocking him off a rooftop. Also known as Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, Artemis is gifted with the weapons of the Egyptian gods and the skills of the Amazons. That vigilante is Harley Quinn, once the Joker’s girlfriend and partner crime but more recently, the vigilante hero of the Suicide Squad and her local home of Coney Island. Saunders and a mysterious version of the hero known as the Guardian beat back a villainous invasion from Mexico. The most powerful, skilled and natural vigilante in DC Comics is, hands down, Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. In one instance, he does so in terrifying fashion. Even Nightwing gets his ire at one point and nearly loses his life because of it. Sanders went on to become a famous radio identity called "the Prairie Troubadour." This scary incident proves there’s a lot more to Tim Drake than meets the eye. One vigilante hero who has proven her worth time and again in the superhero community is Tatsu Yamashiro, aka Katana. The deadly assassin in her never falters, though. When he wasn't on the radio, Sanders donned the same cowboy costume as Vigilante to avenge his father's death. He later teams up with, and saves the life of Superman (his marksmanship allowed him to shoot a silver bullet at the shadow of a werewolf who, being a magical creature, was about to kill the Man of Steel). There are many different types of heroes that populate the DC Universe. The DC Universe is overflowing with costumed vigilantes, but these 10 women are the best of the best. The daughter of the third-rate criminal known as Cluemaster, she becomes Spoiler in order to “spoil” her father’s plots after he lies to her about reforming his ways. Afterwards, he joined the expanded Justice League. Most of the criminals he deals with, particularly those of the petty variety, respect this, fear it even. Therein lies the character’s greatest strength -- despite her ability to tackle any threat with deadly force, she often chooses instead to take the high ground. However, his efforts were useless in face of the mutated Eiling, who easily disposed of Vigilante. DC’s pantheon of superheroes harbors a massive number of characters, many of whom are equipped with special abilities. Here are the ten most powerful female vigilantes in the DC Universe. Instead of being an ally to Green Arrow, this version of Shado is hired to take out Oliver Queen and later Dinah Lance. However, she later returns to the good side of the spectrum when her and Black Canary trade places. As time passes, his violent behavior takes a turn for the worse. For instance, the New 52 positions her in the role of a bystander to a robbery. He believes firmly in absolutes, good and evil, right and wrong, etc.

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