This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The file size of the latest downloadable installation package is 42.1 MB. Fixed saving preset issue: The presets were not saved in the right computer folder in some cases. Fixed USB hub issue on MacOSX: The Torpedo was not detected with some USB hubs. Factory reset: Torpedo CAB, Live and C.A.B. Presets can now be reordered in the Presets Manager, MacOSX installer fix: the name of the application is now Torpedo Remote 5, Allows the use of multiple Torpedo at the same time, Automatic full backup (presets, cabinets and user IRs) of the Torpedo when upgrading the firmware from v3 to v4 and full restoration of initial state when downgrading from v4 to v3, when previewing a cab, the second mic is disabled in simulation mode, when previewing a User IR, only IR is available for preview (the other is disabled). New reverb behavior: it is possible to edit any room parameters. M and C.A.B. M there are several Bluetooth improvements : Connection time reduced to 3 seconds when reconnecting to the pedal when no changes have been made (same cabinets, same presets, same 3rd party IRs) on both Android & iOS platforms (Requires also Wireless Remote 1.2.0). Enhanced warnings related to the memory card. The position of the physical SPACE knob located on the front panel is no longer taken into account at startup (presets are not modified). Torpedo C.A.B M memory card IR name are now displayed when they are selected from the Torpedo menu. Added Torpedo user IRs banks memory optimisation process: when using a mix between 20, 40, 100 and 200ms user IRs, it is sometimes necessary to perform an optimisation of the Torpedo memory in order to recover some free space. You may want to check out more software, such as Remote Helper, Player Remote or Remote Data Backups, which might be related to Torpedo Remote. Memory usage reduced by 65% (160MB in 5.0.3 vs 455MB in 5.0.2), Scrollbar added in Presets, Cabinets and user IRs managers. Factory reset is automaticaly proposed when the Torpedo does not contain any cabinet nor preset. Torpedo Remote.exe and TorpedoRemote.exe are the most frequent filenames for this program's installer. The file size of the latest downloadable installation package is 42.1 MB. MacOSX only: Torpedo Remote is now compatible with OS X from 10.9 (Mavericks) to 10.15 (Catalina). This new version also includes improvements in the workflow for Torpedo Remote. Wireless communication enhancements : warning removed upon disconnection, device name is no longer shortened. M: Adjust the volume of the AUX input in the onboard mixer to have the right balance with your backing tracks.- Captor X: Tweak all the onboard effects (Enhancer, Noise gate and Twin tracker).- Captor X: Select the routing for the XLR outputs.- Captor X: Access to the tuner. Added a timeout in case the memory card boot process fails, Solved a bug affecting the use and formatting of high capacity memory cards, Solved a potential bug in the initialization process of the potentiometers (Revv D20 only). C.A.B. Audio is now refreshed when editing or removing files from memory card. Firmware changes (Torpedo C.A.B. Torpedo C.A.B. New v4.22 firmware for Revv D20 & Revv G20: MIDI management issue fixed. The description of the selected cabinet is now displayed. In IR Loader mode, you can select the IR from the IR strip. The Torpedo Remote does not support user IRs stored in the C.A.B. Torpedo Remote is now compatible with Revv G20 amplifier. Thanks for your comment. Fixed Torpedo C.A.B. Please feel free to take a look around at our products, all of which have been custom designed and built to make your entry into the fascinating world of operating a model submarine as easy as possible. Torpedo Remote 3.1.15 can be downloaded from our software library for free. )Best regards. Kind regards. When an IR stored on the memory card is used by the C.A.B. The UI could be more intuitive but it works decently well. Mic mute fixed in preview and La Boutique modes. The Torpedo Remote does not support user IRs stored in the C.A.B. Memory card no longer boots at startup. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Audio processing bug fixed: in rare cases, the processor could get overloaded, resulting in corrupted audio and potential feedback noise. 37kB TUR files can now be copied on Torpedo. M+, Captor X, Live, CAB, Revv G20 and Revv D20): Fixed an issue upon preset loading when Mic B was changed (or switched from front to back) and Mic A was not. Torpedo C.A.B. The default installation folder for Windows 64 bit has been changed to “C:\Program Files\Two notes Audio Engineering\Torpedo Remote v5” and to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Two notes Audio Engineering\Torpedo Remote v5” for Windows 32 bit. A User message notification has been added when the license is updated. Torpedo Remote is compatible with Torpedo Captor X. Saving and reloading of presets containing memory card IRs have been fixed. The Hold function can now be assigned to either of the footswitches. The star preset is now available in the preset selection menu. When an IR stored on the memory card is used by the C.A.B. Torpedo Studio owners can now control their hardware with this brand new Torpedo Remote. Security added in the audio process in case of processor overload. This download was scanned by our built-in antivirus and was rated as clean. M the Remote displays “(empty)” in the panel of the corresponding IR slot. It now shows the appropriate window for the Live. Fixed preview cabinet from Two notes Store download issue: downloading failures are now properly handled. Cabinet Manager layout has been improved: new messages, improved drag-and-drop feature, load and unload buttons, It is now possible to change the order of the cabinets in the Torpedo memory, It is now possible to filter cabinets in the Cabinet manager and only show the cabinets in the license, Torpedo Captor X 16 firmware package issue has been fixed, Launch time of the software has been improved with slow networks. Windows only: Torpedo Remote is now compatible with the latest version of Torpedo firmware USB HID driver. M memory card. Torpedo Wireless Remote connects the Two notes Torpedo C.A.B. and Live v3 to v4 firmware upgrade timeout bug fix. The ability to connect to this device without the need of a computer is AMAZING!! 20ms user IR can now be sent to the C.A.B M from Torpedo Remote. Final fix for the Windows USB driver issue. You now have access to the cabinet description. In case of any issue, do not hesitate to report it on, we should be able to find a solution. Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Preset switching performance issue solved. Create a helpdesk ticket directly from the application. M+ setup, Mute/Unmute button has been added in Tuner window, Magic mouse & track pad issue is fixed on MacOSX, Delay before displaying values on knobs has been reduced, Torpedo Remote and Torpedo firmware update workflow improved. only: Solved a bug affecting the Hold function. M to Torpedo C.A.B. Polarity correction: out signal was inverted in regards to in signal, Studio only: Fixed an issue when loading preset files containing user IRs, Guest users can now access to the email field in the support ticket creation window. Bugs when editing or removing files from memory card are corrected. and C.A.B. M memory card. Several minor UI improvements & bug fixes. Use of OpenGL to improve overall application performance. Low level communication check restored to previous version (solves the error 214), C.A.B and Live: Protection added against MIDI CC# overflow, Saving and reloading of presets containing memory card IRs through Remote fixed, Default IR file selected in memory card when changing preset mode, Search indicator added when searching for files in memory card, Memory card can now be properly ejected through the “Eject” function of Windows and Mac OS, Bug when reading memory card folder with too many files fixed, Bug when reading files from the memory card browser fixed, Better handling of error display when memory card is USB mounted, Reboot is now forced after a BLE pin code renewal. Fix cabinet manager issue with WGrandBlvd cabinet, 100ms and 200ms user IR can now be sent to the C.A.B M from the Torpedo Remote. Fixed random crashes of the Remote during firmware update. The Remote software makes light work of setting up the various sections, saving and loading presets and loading new cabinet models or IRs. Ultra low latency setting is added in C.A.B. There is a very slight but still noticeable delay while using headphones and changing settings on the app as well as the physical knobs while the app is connected. R & R Model Engineering welcomes you to our website. User IRs directory can now be changed from the User IR menu. Bug when reading advanced .wav header is corrected. Bug when sending preset from Wireless Remote is corrected. Torpedo Remote is designed to work with Torpedo C.A.B M, Torpedo Live, Torpedo Studio, Torpedo C.A.B., Audient Sono and Revv D20. They benefit from the Cabinet Manager, Preset Manager and IR manager to streamline their workflow with their digital load box. Torpedo Remote also now includes (for all USB-Torpedo owners) the possibility to backup the unit's data. App was glitchy when I first tried to use it on iPad but the recent update to iOS 14 fixed my issues. Fixed an issue with the encoders skipping a step from time to time. User IRs can now be backed up from the torpedo to the computer. Torpedo Remote 3.1.15 can be downloaded from our software library for free. Windows only: Disabled OpenGL. For C.A.B. Fixed possible CaptorX configuration issue at first launch. Torpedo C.A.B. Preset, Virtual Cabinets and IR file names now only scroll once. On shutdown, cabinet filter settings and IR Manager are now kept in place. The program lies within System Utilities, more precisely Remote Computing.

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