They measure 50 different stats about a country – including each country’s military budget, number of aircraft carriers, available manpower and labor force, to produce a Power Index, in which lower numbers equal more firepower. This list is based on military expenditures, budget allocation and numbers of armed personals not on the capability,suicide percentage and the historic victories so don’t worry the lovers of Pak Army. The British military remains one of the most well funded and well-trained forces in the world. indians army is the cheapest army in the world. (iStock). In the skies, Russia’s air force has 873 fighter aircraft and 531 attack helicopters. of world God has been patient with Israel for not accepting Jesus as their Savior…, paksitan iz the best Army of the world we challenged of world…. Here we comprise a Top Armies List of World. You are very right my friend but please be a realistic. The ranking is based on data collected from the Global Firepower Index (GFI) and Credit Suisse. Pakistan is the loving nation,country,army.The true story is that America gets scare from Pakistan a super nuclear power country. My friend patron of wars have changed globally. Why we have joined mad rat race for acquiring sophisticated weapons Just for killing people? not for their own purpose as you people r doing F**king indians and C**T Americans you spoil the peace of the whole region, just to show your power…words have no values in war only time will tell Dont worry guys we are already to fuck whole world.. Its rule from Day first Might is Right so powerful countries always have more influence on world progress. Germany is one of the strongest economic forces in the world but the army’s condition seems to have deteriorated in the past few years. Government of Russia decided to spend $200 billion for the upgrade of the military equipment from 2006 to 2020. They are brave because they trust on Allah. This score is based on the size of their military, budget allocated, arsenals, advanced technologies implemented, training, power and number of allies, etc. NATO countries get a slight bonus because the alliance theoretically shares resources. so read history son instead of making comments, whats about intelligence agencies… pak is on no 1 and india is not even in the list, son first u read the History carefully because every nation armies stronger but now the war is only for two buttons for example indain push button and Pakistan also their would be no Pakistan and no India only damages occur one day INSHALLAH both countries stands for each other becz boths r near and dear to each other and we dont want fight only peace and cricket thanks to all salam, Reading all those pseudo psyched lob sided pakis talk about their mesmerized facts to reality i felt imperative to comment so..If 1.5 billion Indians decide to take a pee at wagah border at 10.10 am on a fine Friday morning. The ones who wear uniforms are termed as special civil servants. Required fields are marked *. Permission to use quotation from any article is granted subject to full credit of the source being given by referencing the direct link of the article on Victor Mochere. France holds the nuclear powers which is third largest in the world. (iStock), Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. present 1st at top bitch countries Britain & Israel will be wiped of the face of the earth. Hate for india,israel also usa !At lest Armerica is the most stonest army and India is good So Fuck you bitch!!!! ... Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World 2020. While 1 aircraft carrier is in Brazil’s hand. This is a list of the top 5 most powerful armies in the world. The Global Fire Power Index ranked countries’ militaries across the world using over 50 different metrics to give each country a score. Top 10 best affiliate marketing programs 2020, Top 10 highest earning creators on OnlyFans 2020, Top 10 largest aircraft carriers in the world 2020, Top 10 largest submarines in the world 2020, Top 10 largest currencies in the world 2020, Top 20 weakest militaries in the world 2020, Best sites to watch or download movies for free. We fight for death. Pakistan in ka one fifth ha phir bhi khul k baat krta ha aurtoon ke tarhan idher udher mulkoon ma ja k phutoon ke tarhan bayan bazi nahi krsukta jao ja k apnay terrorist abba ko ja k bolo k jo oukharna ha oukharlee hum bhi dakhtay han gand ma kitna dum ha. tum logo ki behtari round table discussion men hi he warna we have power to dilute Hindutwa to null, Your email address will not be published. Market data provided by Factset. On the Other Hand Some Countries are build their armies due to their enemies like Pakistan due to India, Iran Due to Israel, South Korea due North Korea and So on. Here are the top 20 strongest militaries in the world. which is a best army having ssg commandos and strong intelgence network. india-French-British, Total Soldiers- 18,00,000:362,485:3,74,500 In the end let me refer to a quote from great Indian philosopher Chanakya who once said man is not great by birth but by the virtue of his deeds. I do not care even if india military More.l in battle do not fight with the army, but he argues with curiosity and heart. We have more nukes compare to India i.e. In our List UK stand on 10th Position.United Kingdom have 0.2 Millions Active solider but UK have huge budget for defense which is $ 58 Billions.UK is world most strongest Army which have less number of Active Solider but what make them more powerful then any other is Resources and Advance Technology.With nearly 1,800 aircraft and helicopters and over 5,500 tanks and armored vehicles, it is a viable force and an unwavering ally of the United States. everybody knows which one is betterest and it was my favourate PAKISTAN………………………..fuck america….fuck israel…..fuck germany AND THE BIGGEST FUCK FOR india…………………………. These carriers, in addition to the country’s relatively large submarine and attack helicopter fleets, drastically boosted Italy’s ranking. In 2020, China had the largest armed forces in the world by active duty military personnel, with about 2.18 active soldiers. India have Largest second Population after China in the World and also have third largest army according to numbering which is 1.3 Millions active solider.But we assign them 6th place in our 2020 List because of  Standard Atomic Power,Missile Technology and Advance Protection Shield.India Consider Pakistan as their Enemy so there’ always a war condition at their Border.Both Countries have 3 Major Wars also.1948,1965 and 1971.They have also one more Kargil war 1998 but its consequences are not finalized. Also, Japan was a leading military force in WW-II. In what shouldn’t be a surprise, the U.S. “retains its top spot as the undisputed military power in the world,” Global Firepower says. Killing civilians or blasting bomb among innocent people is nothing more than cowardness. Fuck u American 7,66,000 soldiers are active receiving a military budget of $64,000,000,000. My question is where pakistan stand who typing so much .

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