I.e. Lol, sounds like me, except it's been almost 3 years since I started (https://github.com/zadam/trilium if anybody's interested). TiddlyWiki is for work notes and publishing my wiki. Just don't use this kind of crap. No need for silos, no need for hierarchies. Jack Baty's Weblog. Tag-based organization turns the collection into a graph. Record every thought that crosses your brain, or build a responsive website. All sites that share user generated content publicly have similar clauses. I like the author’s enthusiasm for organizing personal information. There's nothing in here that's appreciably better than MW's raw editor. This brought in a couple dozen custom tiddlers and I immediately had all the features of TiddlyBlink and more. Use it to take notes, keep your to-do list, outline an essay, or plan a novel. I find Notion.so and the others much too complex for most my needs (even though the inline database is a wicked cool idea!). Block editing and versioning are neat, but less powerful than MW templates — again, a feature for me, probably not for the target audience? Really appreciate users like pps who do the work of figuring out how to make Roam work for them at this early stage. It's not perfect, but you can export your entire database in Markdown format at any time. This way, you can have bidirectional linking and the user experience for creating these links is very good. In a meeting with 4 people, discussing three big ideas, related to two projects, what file do you put the note in? I completely agree with this, but I think it's naive to think this is fixable by some tool. It's not always the right tool, but when it is, it's great, and it integrates perfectly with fzf. Add the tag `hide` or the tag `outlines` to any tiddler to keep it from appearing in the 'simple transclude' view of the references from other tiddlers. Trillium Notes have been mentioned before [0]. Or is it like workflowy where you would have to explicitly share at different nodes. Yah, but Eastgate's Tinderbox has been doing this for damned-near 20 years, no? Posts Tags Categories About Roam . Hi, I wrote this! I doubt Roam will sublicense to me (for example). --Whether they have more or less structure, they all let you link pages together, so hierarchies are generally up to you to decide if you want more or less of. Getting started with TiddlyWiki: a beginner’s tutorial, Default Journal tiddler titles was changed to, The styles were changed to an inverse of the grey vs white of my theme. Simple but capable flat document system, especially the very nice tagging with automatic bidirectional linking to organize everything with. This would have a slight downside in that I quite often want to consume notes on the go so I may need to find an option there (eg serve my notes up using a private server or something). Roam's approach (judging by screenshots) is that you can't visually filter out all the nodes at ones and "walk" the paths in a filtered graph -- that's why I consider switching from yEd to VUE [5], which has more decent filtering/search/layering/grouping options. You can also shift-click on links to open in them in the sidebar. It is in early release, and they seem to avoid the question about pricing. Stroll - A notetaking tool built with the TiddlyWiki platform, imitating a number of features of Roam, including bi-directional links and autocomplete suggestions for linking. A free lightweight IDE optimized for building UI web tests. Bidirectional linking helps to associate data better than anything else I know, and if that can be handled semi-automatically it would blow people's minds. Two questions: Does anybody know what Roam's business model is? Without ever leaving Red Wine page. April 14, 2020 My wiki is more Roam-like thanks to TiddlyBlink. Too much work is too much work, and no amount of automation is going to fix that. Roam appears to remove the time and effort needed to organize notes. I'd probably have the data stored in a postgres db, maybe use graphql+elasticsearch indexes to provide the linking and searching... then the user could simply supply aws creds and what not to their own instances and basically host their own data that way. Giving my personal data to a non open source note taking project without any encryption capabilities is a big no. I also don't get how anyone would put up with this. vimoutliner for when I absolutely want an actual outliner to do some planning. It's just that all the usual data-cataloging systems seem so clunky or have a whole "system" that intrusively proscribes how to use it. And if you find that they're not useful for you anymore then you can simply remove or unlink them. One of the cool things about TiddlyWiki is that content and feature enhancements can be installed by simply dragging and dropping from another wiki, right in the browser. It’s the “…and more” part that caused a bit of trouble. Does Roam have any data export options though? Co-founder of Roam here. I don't see how these major issues can be fixed by technology. 764 get it. the pitch for Roam imo is that the #1 challenge of modern business is scaling communications. Have to play with this. Ditto. Links will happen. It was a fun project, but mire fun writing it than using it. I'm definitely going to have to give Roam a try. Just as FYI - Roam is built in Clojure/Clojurescript and we're hiring, Is there a link to your hiring page? Use nvalt till that ships then, import will be easier, and you'll start to taste power of very fast two-way links. For someone starting fresh, the above changes are probably beneficial. After 2000+ notes in Apple notes I've learned that the notes I go back to most often are nonfiction book notes and certain periodically updated lists, and any other notes I just find through the search bar. But this is new kind of software, which promotes new workflows and ideas about using your thoughts and data, and if you want to compare it to existing solutions then you should compare it to TheBrain or ConnectedText. I can't tell where "Roam Research" is based, or if it's even an actual company or just some developers using the name. I like the idea of a “second brain”, but for me that has to be something that never gets detached from my first brain. I've been using Inkdrop, mostly because I like my notes E2EE. I am with you on not going and looking for notes (I don't often browse through my photo library either, which is a close analog). I have used this in conjunction with Workflowy and…. Is there a "team" or "company" specific version? https://pauljmiller.wordpress.com/category/software/note-tak... https://pauljmiller.wordpress.com/category/software/mind-map... https://tkainrad.dev/posts/managing-my-personal-knowledge-ba... https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22107783, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22105480, https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:What_links_here, https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Backlinks, https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:AdvancedBacklinks, https://brettterpstra.com/projects/nvalt/, https://github.com/Alok/notational-fzf-vim. Happy to answer any questions about how I'm using Roam. Walling is an easy-to-use tool that will help you capture ideas and visualize them into collaborative Walls. Dynalist, a precursor to Roam: freemium to $8/month. Also, good typography and visual design is critical in any kind of note taking app, but in Roam that barely feels like an afterthought. Undermines the credibility of the writer. I fell in love with GTD 20y ago and spent years trying to work out the best solution for _organizing_ thought, rather than putting all that energy into actually acting on thought. sign up with google didn't work it takes me back to sign up screen. can't store work confidential data on it because its not a local app. I hope we will have more software with such flexibility in the future, competition is always good, I might even reimplement this myself as my private hobby project, because it's so useful and I can't imagine going back to normal note editors if something happens to Roam dev. Not necessarily, you can filter the backlinks to [[Red Wine]] from within the Red Wine page to only include other tags, like Super Tuscan. Around the web. But, not very useful for outlining articles or projects. I was heavy Notion and Dynalist user, now I'm completely sold to Roam. Which is probably all that is needed to have a product that works, sometimes the littlest changes make for the best tool. Between bookmarks, random notes and lists that I throw away, cool quotes I find, and even thoughts that I ponder and get distracted from, I feel like there's so much interesting stuff I've found that remains inaccessible or was lost or is just laying around uncatalogued. Use it to take notes, keep your to-do list, outline an essay, or plan a novel. It can! Some of them (e.g. Foam - A personal knowledge management and sharing system inspired by Roam Research, built on Visual Studio Code and GitHub. I didn't see any pricing information. From talking to the founder the desktop app is on its way, mobile will probably come later. In Roam that's not even a question you have to ask, all info in each paragraph goes to all the right places. like Semantic MediaWiki). I'm not seeing one on roamresearch.com, No hiring page yet, just dm @conaw on twitter for now. For example, I want to be able to easily capture the fact that we owned a dog. I've been through a hundred note apps, in the end, taking notes is for the brain to help remember. At first glance it looks somewhat like MediaWiki (the wiki software behind Wikipedia), which also supports creating pages implicitly by linking to them. Reading on interestedly .. Lots of self hosted options that are much better than evernote or todoist. Online diary app I used is gone now. Then if you navigate to another page in the main pane, the sidebar still stays at the page you opened there. ), The article describes an incredibly easy content-creation system, but one where you can easy create much more content than is useful. > You agree that Y Combinator, in its sole discretion, may suspend or terminate your account (or any part thereof) or use of the Site and remove and discard any content within the Site, for any reason, including, without limitation, for lack of use or if Y Combinator believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these Terms of Use. That's a feature that would legit take some work to implement in MW. I can't enable multi-cursor editing in Roam, and I doubt it would ever be an option across nodes/list items. It was a fun project, but mire fun writing it than using it. Personal knowledge management and sharing on VSCode & GitHub, "Taskade is a collaborative productivity tool to make structured lists of things. What about the times that other family members got stitches? Try it for a month with some hobby project and to log your daily life, it's crazy good, after few weeks of use I'm still in awe and I find new, better workflows every week. > The turning point was spending months of part time hacking writing my own Evernote’s clone in Clojure in the backend, a Firefox plugin, and a web app. This was inspired by Getting started with TiddlyWiki: a beginner’s tutorial. I probably use the same 2% of my notes (< 30 notes) 90% of the time. I definitely wouldn't risk using the service based on the lack of information they provide.

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