The name Western Armenia was put into circulation as early as in the 4-5th centuries when the kingdom of Greater Armenia was divided between Persia and the Roman Empire. Babken Harutyunyan, PhD in Historical Studies, Columnist-member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of ArmeniaDr. Arshakids’ dynasty (a cadet branch of Parthian Arshakids) was established in Greater Armenia. However, in the inscriptions of local kings it was called Biaynali or Biayneli and Shureli, which corresponds to the now accepted name - Kingdom of Van. According to recent studies, a Scythian leader Partatu or Paruir (according to Armenian sources) had been proclaimed as a king of Armenia by the end of the VII century BC. In April of the Same year, OEK quits the coalition joining the opposition. In 1801 Eastern-Georgian kingdom was finally dissolved and united with the Russian Empire (Armenian-populated Lori district included). On May 8, 2018, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia elected Nikol Pashinyan, the leader of “Yelq” (Exit) parliamentary bloc, as the Prime Minister. Further, at the end of the 14th and at the beginning of the 15th centuries those counties were devastated by a disruptive campaign of the Golden Horde Khan Totkhamish and Timur (Tamerlan). On December 6, 2015, a new reformed version of the Constitution is adopted through a referendum, according to which the Republic of Armenia underwent a transition to a parliamentary form of government. On the February 20th, 1988 the extraordinary session of the Council of the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast /NKAO/ adopted a historic decision, based on the constitution of the USSR. The newly elected Armenian parliament (which retained the Soviet-era name Supreme Soviet or Supreme Council) chose Levon Ter Petrosian instead of the new CPA first secretary as its chairman, and hence as head of state of the republic. On September 2, 1991 the joint session of both Nagorno Karabakh regional and Shahoumian district councils of parliamentarians declared the independence of Nagorno- Karabakh Republic within the borders of former Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region and Shoumian. Under the blows of the Ikonian Sultanate and Mamluk State of Egypt, in the absence of assistance from Christian Europe, Armenian state of Cilicia fell in 1375, however, many Armenian principalities continued their existence in impenetrable mountainous areas.And only during the years of the Armenian Genocide in Zeytun autonomy of Ottoman Empire practically stopped to exist on the territory of Turkey. When the TSFSR was formed, the new Soviet government in the Armenian capital of Erevan ruled over a shrunken country with a devastated economy and few resources with which to feed the populace and rebuild itself. As a result the persecution and violence against Armenians became more severe in the Azerbaijani SSR. In 1870 the agrarian reform was carried out which accelerated the involvement of Armenia in All-Russian market. On February 20, the opposition initiated rallies that developed into clashes between the opposition and the law enforcement on March 1-2. The Assyrians called this new kingdom Urartu after the name of the Ayrarat Kingdom. On Dec. 2-3, 1996, at the OSCE Lisbon Summit, the Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group and the OSCE chairman-in-office recommended the principles that should be the basis for the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Armenian feudal clans were largely destroyed in the 14-15th centuries. Western Armenia was deprived of its native population. The war also precipitated an ethnic disaster of rare magnitude and brought the Armenians who remained in their native territory into a new type of empire. There is no doubt that the process took place in the Armenian plateau through the gradual merger of different tribes into Armenian.

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