The upcoming days the mystery of Egyptian diva Suad Husni’s death will be revealed. Cause of Death. A woman called Elham, whose last name is never given but who is said to have accompanied Hosny during her stay in Paris, and Baheega Jahin, Salah Jahin’s sister, who was with Hosny for some time in London, are two of Abdel Moneim’s main sources. “It is important to keep reading through the ordered chronology of events to understand the whole picture.”. WTF? Even after all these years, no one really knows the truth behind her mysterious death. Abdel Moneim (right) with Hosny (Middle) and Mahmoud El-Khouly (left), Abdel Moneim’s then husband. After years of treatment in Egypt failed, she eventually left for Paris in 1992. I believe that she is psychologically confused.”. If there’s one thing that unites people who accept Abdel Moneim’s story and those who don’t, like pro-state talk-show presenter Moufid Fawzy, it is suspicion about Yousry. Written in simple classical Arabic, with some colloquial words scattered here and there, the book centers around two main themes: the story of Hosny’s recruitment for espionage by a secret office in the Egyptian intelligence service in the 1960s, and a woman called Nadia Yousry, who owned the Stuart Tower apartment and whom Abdel Moneim says only showed up in the media after the star died, introducing herself as Hosny’s closest friend. Egyptian film actress who was one of the most influential Middle-Eastern actresses in the 1960s. "Before her death, she was preparing for a play which she discussed with producer and screenwriter Samir Khafaga. Hosny’s brothers and sisters were all certain she didn’t kill herself, says Abdel Moneim, and her friends felt suspicious too. “I didn’t tell anyone except for my brothers and sisters I was writing this book,” she says. Hosny was known as the Cinderella of Egyptian cinema and one of the most influential actresses in the artistic arena. Soad Hosny was born on January 26, 1944 and died on June 21, 2001. Abdel Moneim, who couldn’t afford to visit Hosny in London but kept in touch “constantly” by phone, believes that the fact that she died on a Thursday afternoon but that Egyptian TV only announced the death on Friday evening proves that she was murdered. 58 years. Soad Hosny Birthday and Date of Death. With her relatives’ backing, she hired a scenarist and a journalist to help, but the tone of the writing wasn’t right. The family is stating that high rank officers in the Mubarak regime stand behind Soad's death and want a serious inquiry into the matter. The upcoming days the mystery of Egyptian diva Suad Husni’s death will be revealed. Soad's body was flown home to Cairo and her funeral in Cairo was attended by some 10,000 people. According to the book, when Hosny was a 20-year-old rising star in 1962, she was approached by an intelligence agent, Mamdouh Kamel, disguised as a French producer and with an unidentified translator in tow. Commenting on Yusri’s acocunt of Hosni’s alleged suicide, the late artist’s brother, Ezz Eddin Hosni, said that “if she said so, she has also told many stories. Abdel Moneim has another motive: The book also discusses at length the warm relationship Hosny had with her family, responding explicitly to articles that “defamed” them and reported “fallacious news” that Hosny wasn’t caring enough. Hosny with Abdel Moneim when she was a child. An Egyptian source in the judiciary branch says a number of Egyptian artists have filed a suit with the prosecutor general accusing Nadia Yusri of murdering the late actress Suad Hosni. There’s also a QR code that links to 18 videos Abdel Moneim has uploaded, which include leaked conversations, testimonies and TV show excerpts backing her conclusions. Date of Death 21 June 2001, London, England, UK (fall, possible suicide) Birth Name Souad Muhammad Kamal Hosny. This marriage is also part of the evidence Abdel Moneim says helps prove the murder. Here is all you want to know, and more! Abdel Moneim would take care of her appointments, rehearsals, arrangements with her accountant, and sometimes even drive her instead of the chauffeur. The following 11 files are in this category, out of 11 total. At the time of her death, Hosny had been living with her friend for few weeks after her release from a London hospital, where she spent months receiving treatment for a spinal column injury. Even after she made an agreement with Rawa’ae, which usually publishes fiction, Abdel Moneim claims that someone tried to sabotage the printing process. Suad had before her death threatened to write a book about her life journey and sell it to one of the television station, a matter that made the news of her suicide not believable. (June 2001: the actor Soad Hosny fell from the balcony of Stuart Tower, a block of flats in Maida Vale, after she approached a publisher offering to write her memoirs. Hafez was close to former President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Chief-of-Staff Abdel Hakeem Amer (who died in mysterious circumstances in 1967, a case re-opened by his family in 2012), and Abdel Moneim argues that because the marriage protected Hosny from Sherif’s schemes, it created rumors about her social life that affected the naturally credulous Hafez, and the couple divorced after six years. In 2001, Hosny fell to death from her friend's apartment in London, which brought her glamorous life to an end. Age of Death. The “Cinderella of Arab cinema” was 33 at that time and living in Zamalek with her then-husband, film director Aly Badrakhan. In 2010, she began collecting data from Hosny’s personal documents and close friends in preparation to file a lawsuit in Egypt, which she did in 2011. Know more, Souad Hosny’s sister discusses her new book on the actor’s mysterious death, Souad Hosni and Janjah Abdel Moneim. It was added that Shareef was completely involved in the death of Suad and that he had hired professional killers to assassinate her. Discover what happened on this day. Coronavirus Update. She wanted the book to be more emotional and realized she had to do it herself, despite not having written much before. It appears that Ms. Hosny kept a Diary in which she kept a record of all accounts in her life. Nickname Cindrella of Egyptian Cinema. “When you read the book you’ll understand that the lawsuit cannot be revisited – because if it gets revisited, the courts will be overwhelmed by the gates of hell it would open,” she says, adding that this is because Hosny’s murder involved a high level of corruption in state institutions. (Abdel Moneim writes that Hosny very often dodged these operations by traveling for film shoots and using other excuses.). Investigations made by the British Scotland Yard stated that the name of Shareef had come up several times and that he had come to London numerous times before Suad’s death. does y’all real think that she got killed? Meanwhile, an anonymous source told Cairo airport police on Friday that Yusri killed Hosni to steal her jewelry and memoirs.

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