Why it’s special: Animated cartoons help Legwork stand out. Nice layout and well-organized product collections. Get your free copy of Finding Clients: Building a Strong Portfolio Website sent to your inbox. We particularly like the full-width banner image and the minimal yet striking homepage header. Their first stop? Modern Market offers it all, and it does so without dropping the ball on its design. Her site is a great example of how to communicate using images and color — she uses the color red for the wayfinding experience and for navigation. Your email address will not be published. Hosted by Flywheel. For every product there’s a description and instruction page, plus a video that further explains how to use every item. Showcasing additional products is a great way  to keep shoppers browsing for related items they may not have considered before! Second, it’s not just about how a platform’s website’s look by default. Why it’s special: Stereo is focused on understanding a consumer’s emotional relationship with a brand. Haus is a home goods etailer that uses videos and full-width images to emphasize every item in its store. Biko is a great example of a clean, organized Shopify jewelry website that is well-designed without being overly complicated. Well-organized blog section with appealing images. IDRAW offers a collection of high-end sketchbooks custom made for artists of all types. Elegant Themes - Simple, Elegant and Superb! He takes his inspiration from the 1980s, and in fact dedicates his portfolio to the era. A sleek widget that provides customers with handy size charts and a live chat option. We especially liked their product page, which goes into extreme detail on bike specs, functionality, and even shows how the bike operates by including a video. To begin building your website, all you need is a basic understanding Lounge Lizard manages this balance with ease. Quite simply, any Shopify store can become a stunner with a little thought. They have plenty of design options and a big team of artists that is constantly producing fun and playful tattoos for children and adults. Another feature to call out is this site’s “These are cool too..” section, which shows related products that visitors may like. What makes this market unique? Why? Here is a selection of Awwwards winning Shopify We use a designer focused programming language You might also like: 12 Beautiful Portfolio Websites to Inspire Your Own Design. Tell us in the comments section below! On the opposite side of the spectrum is Turning Gear, a drop shipper who specializes in fishing equipment. Try Shopify free for 14 days! Not all websites need to be design masterpieces. Here is our selection of the best artistic stores. The bold font makes a nice contrast to the light coloured  background and turns customers’ attention to the products. A video background, catchy phrases, and a simple CTA button is what makes visitors want to be part of the Ratio Coffee community. Again, Shopify … What it’s about: Stink Studio is focused on helping forward-thinking clients succeed in digital culture. How to Set Up Your eCommerce Store on Shopify. View examples of current Shopify online stores with unique ecommerce template designs. If yes to all of the above, then we’d like to hear from you. Product images displayed from different angles. Why it’s special: Wokine follows the latest visual design trends. called Liquid that's easy to learn and is well documented and I’m talking, of course, about Shopify and WooCommerce. Today, we’re highlighting those who don’t need any help creating amazing portfolios. If they can’t inspire you to put some work into your own store, nothing will! It just means that your visitors can easily find what they’re looking for and that your information is clear. Rocky Mountain Bikes isn’t using a theme for their website design, but they’ve created an entirely custom look and feel instead. In fact, many effective portfolio sites take more of a minimalist approach to the design of the site itself. They have a theming language that allows any 3rd party to develop & sell pre-built designs. Get a great looking design at a fraction of the Powered by WordPress. Bird Fur’s tagline (t-shirts for people) immediately tells visitors what the company is selling and the image carousel underneath is a great way to show the shirts “in the wild” vs. just standard product photos that only show the shirt. Card-based layout with subtle animation effects immediately engage users. You have a make/model in mind, and you’re probably looking to see them drive by on the road to see how they actually look. On top of the page, there’s a drop-down menu for every page category which makes browsing through the website seamless. However, be aware that with this comes trade-offs (i.e. We’ve pulled these examples based on functionality, design, and usability. Why it’s special: Yul creates a truly unique atmosphere on his site. Does it have the hauling capabilities you need? A coupon is a great way to capture shopper’s email addresses. Captivating CTA button in contrast with the white background. The old saying, “knowledge is power” certainly rings true here. What it’s about: It’s hard to make a site look professional and playful at the same time, without it looking tacky. Read my Shopify review and explore other Shopify alternatives here. Litter boxes. Shopify Theme Store includes over 100 free and premium professionally designed ecommerce website templates that you can use for your own online store. An integrated Instagram feed that doubles as a showcase for their designs, and as a testimonial section for satisfied customers. Each case study links directly to the final product. Their use of product images with transparent backgrounds is a small detail that reveals a knack for visuals. - Stacks of Additional Functionality in One Official Plugin! Remember that an eCommerce homepage should be easy to navigate and give visitors a clear path to what they’re looking for. The portfolio feels like a digital magazine — it’s full of beautiful images and nicely selected typefaces. Get a great looking design at a fraction of the price that a custom web design … Visitors scroll down past the beautiful hero section to a number of example projects that he's worked on, followed by a link to direct communication. Notice how TrendyGoods organizes their product categories at the top of the page with icons and shows Facebook views underneath each product. The IDRAW homepage is all about the sketchbooks, which is a smart choice. The full-width banner image is in line with the aesthetic of the store. Easy access to products and shopping cart. The internet is full of thousands of design portfolios, and getting a potential employer’s attention in this overcrowded job marketplace can be quite a challenge. Search the Theme Store platform. We also liked the bottom banner underneath the header image that shows shipping information, customer service info, and their location. The Shopify theme store has hundreds of professional website designs ready for your choosing - many of which have been designed by world renowned designers. As regular readers will already be aware, in addition to previously covering — and indeed comparing — these three major eCommerce contenders (each of which is currently used by somewhere in the region of between 8% and 13% of the top 10,000 eCommerce websites on the internet*) in an earlier post, we’ve also recently published an extensive showcase of websites using WooCommerce. What it’s about: Femme Fatale is a creative studio focused on creating works of art. In this article, you’ll find 20 outstanding examples of portfolio sites from both individual designers and creative studios worldwide — each one incorporating a feature that makes it special. We have to admit – we’re not experts when it comes to fashion, but we do have a great eye for outstanding design choices. Whether you offer marketing, customization, or web design and development services, the Shopify Partner Program will set you up for success. Continuing with the same eCommerce-theme then, today we turn our attention to Shopify…. You can find even more examples online in this list of top 50 best Shopify design templates. It also gives you a way to follow up with them with promotions (without having to spend thousands on advertising!). I try to help people who run their own websites...run them a little better. We tested and reviewed the services reviewed here. Rhone was built by a group of professionals with a passion for athletics. This creates a good visual hierarchy, and makes it possible to understand what’s important at a glance. Why it’s special: Lounge Lizard's portfolio creates a relaxed atmosphere. Floorplan uses a colourful website design and bold typography. The clean and minimal design of Modern market’s website is enriched with tasteful photography. Shopify is a rock star e-commerce SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that helps users set up an online store with ease. Website Builder Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives, 22+ Law Firm Marketing & Advertising Ideas To Find More Clients, 11+ Ways To Check Your NAP Consistency for Local SEO, 22+ Web Design Agency Recurring Revenue Ideas. Any favorites? What we particularly like is the colourful palette on their website and the short recipes thoughtfully placed next to every product – who wouldn’t want to make a purchase? Sure, your iOS or Android is great by default. Why it’s special: Tobias let’s his work speak for itself.

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