…plenipotentiary to France to aid Robert R. Livingston, the resident minister, in purchasing the territory at the mouth of the Mississippi—including the island of New Orleans—authorizing him at the same time to cooperate with Charles Pinckney, the minister at Madrid, in … But regardless of his dashed VP dreams, Robert R. Livingston wasn't done doing great things just yet. Tensions would not have risen to the extent they did had the French government not outlawed US storage of goods within New Orleans in 1802. Anyway, after running for governor of New York in 1798 and losing to his old buddy John Jay, he turned his attention to supporting Thomas Jefferson's presidential campaign. It bears mentioning that Livingston didn't do himself any favors in that area either when he got home, talking all kinds of trash and making snide comments all over the place about how he wasn't getting credit for his extreme awesomeness in France. It's not clear why James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were so Mean Girls toward Robert R. Livingston, but one theory is that he was a New Yorker and so not part of the cool-kids clique that was running the show in those days: the old boys' club of Virginians. But being the gracious and diplomatic guy that he was, he welcomed Monroe when he arrived, and he even made an effort to keep his trash talking about his new partner to a minimum. For the next 2 years Livingston indulged his passion for scientific agriculture and efficiently presided over the Court of Chancery. He made himself available to Emperor Napoleon. Though appointed to the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence, he neither contributed to the draft nor signed the document. Livingston started out as a lawyer after graduating from King's College—some folks in the audience might know this school better as Columbia University—and one of his besties was the soon-to-be-really-really-famous John Jay. Livingston's appointment in 1777 as chancellor of the Court of Chancery gave him both a high judicial office and membership on the governor's "Council of Revision." Livingston's last years were spent experimenting with new agricultural techniques and raising sheep. Long interested in steam transportation, he agreed to back the plans of Robert Fulton, at the same time securing a monopoly in New York waters of such navigation. yet I cannot forbear recurring to it personally, so deep is the impression it makes in my mind. This guy had the education, the credentials, the hair, the experiences, and even the household name that usually spell victory for any wannabe political bigwig. Once situated in the City of Light, he realized that Napoleon was starting to have some conquest-related cash flow problems…and that this could end up working out really well for American interests regarding New Orleans. He wanted to sell the whole darn Louisiana Territory, and he wanted to do it now. And so, with no authority for their actions and no clue what they were doing, Livingston and Monroe entered into negotiations with financial mastermind Barbé-Marbois. As United State Minister to France, Robert Livingston was given the task to acquire this land by order of President Thomas Jefferson. Over the next two days, they burned the midnight oil and hashed out the details of the Louisiana Purchase treaty and its two conventions, and on April 30th, 1803, they signed, sealed, and delivered all three documents. He accepted the declaration, For decades before the American Revolution they had firmly opposed the politics of the royal governor and his colleagues.

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