Enlarge your business, bring back your old valued customers, inform everyone about your news, events or products. In 1962 the whole territory of Armenia was provided with radio service. [7], "Armenian Radio" redirects here. Live Yerevan radio stations online. Discover online now. Radio Gold Fund contains more than 20,000 (150,000 hours) sound records, music performances, art and poetry programs and radio performances. International Public Radio of Armenia (Armenian: Հայաստանի հանրային ռադիո) is the international broadcasting service, established in 1967 under the label Radio Yerevan. Reply to comment : Reply to comment . Guest 08.07.2020 12:04. Playlist radio Yerevan FM for last 7 days. Most of … In 1956, Radio Erevan began to broadcast daily news program in Kurdish. WROD 1340 AM. 2. [4] From 1957, in addition to broadcasts to the Middle East and Near East, broadcasts to the Western European countries were launched. In 2007, the “Arevik” junior ensemble of Public Radio of Armenia was selected to represent Armenia for the first time[2] at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. On June 15, 1927, Armenian Republican Radio started to broadcast its programmes on regular basis. At the end of 1929 the Republican radio committee was formed. WLOF - 101.7 FM The station of the Cross . [1] It had previously been an associated member of the EBU. The LyunSe International portal aggregates current affairs stories from youth radio programmes across Europe and encourages interaction through a set of specialised forums. Radio Yerevan FM 101.9 FM is a broadcast radio station from Armenia Yerevan providing Pop. On August 8, 1947 the decision was made to create an editorial group, which would prepare radio programs for Armenians living abroad. We talked to historian Eduard Antonian why a fictional radio station had the name of a real city, the capital of Soviet Armenia: "Radio Yerevan jokes were a form of dissidence, even in the Soviet Union. Public Radio of Armenia owns four orchestras – “Sayat-Nova” Minstrel Song Ensemble, Symphonic Ensemble, Folk Instruments Ensemble after Aram Merangulyan and “Arevik” junior ensemble. On April 6, 1927, national print media published the first radio program consisting of news and concerts. Arevik came second for Armenia with the song Erazanq.[3]. The creation of radio station made it possible to use radio broadcasting as one of the most efficient mass media for informing and educating the population. In 1965 an editorial compilation fund for recordings for author performances and radio records was formed. 4. It emphasises the importance and role of radio in political, social and cultural life of the country. Radio Day is a celebration of the development of radio. Radio Yerevan was asked: “What is the difference between capitalism and socialism?” Radio Yerevan answered: “In a capitalist society man exploits man, and in a socialist one, the other way around.” *** Radio Yerevan reports: One morning First Secretary Nikita Krushchev woke up and went to his bedroom window, watching the sun rise. In 1947 the radio committee was reorganised into radio informative committee attached to the Council of Ministers of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. The agency also has the country's largest sound archives, four orchestras, and participates in cultural preservation programs. The committee had 12 employees and annually aired 2,160-hour programmes. The Public Television and Radio Company of Armenia is a member of this professional association of national broadcasters, the European Broadcasting Union. In 1930s the audience was significantly expanded. Comments . 1. Radio Yerevan FM 101.9 FM is a broadcast radio station from Armenia Yerevan providing Pop. Due to efforts of a group of radio lovers radio service was provided in more than 25 villages in 1927, and in another 40 the following year. The building of new radio transmitters was put into operation in 1957. Listen to Armenian National Radio, Loco FM and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the radio.net App Armenian National Radio Yerevan Traditional, Classical Loco FM Oldebroek Pop, Schlager During the post-war period the Republican radio opened a number of new editorial departments, extended the radius of radio transmissions, in 1947 started to operate the second channel (music and information), created new programmes and projects, increased broadcasting hours, as well as expanded its audience. This site uses cookies. It was established in 1926 and remains one of the largest broadcasters in the country, with three national channels. Есть список песен которые месяц назад играли? Playlist radio Yerevan FM for last 7 days. They are looking at us plummeting.' Listen to all stations from Yerevan for free now on radio.net. It broadcasts in a number of languages, including Armenian, Kurdish,[6]Arabic, Azerbaijani, English, Persian, French, Georgian, German, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. The most popular radio stations are on top of the list, and you can find something special for yourself by searching by genre or country. Thus, the Public Radio of Armenia gained the right to rebroadcast programs and participate in the projects of EBU. KOMO - News Radio 1000 AM. Пожалуйста не повторяйте песни постоянно надоедает,,,,, и ставте более знаменитые хиты пожалуйста уже все знаю наизусть,,,, Не повторяйте постоянно. That is why radio programs were expected to cover such topics, which would interest people of different specialities and meet their needs. All radio streams and radio stations at one glance. Public Radio of Armenia (Armenian: Հայաստանի Հանրային Ռադիո, romanized: Hayastani Hanrayin Radio; Djsy Armradio) is a public radio broadcaster in Armenia. Listen to your favorite Yerevan, Armenia music for free without registering at Onlineradiobox.com Hamlet Grigoryan - shxarhums Ax Chim Qashi Blbuli Hid, KOHAR Symphony Orchestra - Yegeghetsin Haygagan, Robert Miles feat Maria Nayler - One & One. The box on the right-hand side shows the currently broadcast tracks. Use the search to find your favorite internet radio or just choose something new that appeals to you. It is marked on 7 May, the day in 1895 on which Alexander Popov successfully demonstrated his invention. In 2013 Public Radio of Armenia launched a web portal, with the help of the EBU, that connects producers and audiences of radio programmes targeted at young people across Europe. 3. Perhaps, this is a temporary station problem. On September 1, 1926, the first experimental radio programme (25 minutes duration) called “Voice of Yerevan” was transmitted in Armenia. [5] International Public Radio of Armenia broadcast on shortwave before 2006, then switching to online broadcasts. The first test programmes were mainly folk music programmes regularly interrupted by local news, putting into operation the first radio station in Armenia. For your convenience, we have done our best to compile almost all online radio stations in Armenia.

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