It can be paddled with a kayak paddle if you need to be a bit quicker. This is a great quiet water boat; stable and tracks fairly well with the single blade. [ Also read: Ultimate Guide To Rigging Your Fishing Kayak ]. It is light, cute, and tough, but it handles real bad. I got a great deal on the canoe through Sportsman's warehouse, it was on sale this fall. So take my advice this canoe is great. It is the worst designed seat I have ever encountered in 30 years of boating--a complete disaster. feedback that people gave. This is NOT a good boat for any kind of fishing. Raising the seat to try to kneel changed the center of gravity too much. Learn to paddle with a single blade and you will have no problems. Like the others in the series, this solo canoe is agile, stable and easy to handle. The boat is fun to paddle with a regular paddle but it is very slow. This is an update [from 2013-07-26] on my Old Town Discovery 119 that I had purchased from a friend of mine about two years ago. Discovery's are commonly used as rental boats. Mainly, I love that it gets me out anytime! It’s very stable, turns quickly and it can carry a ton of stuff. I bought a stadium seat to strap on but I much prefer the plain seat without it when I am paddling. One would think that an outfit that has been making canoes a long time would know what makes a good seat. Lastly it is lighter than any Kayak I have looked it (Sit in and SOT). If you want a traditional canoe it is not. A pair of adjustable foot pegs provide solid foundation for strong paddle strokes. The build of the boat and the seat height make it a little tippy with out much secondary stability. First thing is of course that if you're going to use a canoe paddle, you'd better have a solid/comfortable J stroke, and be in no hurry. My take is, this is a great little, relativly light weight solo canoe, that I'm going to enjoy using for many years to come. Now you don't have to keep switching one paddle from hand to hand to keep the little darlin' tracking straight, even in a breeze. I have had mine for about 7 years and it has held up wonderfully. Buy some rubber gloves to take the strain off your hands. This little gem is both stable and performs with all the grace of a kayak when handled properly. It handles easily, especially with a double paddle. I have already dragged it over messes of rocks in it's second adventure and the bottom is just scratched up. I was actually expecting it to be less stable after reading the other reviews. after months of reviewing solo canoes online I went with the camo version of the 119 from Dicks. The depth is listed as 19” at the bow and stern and actually measures 18”. Stable, rugged, and easy to paddle. I then loaded it with enough gear for a week long trip, It was great, and handled great. For a hardshell canoe, the boat is fairly compact and lightweight. Last year I started to use it more often after not using it for a couple of years and the first time I got into it I fell right out of it! The 119 was very stable for my and I'm fairly new to paddling a canoe. This is an update from a previous review that I did on the 08-04-2016. Does it fit a particular niche? This canoe tracks very well and is easy to paddle with a kayak paddle. this canoe holds all my gear and my dog (when she sits still). Measuring 11.9 feet in length and 49 pounds in weight, it’s safe to assume that this boat won’t be that hard to carry around. But I will be making some modifications. It seems to have plenty of room for camping out of for a night, or two, and I'm confident that I'll be pleased with it. When I first say the email flyer. I will probably go another 1/4". I fish many small lakes where this boat shines. However with the addition of a set of Wilderness Systems foot braces and a longer double kayak paddle you have the ultimate hybrid for a fraction of the price of anything else out there that offers as much room or performance as this boat does. I am now contemplating upgrading to a beach chair with an umbrella (sail). This is ok (and very good for poly boat), I can put it on my car without problems. It tracks very well, easy to fish from, and I use double ended paddle. However I carry about 40lbs of gear with me and with my dry bag under my seat and my cooler tethered to the front thwart, I can lean back in my seat and kick my feet over the sides in calm water with no stability issues. Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman Hybrid Review. For years, I've been rowing it on lakes and rivers, even some class II. But I'll get that worked out eventually. Compared to other hybrids, the Sportsman excels at combining the best qualities of a canoe and kayak. When I hit some areas that could not be navigated, I led her from the bank like a calf on rope. It is not fast, but it handles very well with a kayak paddle (minimum 250cm) and of course has oodles of space for gear and my size 13 feet. I just bought the Kay-Noe, which is actually the Old Town Discovery 119 per the owner's manual. It might be OK for solo tripping but I think there are better choices. You can’t beat the weight of this light canoe. This is a great little canoe and based on its performance so far mine will be seeing a fair amount of use. I traded my Mad River Journey 156 for a Discovery 119. the Journey was a barge, extremely stable but a workout to paddle alone. This allows you to mount whatever cushioned back rest seat you want. I would love a $2000 24 lb kevlar canoe but for the money this is the perfect boat for that. Heavier than it should be, absolutely won't track at all, incredibly slow (A 12' non-WW canoe doesn't need any rocker). Will lessen the effect the wind has in it, but also lessen the carrying capacity. Tracking- id rate tracking about a 5 because your gonna be doing a little work to keep it nosing forward and paddling to keep going because it doesn't carry a lot of momentum to keep going but in twist and bends of our Kentucky creeks the boat controls like a kayak in fact i was able to run shallower water then my buddy's whitewater kayak. I quickly regained my canoeing confidence. If you want something solo that is easy to get into and out of, under fifty pounds, under $500, and can displace almost 500lbs then you may want to look at this. Read Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Purchased this little boat here in Germany a few weeks ago. I also carry a 250 mm Sawyer double for windy days or when I want to go fast. It felt goosy for the first hour or two, then we reached an understanding and it worked great.

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