With this knowledge Non led a separatist movement before being abducted by the science council. When Zod, Ursa, and Non chase Superman over the East River, the wake of the boat filming the scene is clearly visible. Non mainly acts as a henchman to General Zod, who uses his power to overtake the U.S. Army and force the President of the United States to give control to him. Yet, Ursa picks up a snake that bites her, causing her pain. They offer a look into the overall production of the two films, rather than the restoration process. Imperiex | 4. Prometheus | Dominus | A big square piece is pinching the material of her dress together on her right side, by her waist. Like all Kryptonians, he is vulnerable to Kryptonite as well as the light of a red sun; he may be vulnerable to magic and mind control as well due to the raw physical nature of his Kryptonian virtual invulnerability, though this has never been seen. 20 more photos ... [Ursa and Non start moving menacingly towards Luthor] Lex Luthor : Yes, Jor-El your jailer. Zod treats this simply by sighing at an obviously useless offering. You would think with the traumatic experience that Lois endured, Perry would at least allow Lois to take a personal day or two so she can recover from it. While on Earth in the Superman II movie, Non had superhuman strength, virtual invulnerability, superhuman speed, flight, marginal heat vision, and super breath. When Lex Luthor sits behind the President's desk and lights a cigar while he talks to Zod and company, the cigar switches from his left to his right hand. In East Houston, when Zod lifts the man into the air, the crash mat below him is clearly visible when he drops back down. At the beginning of the battle in Metropolis, Lois's hair goes from frizzy to straight and back again. In recent comics, Richard Donner has portrayed Non's strength as greater than that of General Zod and Ursa put together; yet Non is neither as intelligent nor as brutal as the other two. Comics At the prison laundry, Lex Luthor tells another prisoner he wants his Liberace record back "tonight". Mercy Graves | Doomsday | Accepting his offer, the three Kryptonians are directed by Luthor to the offices of the Daily Planet where they abduct Lois. Any fan of the Superman movie series knows of the myriad problems experienced during the filming of Superman II. Superman, Zod, Ursa, and Non's clothes flap about as they fly in space. Shockwaver | A tire blow out wouldn't produce such an explosion even if heat were used to pop the tire because there would be nothing to burn. Zod realizes Superman cares for the innocent humans and takes advantage of this weakness to force Superman into submission. Prometheon | The 2006 re-edited version Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut suggests that he was killed when Superman destroys the fortress with heat vision. When Eve and Luthor go to the Fortress, they look at Lara giving information at the "Keeper of the Archives of Krypton." While it is often customary to shoot big effects sequences early in time for post production work, these were saved for late in the schedule because they needed to wrap the bigger actors like Brando and Hackman. Black Zero | In Action Comics Annual #10, it was revealed that Non was a friend to Jor-El, as well as a member of the Kryptonian Council, while they discovered Krypton's instability. In Superman: The Movie, prior to the destruction of Krypton, the criminals General Zod, Ursa, and Non are sentenced by Jor-El to banishment in the Phantom Zone. There is no indication that Non exists in any other Superman material, although later groupings of Phantom Zone villains have included strongmen who may have been based, in part, on Non, particularly Quex-Ul. Manchester Black | When the elevator starts going up, she spells out "Nobel Prize.". Originally Donner did not believe Stamp would play Zod. The faceplates of the astronauts' space suits are transparent, with no glare shield to filter out cosmic rays, direct sunlight or radiation. Zod then tells Superman to kneel before him, which he does and dispatches Zod and Ursa is punched by Lois. Non is a Kryptonian criminal, and one of Zod's gang and a major antagonist of the Superman universe, most prominently in Superman II. After they throw the rifle underneath and show the back of the car, it's a 1971 Ford. Non, lacking the ability to speak, communicates only through occasional whines and moans as well as his penchant for wanton violence. After Ursa rips the NASA badge the astronaut's spacesuit, he falls down very quickly, like he would if he were on Earth. Brainiac | Superman throws an obvious dummy at the Coca-Cola sign. At one point, a motion picture camera and crew members appear in the foreground, covering the action from another angle. 3. When he sets it on Non, the mounting surface is completely smooth. Donner, who had recently studied transcendental meditation himself, used this as an ice-breaker before pitching the role to Stamp. While on Earth in the Superman II movie, Non had super-strength, invulnerability, super-speed, flight, marginal heat vision and super breath. When Clark tries to save Lois after she jumps into the river at Niagara Falls, he uses his heat vision to burn a branch loose while wearing his glasses. In 2006, Warner Bros. worked with Donner to restore his own vision to Superman II, releasing his cut of the film. He admits that he would have shot much of that footage differently and possibly even changed things in reshoots. Quotes She should have had to jump over to the side at least a couple of feet in order to find anything solid to stand on. Dev-Em | Zod, Ursa, and Non lost all their powers. Originally a friend of Superman's father Jor-El, Non was a highly intelligent man who served on the Kryptonian council. Superman vs. He soon became an enforcer for General Zod. Queen of Fables | Something square sticks out, stretching the fabric of his suit. Black Banshee | I would have preferred a specific critique on the more wacky moments in Superman II (I’m looking at you, Super Shield Saran Wrap). Titano | Amanda Waller | Superman finds the other Aspirants are forcing Non to fight a wild animal as a hazing, which he stops. When Non lifts the patrol car to retrieve the weapon, it has moved behind the wheel. When General Zod blows wind at the townspeople, one taxi is clearly made of Styrofoam. The people in the street are blown backward along with vehicles and debris, but the flames are not affected at all. He isn't matted in from the waist down, and buildings can be seen through him. Non stands at 6'6" and is exceptionally muscled which further augments his superhuman strength to a degree. After Rocky hits Clark and he falls into the glass partition, Lois stands on Rocky's left, then his right, then his left again. Of the three, he is the biggest, and also the stupidest. Several times when Zod, Ursa, and Non are on the moon, the "space" in the background is clearly black curtains. The movie version of Non is a birth-defect mute (although his comic-book alter-ego, Kru-El, spoke whole sentences) and appears to also be less intelligent than General Zod and Ursa; as stated by Jor-El, "His only means of expression are wanton violence and destruction.". Morgaine Le Fey | | It has grooves like it was shaped by some kind of tool; a regular metal pole would be perfectly round. Superman II is a 1980 superhero film directed by Richard Lester and written by Mario Puzo and David and Leslie Newman from a story by Puzo based on the DC Comics character Superman.It is the second installment in the Superman film series and a sequel to Superman (1978). Zod and company are released by the Phantom Zone being "shattered" by a shock wave from the nuclear device. Non tests his new strength by breaking a siren light off a police car, but then presenting it to General Zod as a gift, showing his respect. Superman Returns: Lex Luthor As such, if Non was allowed enough time in the Sun to fully charge his cells with yellow solar energy, he would be significantly more physically powerful and more potent with superhuman strength than any other adult Kryptonian, possibly even Superman. It is interesting to note that his heat vision took a significant amount of time to develop, whereas Zod and Ursa had been able to easily use heat vision, suggesting that heat vision may be related to Kryptonian brain activity; since Non didn't think much, there was subsequently less mental energy for Non to use heat vision. When Superman finds out about Zod, he goes back to the Fortress of Solitude to recover his powers. The Joker | In October 2006, film director Richard Donner, noted for his work on the first two Superman movies, began to write Action Comics in collaboration with Geoff Johns. Superman agrees to sacrifice his powers to start a relationship with Lois Lane, unaware that three Kryptonian criminals he inadvertently released are conquering Earth. The three are sentenced to be imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Lobo | He never talks, only making inhuman groans. In the Richard Donner cut, it is revealed the prisoner actually responded with "Tonight?'. The flaps meant to cover Gene Hackman's sideburns are visible, and when he faces the prison wall during his escape, the back part on his neck wrinkles like a plastic cap would. All scenes with Marlon Brando, Ned Beatty, Gene Hackman, and Valerie Perrine were shot by Donner. A lot of discussion focuses on the pre-production and planning around Superman: The Movie, arguably as much if not more than is focused on its sequel. Following the falling out and his eventual firing from Superman II, Donner chose a smaller movie (Inside Moves) in order to take his mind off the experience. He never talks, only making inhuman groans. Darkseid | The three villains kidnap Lois and take her to the Fortress Of Solitude in order to flush out Superman. Sinestro | In the novel The Last Days of Krypton there is a character named Nam-Ek, who is a friend of Zod and quite similar to Non. Toyman | Brando originally refused to have a spit-curl. During the fight in Metropolis, Ursa throws a manhole cover into Superman's chest. In order to protect Metropolis, Superman flies off towards his Fortress, with Zod, Ursa, and Non giving chase and carrying Lois and Luthor with them. In the wide-angle shot, when he walks from the middle of the lake to the shore, the outline of a board or platform is visible just under the water. In the US theatrical cut the fate of the thugs in the arctic is unknown as it jump cuts to Superman dropping Lois off at her apartment. Much of the battle between Superman and the Phantom Zone villains over Metropolis was shot late in the production schedule, after Donner left the film. However his lip movements do not match the words spoken. Mongul | The Death Of Superman: Doomsday | Lex Luthor | Intergang (Bruno Mannheim) | Mercy Graves | Cyborg Superman Zod and his gang are completely invincible to attacks such as bullets and rockets while they are on earth - they don't even flinch, yet when Ursa picks up the snake, it is able to bite her and cause her pain. When Zod, Ursa, and Non leave the Daily Planet offices to chase Superman, all three of them fly out of separate windows, and only those windows break. They are cast into the Phantom Zone portal shortly before the planet Krypton is destroyed. So, while it appears Donner’s cut of Superman II rips off the first movie, it actually retains the ending that was originally planned. Mxyzptlk | Non also seems to have a seen of childlike behavior and slavish obedience to General Zod. When Lois and Clark are driving from the Fortress of Solitude after Superman gives up his powers, the car is actually from. Encantadora | Superman: Red Son: Superman | Brainiac | Lex Luthor | Batman | Joseph Stalin | Superior Man In the original and Richard Donner versions, one must wonder how mortal Clark was able to survive walking all the way back to the Fortress Of Solitude with only a lightweight jacket, slacks, and what look like wing-tipped shoes.

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