If you want to book your tour locally, but do not want to travel with a group, you can book a private tour. This is our breakdown of our Mongolia travel costs: There are only dirt roads outside of the big cities, so you need to hire a driver and jeep, or go as part of a tour. Popular is a week in the Gobi Desert, which is the tour that we booked ourselves in combination with a day trip to Terelj National Park. 13 day cultural, religious and historic sites trip through Ulaanbaatar, Khustain Nuruu National Park, Gobi Desert and 7 other destinations in Mongolia. Asia's continental watershed runs through Mongolia, splitting the country's more than 4000 rivers. Thank you Stefan for the information. Luckily we drove in convoy and Sunpath could quickly arrange for a replacement vehicle in the case of the blown engine. It seems you guys had an amazing trip Do you perhaps know what are other cheap ways of getting to Ulan Bator? Mongolia has a population of 3,086,918 and a population density of 2 people per square kilometre. Lunch you will at on your route at a local restaurant during a stop. If you want to take an extra guide, you pay an additional cost. The cost varies depending on your choice of activity and whether or not you book a tour or travel completely independently. In this article, we've outlined the average travel costs for transportation, excursion, food and accommodation in Mongolia. What do you think? A trip to remember.”, “I have traveled extensively, and I have been on many extraordinary trips. Golden Gobi is also a hostel and tour company. Ask for hours upon arrival, and be sure to bring some battery-powered flashlights. She should be fine especially In the big cities where they’re used to tourism and have vegetarian places. Adventure travel Drive a jalopy to Mongolia and help save the world. The phenomenal country also has a geographical diversity unlike anywhere else on Earth, combining sandy desert dunes with high mountains and deep lakes - all of which can be enjoyed while soaking up 250 days of pure sunshine each year. One of the highlights of the trip was when Ulzii realized we werent going to get to our campsite in time. The cost of living in Mongolia is dirt cheap, but the second you want to actually travel somewhere, bam, you better be made of money. While Steppe Riders is a traditional tour company in the sense that you are provided with a guide, driver, food, etc. When I wanted to book my ticket, though, the tickets were very expensive, so I compared the prices of the surrounding airports and ended up booking a ticket from Brussels to Beijing, which was much cheaper at 388 EUR for a one-way flight, which I booked from the airline Aeroflot. There are two schools of thought when it comes to planning an independent trek in Mongolia. So unless you’re a map and compass wizard like Justin, you’re basically up shit creek. – Flashlight or head lamp (to walk to the toilet at night). Instead, you are responsible for following their instructions and getting yourself to the correct location. Mongolia Holiday and Vacation Packages Reviews "The Ruski Huski adventure I had in Mongolia was a once in a lifetime experience. Ger to Ger can help you do virtually anything you want to do, anywhere in Mongolia. This allowed me to visit a part of China before continuing my trip to Mongolia by train. With so many incredible sights and national parks around Ulaanbaatar, planning a loop like this shouldn’t be hard. What would be the estimated cost for a jeep and driver please? – Most nights in a tent, a few nights in a ger with nomadic families. Best of all, the tour aligns with the country's famous Golden Eagle Festival. Despite the frigid temperatures, Mongolia can be a delight to visit in the low season, with stunning scenery, zero crowds and wintry activities aplenty. I hope your trip there was fun! Our guide, Ulzii, was simply superb. Below are some organizations, cost (in US dollars) and we list some advantages / disadvantages: Sunpath consists of a hostel and a tour organization. They’re ingrained in the culture in a way that no matter how much modern technology is out there horses will never lose their place. I am always amazed how the cooks and staff on trips like this can create such outstanding meals. Rent in Mongolia is, on average, 75.04% lower than in United States. Happy dance optional :) P.S. A Mongolian horse can travel effortlessly through the bog, across rivers, and up and down steep muddy trails nearly impossible to traverse by foot. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Next year i plan for a 6 month travel inside Mongolia. The drivers (Munkhu, Turuu, Bayana, Erkha, Khatna and Purev) were highly skilled and successfully negotiated mud, rivers, fast-moving streams, tight bridges and lots of rocks! Budget For Mongolia. Do you live in Mongolia? They’ll also brief you on what routes to take, what to expect, and how to go about interacting with local nomads and their animals that you’ll meet during your trip. Subscribe to follow our blog and be the first to read our new posts! One of these organizations has a Dutch owner, Tseren Tours, located in the back of Café Amsterdam on Peace Avenue. The reason I didn't use many buses, though, is because there aren't many roads in Mongolia, so if you want to visit remote places, it will be difficult to get there by yourself. Ger to Ger has two options for trips, fully packaged and supported tours with a guide, or, non-supported local treks and homestays that they call “Nomadic Adventures”. I am a vegetarian, so the chef (Duure) and the cooks (Ari and Amra) made special meals for me and two other vegetarians on the trip. Cycling is best done on a mountain bike in Mongolia as the roads, to put it nicely, are rather questionable. One thing that struck me when buying food in the supermarket, is how expensive fruit is. Would really appreciate if you can let me know – thanks so much! The best way to go about planning your own off-road trip across Mongolia is to first research the region of Mongolia you want to travel to. As you can read in the introduction of Mongolia, every part of the country offers something unique. Share the love and pin it on Pinterest! Most likely there won’t be unless you can buy some meat off of a local nomad, so come prepared to pack all your necessary food with you. If you're traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid's tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared. Some of the highlights of the tour were, riding horses, playing in the snow, and sledding in … If you’re interested in going on your own independent horse trek in Mongolia, Steppe Riders offers a program where you can come stay at their base camp outside of Ulaanbaatar and they will teach you all the skills you need to complete your own independent horse trek. If you want to explore exotic and untouched places, one of the best ways is our "Beauty of Mongolia Tour" Book Now; Discover Mongolia Tour. (Yes, I'm slightly jealous of the Belgian traveller I've met who'd found a Mongolian Couchsurfing host). It mostly stems from the fact that the tourist trail is not very well developed in Mongolia. Piloting any type of vehicle in Mongolia is almost entirely an off-road experience. Originally from France, Sebastien moved to London in the early 2000s where he pursued a career as a computer programmer for Thompson Reuters and Bloomberg. To book a packaged tour with Ger to Ger which includes a guide, driver, and hotel stays in addition to the local accommodation, food and excursions provided on their Nomadic Adventure tours you can expect to pay somewhere between $75-100 per person per day depending on the tour. – Include similar points as mentioned for Sunpath Mongolia. We’ll start with hiking as it requires the least amount of experience and gear. Bus (not train sorry) from Ulan Ude to UB was £23 per person and train UB to Beijing £70 pp. Would you like to explore the south, west and north, then you are soon looking at a traveling schedule of 2 to 3 weeks. They’ll be able to give you honest recommendations and contacts to help you procure a van and driver. http://www.tourinmongolia.com/contact-us-1.html. We slept in gers with nomadic families. I’m not entirely sure why this is but I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that it’s just not a very popular destination (although it should be). In Ulaanbaatar you will find a few dozen local agencies that offer all kinds of tours. We noticed that this was done a lot as a two-week tour in combination with the Gobi Desert, or that people who came back the Gobi then travelled up north for example. If planning an overnight trip to the Gobi Desert during the summer, be sure to pack a variety of clothing and supplies for all temperatures. Flights to Mongolia are insanely expensive, even from neighboring countries such as China. There was no tour that left on the right date for us. – For all tours Sunpath handles the same price. ), Bike maintenance tools (spare tubes, wrenches, etc. Hoe kies je de beste reisorganisatie voor je vakantie. But we don’t wave rainbow flags or kiss/hold hands in public . Our tour of the city was fascinating with the highlight being the evening at the National Academic Drama Theater. Two great hostels to stay at in Ulaanbaatar that book affordable, good quality tours into the Mongolian countryside are 99 Guesthouse and Golden Gobi. Ge Ri Le AMa Nai ChaGuan (CaoYuan MingZhu), Ge Ri Le AMa Nai ChaGuan (XiLin Guo Le Bei Road), Rile Ge Grandma Tea Restaurant (Zongju Street), Little Sheep Hot Pot Hotpot (TianHeng Plaza). However, your tours mentioned above are really well priced and the cheapest I’ve seen. Regardless of the route and length of the tour. ), Hiking and camping gear (backpack, tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, etc. The owners and staff at Golden Gobi are great at helping travelers plan their own personalized tours through the Mongolian countryside at a price a backpacker can afford. Success!!! Expect your travel costs for Mongolia to range from $20 – $150 per person per day. Can't-miss spots to dine, drink, and feast. We must have spent around $60 ish a day for the two of us from memory but best to check with a reputable tour agency like Sunpath. You’ll need plenty of time to do so; Many travellers that arriving by Trans-Siberian train have less than a week time, so they just get a trip to Terelj National Park sometimes combined with Khustai National Park. Check out this for all contact details for Sunpath – tell Doljmaa we said hi – she’s an incredible lady! It had been raining all day, the roads were muddy and difficult to drive, and it was getting dark. The first is Ger to Ger, and the second is Steppe Riders. This shouldn't-be-missed event is celebrated in mid-July and is a fantastic way to experience the country’s traditional clothing and dramatic sports competitions. Hi, I enjoyed reading your story, I liked it very much. Taimen often reach 30 kilos. 99 Guesthouse is a newer hostel located on the upper floor of an apartment building in downtown Ulaanbaatar. Watch our travel video diary of our month in Mongolia, including our Gobi Desert tour, watching the brilliant Naadam Festival in Ulan Bator and our Central Mongolia tour. – You pay US $ 60, – per person per day. They own a ger camp in the countryside outside of Ulaanbaatar where you can stay and take daily rides through the steppe, or you can book one of their packaged tours which run in all the major national parks and across Mongolia’s vast steppe landscape. More info about planning your independent horse trek with Steppe Riders can be found under the Horse Trekking section below. The tours going further into Mongolia, are 6 days or longer. Imagine how good this view would be without all th, The White Temple, located outside of Chiang Rai, T, Moody vibes from Taiwan's Sanxiantai or "Dragon's, Where water turns to glass. How much does it cost to travel Mongolia? 15 day adventure trip through Ulaanbaatar, Uliastai, Dörgön and 6 other destinations in Mongolia.

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