Ideal for vibrant artwork and photo…. Select the newsletters you’d like to receive. McDonald's is finally bringing the McRib back to menus across the US, after years of demands from desperate super-fans of the sandwich. Here are the "kids movies" that absolutely petrified us as kids. Should Harry Styles be bringing his Golden ticket to smaller venues? In the past, coffee was associated with increased health risks. Alert John Lewis, Phil’s clearly been pitching for their Christmas advert all along. Funny stuff. Who doesn’t want to? And now that we've heard this, we can never un-hear it again. This week we have a guy who thinks all Latin food is "hot garbage," a woman who thinks acronyms should be reserved for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and more. Metcalf's tackle elevates the play to a whole other level. Calls to defund prisons and policing are neither new nor hopelessly dystopian. The magnetic North Pole has left Canada, passed the geographic pole and is now heading towards Siberia. We store cookies to collect data for certain third-party companies, including Google Analytics and AdSense. Enjoy your new account! Abigail is delighted to see a tortoise on the move. Misheard Lyric: “A scrub is a guy who thinks he’s fly/Also known as a bus stop.”, Correct Lyric: “A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly /Also known as a buster”, Correct Lyric: “Call me when you try and wake her”. In the modern age of recorded music, there are more than a few classic mondegreens. All are great options that feature a smooth, acid-free surface with vibrant full color printing. But research from the last decade finds that drinking coffee may actually benefit your health. Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure. Although the brain usually knows better, the near-homophony of these phrases is hilarious to behold. Digg is the homepage of the internet, featuring the best articles, videos, and original content that the web is talking about right now. The longer we can prevent infections, the better prepared we will be to treat them. Sign up for a free Rdio account to hear the entire song and compare for yourself! Misheard Lyric: “Back Beat the word is on the street, that there’s a fire in your aunty’s house”, Correct Lyric: “Back Beat the word is on the street, that the fire in your heart is out”. Cant make out what she’s saying? SLASH! GNR otherwise known as Guns & Roses - a beloved band that found fame in the 80s with some awesome hits like Paradise city... Let's hit the road Axel, Axyl, Axl... ...and Sweet Child O' Mine... Their guitarist SLASH, at his peak, was the world's best guitar shredding master...but, his hair sometimes got in the way. A guy found a way to drive his skateboard to a convenience store and got a clerk to bring him back a treat. Misheard Lyrics no. Previous article. Fetty Wap, "Trap Queen" Misheard lyric: I be in the kitchen cookin’ prawns with my baby. 21. Necessary cookies are essential for the basic functionality and security features of the website to function properly. This week, we've got "I find it odd, if not curious," the moon is wet, pandemic depression colliding with seasonal depression and Kim Kardashian's 40th birthday bash. Quickly Collect Signatures. You’re not alone, friend, but we’re here to help. Facebook. Must be French. Browse through standard or custom size posters and framing options to create art that’s a perfect representation of you. 2019's hit "Old Town Road" has a commonly misheard line. Who knew those ginger curls were really just covering up Mick Hucknall’s  jug ears. It’s time for your song. Is Adele threatening someone with a Ped Egg? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate the site. Three quarters of people polled in a survey admitted to using the wrong words to popular tunes. Sam Smith wishing he’s gone for a mini milk instead of the lemon sorbet. Trey Kennedy breaks down the typical spending habits of an average millennial. Nevermind Bob, they’re meant to be good swimmers. Misheard Lyric: “Every bunny was Kung fu fighting”, Correct Lyric: “Everybody was Kung fu fighting”. The Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon due to its Alexa integration and app-enabled smart features. See more ideas about Misheard lyrics, Misheard, Lyrics. Misheard Lyric: “And the last known survivor stocks his bread in the night”, Correct Lyric: “And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night”, Misheard Lyric: “I was happy in the eyes of a drunken owl”, Correct Lyric: “I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour”, Misheard Lyric: “We out here/trip in Inverness”, Correct Lyric: “We out here/drippin’ in finesse”. Misheard Lyric: “Suck my milk maid sour free”, Correct Lyric: “Set my midnight sorrow free”. 48 Comments on Misheard Lyrics JustAl March 7, 2020 at 1:15 pm “Wrapped up like a douche”. Beck’s not just a loser he’s a doggy feeder. Anywhere And On Any Device. Is the election giving you nervous energy? Here are some of the funniest misheard lyrics of all time, plus what the musicians were actually singing. 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