On the appointment of Petron Fuel International Sdn Bhd as supplier of petrol and diesel for federal government vehicles because Mahathir’s son, Mirzan, was a director of Petron Corporation, Najib talked as if Petron was the sole supplier. Saya ingin berjumpa Tun, SIDANG MEDIA: LAPORAN POLIS TERHADAP SPRM SERTA PEMBONGKARAN USUL UNDI TIDAK PERCAYA ANWAR-DAP, [VIDEO] RJ Rithaudeen: Hubungan Mahathir-Anwar teramat kritikal, pertempuran bila-bila masa, [VIDEO] Rosdzaman: Mahathir tak pernah mengaku ingin bersama UMNO, tak usah buat cerita, Rosdzaman: Haziq perlu segara melafazkan sumpah laknat berhubung pendedahan video Azmin, Rancangan menjadikan Azmin Ali PM ke-8 muktamad, Mahathir: French president is primitive for blaming Islam, AHLI-AHLI PARLIMEN PERLU PERINCI BELANJAWAN 2021 SEBELUM PUTUSKAN SOKONG ATAU TIDAK, SAYA SETUJU DENGAN SHAHRIR SAMAD, MUHYIDDIN KALAH DARI SEGI MORAL DAN PERLU SEGERA LETAK JAWATAN, Mahathir bertemu Tengku Razaleigh, pemimpin lain bincang kerajaan perpaduan, Status PEJUANG: Setiausaha parti tuntut Hamzah Zainuddin buat keputusan segera. SPH Digital News / Copyright © 2020 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Co. Regn. Mirzan Mahathir is already a major petrol pump operator in Malaysia and the largest competitor there is to Petronas. Mr Mirzan has been a director of Petron Corporation since 2010 and held 1,000 shares in that year. Why did Anwar drag the Agong into politics? Now Mahathir has once said that “as a matter of principle”, he would never allow his children or wife to do business with government — something that over the years has been revealed as a half-truth at best. The special audit was ordered by the Singaporean regulator in Dec 2018, to probe the sale of a factory in China by SBI Offshore at RMB18 mil (RM10.9 mil) – a massive discount off its value of RMB38 mil. But the simple fact that Riza agrees to return money speaks volumes that he actually admits to thievery and money laundering. Mahathir Eldest Son Stock - Mirzan Mahathir Dataprp Ahb Opcom Dolmite. Mirzan is one of former prime minister Dr Mahathir … There it only seems that the Mahathir clan is trying to shore up as much contracts in their state as possible, with the planned airport in Kulim, the industry parks and even durian plantations designed to displace indigenous inhabitants. At first, the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) claimed that the agreement to drop the charges had been agreed between the prosecution and Riza legal team by former Attorney General Tommy Thomas. The company is now known as Sapura Energy. o make a contribution (you don't need a Paypal account to donate through Paypal, simply follow the instructions once you click the button). Mirzan, 62, is told to step down immediately. These stations were inherited by PCOR through its acquisition of ExxonMobil’s downstream business in 2012 with EXCEL Petroleum, an industrial lubricant concern. Instead, Riza had received – US$248 million (RM1.25 billion) of stolen money – via wire transfer into his company, Red Granite Productions Inc. More importantly, the money that was transferred into Riza’s company accounts (so that he can make films) originated from 1MDB – after a complex and sophisticated web of money laundering activities – as a result of Najib Razak and his partner-in-crime Jho Low siphoning a bulk of the cash raised from an initial US$3 billion state-guaranteed 2013 bond issue led by Goldman Sachs. NEWS:What does the future hold for newly-listed Econframe? What new operating system is Harapan offering? Mirzan owns shares in both Petron Malaysia (PEM) and its parent concern, Petron Corporation (PCOR). They embarked on a massive privatisation drive of public assets that included various megaprojects such as the North-South Highway, water and sewerage, the Bakun dam, Light Rail Transit System and the National Train Service (KTM).

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