No need to manually create one. So R20.059 creates a plugins folder, and internally already knows about that path without the need to add it to the preferences? -> restart -> collisions !!! Both versions have plugins installed in the /plugins folder. I think I will stop the whole topic here, it seems to make no sense at all. R20.057 might create a plugins folder, no way to test this as I already had such folder before upgrading to R20.057, but it doesn't complain about colliding plugin IDs. While R20.059 knows about the default path but cannot handle duplicates. However, the recommendations for plugin installation is quite a surprise, in particular the second bullet: -> restart -> no collision. plugins available in \plugins and in D:\R20plugins, preferences has paths to both, \plugins unchecked, D:\R20plugins checked, preferences has paths to both, \plugins checked, D:\R20plugins unchecked, preferences has paths to both, both unchecked, plugins available in \plugins and in D:\R21plugins, preferences has paths to both, \plugins unchecked, D:\R21plugins checked. \plugins - Copy If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. You should do this with the Server not running. Could you use the g_console=true and g_logfile=d:\logfile.txt as said in this page Removed the copy path from the preferences keeping only \plugins we think that plugins preferences or user-dependent plugin files might be stored in the /plugins while the actual plugin should be stored in a more convenient location. That doesn't support plugins If you are doing that, you need to go into Spigot\Spigot-Server\target\ and move the spigot-1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar file into the folder that your screenshot is … This topic has been deleted. plugins available in \plugins and copied to D:\R20plugins. I am not actually giving up, just mentioning that it doesn't seem to make sense pursuing with this topic. To install plugins you will need to get .jar files. Last but not least although not planned in the short future, the folder might change in structure and location (usually it depends on OS) and this might cause side effects to plugins stored over there. When I remove the paths from the preferences and restart Cinema 4D, all is fine, no collisions ... and yet the plugins are loaded. Hi Daniel, thanks for reaching out us. Both R20.057 and R21.026 behave identical where they know about the default path and ignore duplicates. WorldGuard. Thanks for video. You can find more plugins for Minecraft at: Spigot: BukkitDev:; Spigot plugins, Bukkit plugins and CraftBukkit plugins all work on the Spigot server type - just drop them in your Minecraft plugins … : Well, I am probably not of much use here, but I can at least confirm that R21 does know about some plugin paths internally. Still I am getting this result. @C4DS said in plugins folder, now you see me, now you don't. But to figure this all out I will need to purchase some extra hardware ... might take a while before I get the funds collected. When removing the path from preferences the plugins still get loaded. It can thus be after the installation of the original R20.0xx (apparently R20.011) I had been looking for a plugins folder in order to already "install"plugins, prior to launching the application. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ead58885bd105d0 Added both paths to the preferences, both enabled -> restart -> collisions -> restart -> no collision. I have a slight suspicion about the reason we have different results. I'm sorry Daniel you're giving it up here, but I dunno how I can be of any further help. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. R20.059 by sk89q. I will then report back, in both topics. I must then have done something differently than both of you? Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Without any path added to the Cinema 4D preferences they both load the plugins as is. Then run it using the command prompt. Search and download Minecraft Server plugins here: Send us the logfile ( if you don't want to share that in public. As if the plugins are loaded twice (twice from the same location, since only a single path was added to the preferences). I then add the \plugin folder again, checkbox enabled. R21.026 resulting in (it should not be different but at least you would test with the same plugin than us), I have built the sdk samples and copied the res folder and the created xdl64 file into I am sorry that all this time spent doesn't provide for a conclusive answer, since both our findings are contradicting. Then R20.059 came along, still creating the default plugins folder but breaks the "ignoring duplicate paths". I am finalizing the update of my plugins to R21, and am working on the documentation right now, especially the part about explaining how/where to "install" plugins. NoScript). This rather large tutorial aims at getting you started with plugin development in Bukkit. Removed all paths from the preferences, restart Cinema 4D. 9,402,932. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. WorldGuard. Thus no collision. I have tried following: Then adding the path: Hi Daniel, thanks for following up again. Meaning that, indeed, R20.057 (on one machine) matches with the results of R20.059 (on the other machine), no collisions when duplicate paths. Hi there, Now R21.026 does also create a plugins folder in the user's location (again: Nice! removed the D:R21plugins, then copied the plugins in the ClearLagg. I had hoped the results would be different, as was clarified by the memory-leak topic, but alas the presence of a dedicated/discrete graphic card has no impact on the result this time. Vault. I really don't get this as I remember having had collisions when I first tried this. Vault. Once the Plugins are installed into the folder, start up your Spigot Server by running the .BAT file. Plugins are thus available in that folder, and when I start Cinema 4D, in the console I see each plugin printing its "welcome-message", indicating it's loaded and ready to perform. Just as with R20.057 it seems to internally know about this "default" path, and ignores the duplicate when it's added by the user. Starting Cinema 4D without any paths in the preferences and plugins get loaded. Actually, when you start C4D in debug mode, you will see the current plugin paths in one of the debug outputs: first come the two plugin folders from the installation directory and the user directory (whether they exist or not - I do not have a plugin folder in the installation directory), then the ones that are set manually in the preferences. Similar to that other discussion point about memory leaks that you guys also can't seem to replicate. More strangely: when I add the path to the plugins folder in the preferences, and restart Cinema 4D I get conflicts in the console windows telling me the plugin IDs are colliding. You can find more plugins for Minecraft at: Spigot: BukkitDev:; Spigot plugins, Bukkit plugins and CraftBukkit plugins all work on the Spigot server type - just drop them in your Minecraft plugins folder. It is in no way a complete tutorial of all possibilities in Bukkit, but rather a general overview of the basics. I had the \plugins folder added, then added the folder (without the "plugins" subfolder) -> restart -> no collision. I don't have issues with duplicate loads either, so obviously the paths are collated before C4D tries to load anything. plugins folder, now you see me, now you don't. (we talked about it to be sure). Then R20.057 (or earlier) introduced the default plugins folder creation and internally knew about this, ignoring duplicate paths in the preferences. Note, the screenshot is right after launching Cinema 4D, and opening the console window and the preference window. As it seems we're not experiencing the same behaviour, as if we're using a different version (although it seems to be the same version number) or we're performing different actions. According to both of you, this is not reproducible at your end. With regard to your initial question on where/how to install a plugin our recommendations are: Final, and personal, recommendation is to take advantage of installation scripts/tools, rather than of simply unzipping an archive, to: @r_gigante \plugins • On that same machine, I now have installed R20.059 in order to compare behavior of my plugins between the two Cinema 4D releases. As such with a clean install, I have now R20.059 installed (clean, not updated) and R21.026 (also clean, not updated from 21.022). From this I have at least learned that the plugin folder is created during the first launch of the application. Strange thing is that after the installation the plugins folder already exists in my user's location. For testing purposes I have added the path to this folder in both releases. Now, I added a new plugin and could not reproduce my previous result with R20.059, as it now always seem to collide whatever I try. do install a plugin in a custom folder where the user has proper access rights; install different plugin versions for different Cinema versions by shipping a single package; check for elevated rights during installation, suggest initial path where the plugin can be installed. (both will contain the same lines). preferences has paths to both, both checkboxes enabled. C:\Users\Daniel\AppData\Roaming\Maxon\Maxon Cinema 4D R21_64C2B3BD\plugins I now have upgraded the original laptop which was running R20.057, and now have Windows 10. to the preferences, restarting Cinema 4D ... With R21.026 I do not get collisions. Copyright Information | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Imprint. Went even crazier: WorldEdit is an in-game map editor for both creative and survival. WorldEdit for Bukkit. Went a step further: Actually, when you start C4D in debug mode, you will see the current plugin paths in one of the debug outputs: first come the two plugin folders from the installation directory and the user directory (whether they exist or not - I do not have a plugin folder in the installation directory), then the ones that are set manually in the preferences.

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