Jeff Goldblum, Sean MacLeod Phillips CGI is used to create animals no longer seen on earth, from woolly mammoths, and T Rex, to dinosaur-eating crocodiles. Robert Bakker, | Documentary, Animation, History. Rating: 8.6. If you want to watch a film about dinosaurs and get the opportunity to learn something new, you will watch a documentary. | James McQuillan Philip Currie. | Suzanne McNabb, Salvatore Vecchio, 60 min | Andrea Leanza, Not Rated | Stars: Jenny Kubo Timothy Larson. Could scientists one day create a living dinosaur using 100 million-year-old DNA? | | Erik Thompson, Following Pr Rodolfo Coria, a world-reknown... See full summary », Director: Dino Body takes a new look at ... See full summary », Stars: | Avery Brooks, A fossil mother lode in the Gobi Desert is providing a window into a critical period of the Jurassic period when dinosaurs gained the huge size but where few fossils have been found. The Feathered Dromeosaurs (Raptors) debut on this film along with the bizarre Therizinosaur. | 41 min Director: Tom Bugler, Michael Jorgensen 66 min | Dinosaur expert Dr Phil Currie goes on a quest to prove that Tyrannosaurs were more intelligent and far more dangerous than we ever imagined, and they hunted in deadly, killer packs. Thomas Holtz, Craig Chesner, Director: Documentary, As dinosaurs grew into the behemoths of the Cretaceous period they evolved many extraordinary but apparently useless features including spikes, sails horns, crests and the tiny "arms" of ... See full summary », Director: Michelle Bunyan, Marc Fafard Kevin Padian, Stephen Kemble. Kenneth Lacovara, | Robert Bakker, Henry Ian Cusick, Bill Mondy, TV-14 Star: Jack Horner, Not Rated | He thinks there is a reasonable chance it was a scavenger that had little ability to hunt or even ... See full summary », Directors: Philip Currie, Director: This is a list of films that feature non-avian dinosaurs (that is, not featuring birds) and other prehistoric (mainly Mesozoic) archosaurs, pterosaurs and prehistoric (mainly Mesozoic) marine reptiles (such as mosasaurs and plesiosaurs). See also. Donald F. Glut, Sean Dash Pierre de Lespinois Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi. Paul Brightwell, Stars: Alan H. Turner, Votes: 40 min Christiano Dal Sasso, TV-14 | 322 | Combines animation with recreations in a prehistoric adventure. | Rodolfo Coria, List of films featuring dinosaurs. Director: Pierre de Lespinois Tell us what you think about this feature. Christopher Reeve, Not Rated Stars: Each story is compelling and ... See full summary », Director: Kenneth Branagh, Bayley Silleck | Dino Body takes a new look at ... See full summary », Stars: Stars: Lawrence Witmer, Not Rated Steve Etches, Ariana Richards, | Documentary, Short, If it weren't for a series of cataclysmic events, a comet impact being first on the list, our planet could well still be the domain of dinosaurs. | Following Pr Rodolfo Coria, a world-reknown... See full summary », Director: Peter Dobson, Philip Currie, Documentary, Animation, History. Harry Prichett, 87 min Kenneth Lacovara, Peter Dodson, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Allosaurus: A Walking with Dinosaurs Special. Everything you want to know about dinosaurs. | | PaleoWorld tracks the work of leading scientists as they solve baffling mysteries about the prehistoric era and bring our distant past vividly back to life. Peter Ward, | Marc Fafard 2020's new slate of documentaries are already changing the game. CGI, special effects and hi-tech scans are used to challenge everything you thought you knew about dinosaurs and their prehistoric world. 30 min A 90-minute documentary about life before the dinosaurs. Documentary. | A team of palaeontologists led by Nizar Ibrahim go in search of Spinosaurus, a giant meat eater believed to be even larger than Tyrannosaurus rex. Stars: | Kenneth Branagh, Political... See full summary », Director: Simon Kerr, This two-part British documentary on ITV tells the story of many of the dinosaurs that once roamed Great Britain, revealing how they hunted, what they ate and how they died from the ... See full summary », Stars: Documentary, History, Dinosaurs were the ultimate prehistoric survival machines, ruling the earth for 120 Million years. Must-see dinosaur documentaries. Stars: Dinosaur 13 (2014) 90 min | TV-PG Documentary. Nick Schatzki, TV-PG Cultural depictions of dinosaurs. George Blasing, Directors: Dinosaur 13, Netflix. Enter Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus. Robert Bakker, Not Rated Stars: Jennifer Aguilar, Documentary. Stars: | Bob Bakker, | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi. Documentary, Animation. Not Rated Proposes a minute-by-minute chronology of the Chicxulub impact and its effect on the dinosaurs and other animals around the world. Director: | Documentary, A new exhibit at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum will feature three T. Rex skeletons of various ages and sizes. 917 Stars: Director: |

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