I founded a financial Co-operative , a credit union in 2000. Andrew Sabisky has stepped down as an adviser to the prime minister amid intense scrutiny over his views on eugenics and other issues.

All accused members should be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. As a result the Labour party has set up the Forde enquiry and I hope this inquiry will be robust in its investigations, providing a just outcome after fully considering the facts.It has recently come to my attention that former staff of the Labour party are trying to sue the Labour party in a court of law and therefore I cannot comment further due to sub judice. So I do not think I can agree that any of the above stops me from being critical of the government of Israel or its actions when that criticism has merit. My name is Theo Michael, I’m 23 years old, and I come from a family of Liberal Democrats.

She implores anyone suffering to seek help.

Yes I think the conference should be sovereign so would vote to abolish the NPF.

Labour should commit to expanding democratic public ownership and universal provision of universal public services and to guaranteeing the building blocks of a high-quality life including education, housing, healthcare, social security and social care. This starts with an NEC representative of all regions and a pledge to extend the democracies of our party by further empowering grassroots members. I also strong believe that we must reform care support for the elderly and disabled, linking Social Care and NHS together, ensuring that the Labour party can develop ideas to support people with dignity. The outspoken MP for Birmingham Yardley said Labour must strive to be “clear and straightforward” before it can reclaim power. In short, those who have always been oppressed under Conservative governments.

To answer your questions, and to give some impression of where my views align with your own: 1) Publish regular reports of NEC meetings, including details of how they and other NEC members have voted? I support open selections for all. I stick with the movement through thick and thin and have dedicated my life to wanting to better our lot.

Our manifesto should never be written in secret by a small clique of the leadership’s favourites.

We must not backslide in our commitment to minority rights. Off the top of my head – election strategy kept secure until 1 year after the election then the reports and minutes and votes of the members should be distributed to the party membership. 3) Uphold my socialist values, supporting those who are most at risk as we rebuild our society and economy.

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