Writing about Motherhood is where freelance writing all began for me, and it feels decadent when it comes full circle and I get to indulge in the topic again. Let’s do this! It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful of all the seasons due to the incredible red, gold, and orange leaves filling the trees with a bright blue sky backdrop.

Nothing magical happens overnight for 99% of us. is teaching and working with all kinds of students, and I’m honored to write about my own teaching philosophy for the book.
In the meantime, it’s been interesting to start my copywriting job with Chewy.com, the gigantic pet supply website you’ve probably seen commercials about if you don’t already have pets and shop there. I wish each and every one of my readers all the best for 2019! .

Will Work for Apples will be available in paperback and electronic versions from Amazon and other online retailers soon.

My “writing for fun” took a long hiatus, as I was quickly forced into survival mode: focusing on caring for my kids, getting my copywriting assignments completed on time, converting all of my school-year tutoring sessions to online conferencing…and of course taking care of a house, our pets, and everything else we humans must do to function on a daily basis.

The English language as used in Britain.

Here’s a photo of me holding her around 12 weeks before she got too heavy for me.

One of my many passions (besides writing and animals!) She also got me interested in a new endeavor: field work and hunt training. Of course it does. You can read more stories by Julia Arnold in her blog HERE >> Another Slice of Life in Mexico As I write this it is the Sunday the day before Revolution Day here in Mexico and the little Pueblo I live in on the shore of the Sea of Cortez, better known to Gringos as the Gulf of California, there was a parade. Not only does Sunny force me to take a step away from my computer and get outside many times throughout the day (every day), she has, I think, had a positive impact on our entire family. © 2019 Encyclopedia.com | All rights reserved.

In this role she designed, lead and supported research evaluation on women’s economic empowerment. Join Facebook to connect with Julia Arnold and others you may know. To have two part-time jobs and virtually zero child care except preschool and now (thankfully) school, I’ve worked 7 days a week. I offered to take on the “pets” section in my local lifestyle magazine, and it’s been a fun passion project– writing & animals are two of my favorite things, after all. Unbelievably enough, I’m coming up on my one-year ‘workaversary’ with Chewy.com, the pet website I started with last fall.

View the profiles of people named Julia Arnold. The harder I work, the richer life is. It’s always a pleasure to work with that publication, and it was fun to contribute to their huge Grand Nationals issue. I also wrote about a handful of great people and horses in the Morgan industry for The Morgan Horse Magazine. 10 years ago, I was teaching high school English full time to students with various learning disabilities. I soon started pushing myself to publish my work outside of my own blog, and that was a great experience too– turns out, there was a demand for moms writing about the real side of parenting. Our dog got us outside every day, rain, sleet, or shine, which was a lifesaver.

It’s one of the most highly regarded equestrian and horse care publications, and as a writer it’s a huge honor to see my words in print in those glossy pages. I’m especially proud that my article features a non-profit I fully stand behind, War Horses for Veterans. I’d love to hear what you are passionate about, what you are doing to carve out time to pursue that passion, and of course, what activities you are excited to enjoy in the warmer, sunnier months ahead. https://www.centerforfinancialinclusion.org/bio/julia-arnold

Opportunities include: Psychotherapy for all ages - Individuals, Couples, and Family. It’s dark.

I was also asked to write a blog post for the Minnesota Chapter of NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association), which my family joined after getting our first versatile dog, Sunny, last spring. The days get longer and maybe just a little warmer. She was the niece of critic Matthew Arnold and the sister of Mrs. Humphry Ward and the suffrage campaigner Ethel Arnold.

Surely exercise makes 99% of us feel better (I’m not sure about that 1%…).

Baseball for my son and soccer for my daughter became crucial for our family’s mental, emotional, and physical health. What will you be doing? Of course! Last, be on the lookout in 1-2 weeks (early April 2019) for my newest anthology collaboration, Will Work for Apples! I love scrolling through Instagram and seeing photos from people I follow from around the world, hinting at what’s going on in say…Denmark on Saturday at 3p.m.

College London. It was a huge (HUGE) effort and one I’ll be happy to share with readers soon. Thomas Arnold As for my private tutoring business, where I help improve the reading and writing skills of local children and teens with dyslexia and other learning disorders, I’m totally booked! I think when you work in a creative field, you feel constant pressure to produce, submit, produce, submit, but in the process of that never-ending cycle, you can lose the passion that makes you good at what you do.

I had to chance to share her philanthropic efforts in a recent issue of North Oaks Living Magazine. Another perk of spending time outdoors: it gives us a chance to leave the screens inside, which becomes a break from many of life’s stressors and the constant reminders of our never-ending to-do lists.

Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia.

After years of being a mother (daughter/sister/wife/teacher), it is finally truly clicking that I need to take care of myself in order to be the best mother (and person) I can be. I start to feel very unhappy if I’m not inspired to write. Therefore, that information is unavailable for most Encyclopedia.com content.

And who doesn’t love Halloween to cap it off? Life is more of a roller coaster than ever before, speaking for myself at least. Over time, I’ll just say it– I became good at it.

Earlier this winter I entered into the busiest stage of my life (yet).

I’ve also enjoyed receiving the last several months of VHD (Versatile Hunting Dog) magazine in the mail, published by NAVHDA, where they’ve released articles I’ve written each month featuring a female dog handler and/or trainer. Life is good that way, though.

I hope spring is in full swing in your neck of the woods.

I’d love to hear what gets you out of your comfort zone. What will I be doing in another 10 years? Taking out a bank loan, Julia Huxley founded Prior's Field, a small but significant experimental girls' school in Godalming, Surrey, England, where she was its headmistress. Oh, and how the world turns: Sunny the Pup? The phrase contrasts with kinds of ENGLISH used elsewhere, and especially wi…, HORNBY, A(lbert) S(idney) [1898–1978]. Even a bit of inspiration in its own right! QualityGate: approval & support, development & improvement.

I loved sharing the simple tradition I have with my daughter of making and delivering Christmas cookies. Blogging was a fantastic outlet during those crazy long days (and nights). She makes giving back a priority, and I wrote about her pro bono work for an upcoming issue of North Oaks Living Magazine (due out March/April 2019). It promises to be a good read, however, no matter how long it takes. The article is about a fascinating, lifelong equestrian and full of fantastic photos she and her comrades saved over the years.

Yes, it’s a hunting magazine.

Arnold was born in 1862.

Thankfully, I found time to write in the small pockets of time I could manage. You write. Sunny has also gotten us to step outside our neat little comfort zones. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Add to that the crisp air!
Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers.

You get rejected and you get accepted. What a game changer she’s been.

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