The family meet John (John Waters), the owner of a pawn shop and become fast friends with him. Homer doubles down, believing that hunting and killing a deer will make Bart a man. Hey, you misnamed the show with the banned episode! Director Mike B. Anderson also took home an Annie Award for Best Individual Achievement: Directing in a TV Production. Two of his movies — Hairspray and 1990’s Cry-Baby — have been turned into Broadway musicals. Meanwhile, the TV universe was inching toward progress. But they also wanted to do it in a way, he added, that "was real and not silly sitcom phoniness.". And when thinking about how to create a foil for Waters, he recalled über Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder giving him this advice: "Write Homer the way that you would write a dog. ", Typically, when the staff of The Simpsons submitted a script for approval, the censor responded with just a few notes. In other words, Homer as homophobic ignoramus wouldn’t be a stretch. He’s completely stupid. As Stephen Tropiano, author of The Prime Time Closet: A History of Gays and Lesbians on TV, put it: "You were very, very limited about what you could show. At that point in Hauge’s original script, John was supposed to turn to Marge and say, "You know who would like him? "You have to do it with a good, positive character who can earn that." (For inspiration, episode director Mike B. Anderson said, the animators looked at photographs of the Pasadena City College Flea Market.) John, with his catty witticisms and ironic appreciation of the things that make up the Simpsons un-ironic existence, could have curdled into snarky meanness. To much of America, Waters himself has transformed from a dangerous provocateur into a kooky uncle. After all, back then a sitcom audience didn’t often see suburbia through the eyes of a gay man. Ellen DeGeneres was still two months away from coming out on her eponymous sitcom. He refuses to pull the trigger, and, naturally, the herd attacks Homer. "It’s improved where they’re gay and it makes no difference to the plot," Waters said. Both began by shocking the prude establishment. The character was designed to resemble Waters, particularly with the thin mustache. John Waters’ RISD Graduation Speech: Real Wealth is Never Having to Spend Time with A-Holes They could fight small changes, but this was different. In an attempt to literally set Bart straight, Homer takes Bart to a steel mill. "Now, if every gay man could just do the same, you’d be set." When one of the strapping workers says, "We work hard, we play hard," a disco ball descends from the ceiling and all the employees get down to C+C Music Factory’s "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)." When two gay characters were shown together in bed on the drama Thirtysomething in 1989, ABC reportedly lost $1.5 million in ad sales. When ‘The Simpsons’ Came Out of the Closet. By the time it came back from the animators that one censor had lost his job. “It was always very mundane,” [showrunner Bill Oakley] said. The ludicrously tragic?" He is neither a punchline nor a tragic figure. The enthusiasm Waters’s character has for all of this stuff bewilders Homer, who can’t fathom the interest in chic junk. ", after reportedly asking DeGeneres to focus less on gay issues. We thank you! "There’s such a thing in humor called ‘The Comedy of Yes,’" Hauge said. Queer. We meet this character in the first act, after Bart causes $900 worth of damage to the Simpson house. Homer then screams as his reflexive disgust sets in. An animated series showcasing a gay character was especially novel. Soon afterward, the Fox network got a new president and, apparently, a new, less homophobic censor. He loves his food. "This is about as tolerant as dad gets, so you should be flattered," Lisa says. The Rise and Fall of The Simpsons: An In-Depth Video Essay Explores What Made the Show Great, and When It All Came to an End. Also delightful is John’s visit to the Simpsons’ home, where he has a vintage collector’s swoon over the kitsch of the entire interior decoration, which as viewers we’ve never really considered. "There’s only two kind of guys who wear those shirts: gay guys and big, fat party animals," says Homer. Panicking that Bart might become gay from John’s influence, he forces Bart to take a tour of the manliest thing he can think of, a steel mill, only to find that it doubles as a gay disco after work (“We work hard and we play hard,” says the foreman). Bart dances in a wig to "The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)," chooses a pink Sno Ball over a chocolate cupcake, and dons a Hawaiian shirt. When Waters aficionados Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein became Simpsons showrunners in the mid-’90s, they cast the comedy icon. She came out on the Oprah Winfrey show.

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