However, the overall ratio is 2:3, and the stripes have to be equal. This flag was in use from 1921 through 1959. The takbir (Allahu Akbar (God is great) in Arabic script) in green was added to the 1963 flag during the Gulf War, 13 January 1991. The Takbir is 7/15th of the length of the flag. Six designs were chosen and sent to the parliament which was going to choose a new flag before the end of 2008. The proposed change provoked an intensely negative reaction across groups of Iraq's Arab majority, including those vehemently opposed to Saddam Hussein. Meaning of the Flag. It was a black-white-green horizontal flag, with a red triangle extending from the mast side, inspired by the flag of the Arab Revolt. There were two more proposals for a different flag in 2008. This flag differed from the 1991-2004 flag only in terms of length to width ratio as well as the type of script used for the inscription. To anti-government protesters, the flag is also a symbol of revolution against the existing government. It is made in the pan-Arab colors black, white and red. The modified flag was unveiled at the ceremony marking the technical "handover" of power from the Coalition Provisional Authority occupation forces to the U.S.-appointed administration on 28 June 2004. White symbolizes the future of Iraq and generosity of the people 3. Antarctica flag meaning Antarctica, in fact, is not a nation till now. As such, whereas the UAR flag had two green stars in the white band, signifying its two members (Egypt and Syria), the new Iraqi flag had three stars, symbolising the aspiration that Iraq would join with Egypt and Syria in a new union. Are there positive effects of posting students’ grades publicly? A red triangle also replaced the trapezoid. Modern Iraq’s first flag was adopted in 1921. However, both proposals were rejected. The colors of the Iraqi flag bear great symbolism. The national flag also landscapes the Arabic mien “God is great” written in Kufic script. Following the Revolution of 14 July 1958, led by Abdul Karim Qassim, which abolished the Hashemite monarchy in Iraq and turned the country into a republic, Iraq adopted a new flag (Law 102 of 1959) that consisted of a black-white-green vertical tricolour, with a red eight-pointed star with a yellow circle at its centre. Moreover, Islamic crescents are usually depicted in green or red in Arab heraldry. What is the meaning behind the colors of the Flag of Iraq, ‘Returning to campus has evoked so many emotions,’ says Terry Senior, Why competency-based, interdisciplinary learning is the future, ‘Hybrid learning can be sustainable in the long run,’ suggests Jane Mann, 6 Things to Consider when Searching for a Master’s Degree Program, Education Policy Reform in the UAE: Building Teacher Capacity. Black represents oppression and the subsequent triumph of Islam Moreover, it is believed that the three colors represent different dynasties in different eras of Iraqi history. In this current version, the three stars were removed. The color white symbolizes the future of Iraq and the generosity of its people. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. All Rights Reserved. Though the UAR broke up in 1961, hopes for Arab unity persisted. Additionally, the new flag's predominantly blue-on-white appearance immediately antagonised many in Iraq because of its alleged resemblance to the flag of the State of Israel, considered hostile to Iraq since the former's establishment in 1948. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Therefore, Antarctica is not ruled by any governament or any party. As such, it was similar to the flags of Hashemite Jordan, and the short-lived Kingdom of Hejaz. Iraq flag meaning The statement "اللهاکبر" which means lit. 6 of 1991. At the center of the flag were three green five-pointed stars. Meaning of Flag: Iraq Emoji. The Iraqi flag is a charged horizontal tricolour with in the middle an emblem. The first flag of modern Iraq was in Mandatory Iraq, and was adopted in 1921. This flag featured a vertical tricolor with an eight-pointed red star and a yellow circle in the center of the star. There are different versions of the banner in which the size of the takbir appears bigger or smaller. The mandate of Mesopotamia unified three Ottoman Provinces. Former Director, Flag Research Center, Winchester, Massachusetts. image by Mark Sensen Adopted 13 Jan 1991; abandoned 28 Jun 2004. Iraq Flag Meaning The national flag of Iraq is red, white and black, but the three green stars in the center representing unity, freedom and socialism. [17], In July 2008, the Iraqi parliament launched a contest to design a new Iraqi flag. The colors of the Iraqi flag are what are known as “pan-Arab” colors that are found on other Arab nations’ flags. Flag of Iraq – Colors, Meaning, History , Red represents the courage and struggles of the nation, White symbolizes the future of Iraq and generosity of the people, Black represents oppression and the subsequent triumph of Islam. The national flag of F... Spain flag meaning Do you know Spain flag meaning? In the face of the overwhelming public outcry, adoption of the blue crescent flag was abandoned entirely. Strong speculation followed that the U.S. government would press for a change in the Iraqi flag to remove its pan-Arab symbolism, and to make a definitive break with the period of Ba'athist rule. This horizontal tricolour of red, white, and black bands (first used in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952) formed the basis of the flag of the United Arab Republic (UAR). 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