The owner chose the mega dinghy look, ...Coraline 550 Wahoo - read the full review, The hull of the Coraline 580 Ocean Runner has the re-design common to many of the brand’s newer models: more deadrise, and reverse chines to balance the low down buoyancy ...Coraline 580 Ocean Runner - read the full review, One of the endearing properties of a tinnie was that grazing alongside something hard seldom made any visible difference. Intex Mariner 4 Person Inflatable Boat. It also carries on the New Zealand tradition of superb welding techniques: the company employs a lot of welders, but just one of them does ...Surtees - read the full review, One of the stars on Aquasports Marine’s stand at the Fremantle Show is the New Zealand-built Surtees 6.1 Centre Console. I hope to take this kayak with me when I vacation and its smaller footprint when packed, as well as its light weight, are very attractive to me. Hello, Tim: Well, I have the 435 Paddleski down here in Belize and have been out to the reef 4 X’s since I arrived here at end of November. The 6.2 metre hull length is one of ...Coraline Oceanrunner 620 - read the full review, The walk around Coraline 700FX is probably the definitive fisherman’s version of this much built hull. It was legendary for its poor weather performance and for its stability. In this 8.5 metre boat from Cordina Marine they got just that. It was definitely interesting. It is the only bad news, though, and the good news is very good. We thought you’d like to know that we both agree it’s the best recreational purchase we have made in a long, long time. Not quite beating customers away with sticks, but busy enough to move to bigger ...Fury 282 Custom - read the full review, Fury Custom Boats launch just a handful of boats each year, and company principal Scott Fury is all over every molecule of them. Had some real nice weather a week ago to enjoy the Sea Eagle 435 Paddleski out at the reef. However, it’s length does make it more challenging to paddle solo. It takes courage to introduce a $2 million-plus boat into today’s marine market, but this entrant looks the part. Well, everyone needs an “attaboy” now and again, and I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. One possibly unique feature is its place of origin: I can’t ...Whaly 435 - read the full review, Aluminium’s share of the trailer boat market is dominant, yet the fibreglass builders continue to introduce new models despite the significant cost of producing the moulds. They already had centre console and cabin versions ...Commodore Abrolhos Walk Around - read the full review, What put the Concept 30 Sport Deck’s top speed into context for me was the realisation that it was the same as my old Beetle managed in its youth – 65 knots or 75 mph. There are several reasons. Admittedly it ...Fairline Squadron 42 - read the full review, One of the most welcome features in the latest generation of big boats is the large windows in the hull. Perhaps the cost of oceanfront land outweighs the ...Fairline 58 Gran Turismo - read the full review, The first impression of the Fairline Squadron 42 is of the space it contains. At the very least, lunch is on us. Our son, who is a civil engineer, and his wife took it out and came back talking about how stable it is. It fits better with what the company mostly does: ...TMS 7.6 - read the full review, Tournament is the current name adopted by the boat builder formerly called Mustang. The console ...Coraline 670SF - read the full review, Like most Coralines this 700 was finished to the exact specifications of its owner. Actually it could equally well be a dive boat, sharing the properties of room and good water exit. I’m getting to old to carry 60 pounds of kayak to and from the launch site, letalone put it on top of my SUV. One of the current best selling categories of boat is the. Part of the reason for that is a deserved reputation for quality, part for generally ...Caribbean Adventurer - read the full review, The Mk2 Caribbean 40 has the same hull the Mk 1 has had for many years, and that will make a lot of people happy: this hull has long been regarded as a bench mark in sea keeping. The Seacat 565FC is anything but bare bones and still achieves it, ...Seacat 565FC - read the full review, One of the magnets at the Hillarys Boat Show was the Seacat 636. 31 Item(s) Show. We’re The Lindermans, the proud new owners of Inflatable Boats 4 Less! NEWEST. Things like easy to launch and recover, draggable along ...Stessl 420 Truck - read the full review, For a boat with a Spartan image the Stessl 460 Centre Console is pretty much a complete fishing rig, although a few conditions apply to “complete”. A minor trend is for local prospective boat ...CNC 6.1 Cuddy - read the full review, Commodore Marine are constantly coming up with new versions of their established boats – and no wonder: when you have a competent hull, you make the most of it. Making way or at rest there was nothing flighty ...Signature 602F - read the full review, The Signature hull, and the shape is consistent throughout the range, ensures that the bit that is deepest in the water gets the most deadrise: 33-deg. When On Strike Charters of Exmouth wanted such a boat for their big-game tag and ... South Africa’s population of leisure boats has one of the world’s highest percentages of. Scaling rather than simply shortening or lengthening. I’m not sure if anyone else wouldhave been as easy and as informativeas you have been. All the accoutrements expected in an angler’s special are here, but one that particularly appeals to ...Haines Signature 632F - read the full review, The term variable deadrise used to mean just one thing: it varied from sharp at the bow to, usually, much less so at the transom. The Coraline 670SF is at an interesting mid-point between centre cabin and centre console. (Actually ”lake” trials). When I swivel in the seat, the Garmin moves with me and is always right under my eyes. I decided to make a kayak dolly in honor of Sea Eagle’s great response to our situation and going the extra mile for us. They have been built in a range of layouts but the review boat is in a class of one: the first to be powered by outboards. I do fear never using my other kayak again, if it’s as easy to prep and stow, as it seems. LOW-HIGH. Offered in 225, 250 and 300hp forms (we had the 250), this is an impressive motor. This ability is as likely to ...Baysport 640 Sports - read the full review, Belize is the name Riviera gives to a new line of boats built in Taiwan (a country with a long history of first class boat building) but under Riviera’s direct supervision. Mustangs made themselves a lot of friends and that amiability has carried over to ...Tournament 2250 Walk Around - read the full review, The first thing to be said about the Tournament 625 is that it is built by Haines, so in sea keeping especially it has a name to live up to. We had the opportunity to try out the 380x this past weekend and love it! There seems to be a small resurgence in the runabout’s popularity and, ...Coraline 475 Explorer Series II - read the full review, Wherever Coraline catch a glimpse of an unfilled market niche it seems they immediately fill it. We were loaded with 150-180lbs of gear, our 50lb dog, and the two of us (300lbs). I have been searching for a few years for an inexpensive way to get onto the water to fish the Winter Haven (FL) Chain Of Lakes – widely known as bass fishing paradise. The 489 is a runabout, and the Bay is ...Stacer 489 Bay Master - read the full review, The name Stacer brings to mind smallish pressed aluminium boats, which is reasonable because that is what most of them are. Jeanneau called this series of boats Merry Fisher. But for those who take ... WA, which used to export large numbers of aluminium vessels around the world, now sends far fewer completed ones but a lot more kits for assembly overseas. We can’t tell you how pleased we are with how they handled our concern. I really can’t believe how much truer and quicker this tracks than a hard shell canoe, especially in wind.

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