Tentacles deal physical damage to enemies hit, and will heal Illaoi if they damage a champion. To counter Illaoi when playing Teemo, keep moving to avoid her tentacle slams. 112. Both reveal his wards and mushrooms. Use her Tentacle Slam (Q) to damage Jax and heal yourself. Try to max your Q and use it to clear minion waves. Note that leaving tether range will still apply her tentacle spawner onto your champion! In a 1v1 fight where Illaoi lands Test of Spirit, Teemo can blind Illaoi and deal damage. At level 6, set up mushrooms in strategic places to help kite her while slowing and dealing damage over time. You punish her when she thinks she can punish you. But if she has 10% HP and you can kill her before the first tentacle smash, do so. Pick champions with high mobility or movement speed. Ranged matchups are touchy but generally even. Try to land a hit with the tip to deal more damage. Once you combine these with Deadman’s Plate, you should be able to beat Illaoi. If Jax can dodge Illaoi’s abilities, then he can go all in once they are on cooldown. The best counter to what you do with neither getting an adv is heimer. Though don’t see him much, but always gives me a hard lane. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc. LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once you have your ultimate, grab his soul and land your ult when he tries to engage you. Do NOT fight in her ult. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When she uses her E to rip out your soul make sure to either stand apart from it (in order to stop her AOE hitting you multiple times) or else leave the tether range. Play top-notch casino games with great promotions in the UK, KingCasinoBonus has in store for you! Discover LoL champion statistics for Illaoi. Champions who can harass Illaoi are also good counters. Spirits echo a percentage of the damage they take to the original target. Jax has no sustainabilities. Riot-partnered U.GG analyzes millions of LoL matches. Check out Illaoi’s best & worst matchups; Win Rate, GD@15 and more! Note that leaving tether range will still apply her tentacle spawner onto your champion. If Illaoi DOES get your soul, try to use your pull to grab her. Submitted By NorwegerLP. His passive movement speed (W) allows him to kite/run away. As Illaoi, beating Darius depends on how well you farm and avoid pre-level six engagements. Teemo has better zone control. Try to keep minions between you and her; she’ll have a hard time landing her soul grab. Illaoi leaps to her target, dealing physical damage and causing nearby Tentacles to also swing at the target. Illaoi is a lane bully and forces most champions to farm under tower. Back away and wait for it to go on cooldown. When her ult is over, attack her. Don’t overcommit to trades; Darius excels at long trades, but Illaoi is better at the early stages. If she is under your tower, ask your jungler for a gank, she has no escape abilities. Illaoi Build Guide for League of Legends. If she grabs your soul using her E when her ult is down, take the opportunity to attack her. Increases the damage dealt by Tentacles. Darius gets a little mad back here when people disable JavaScript, so beware, things might not work properly. Illaoi has a hard time chasing people due to a lack of good gap-closers. Illaoi Counter. Jax’s E can negate some of the damage dealt by Illaoi’s Test of Spirit (E). Trynd because you can't burst him through his ult, which gives him more than enough time to kill you whenever you ult him. Spirits echo a percentage of the damage they take to the original target. But, if Illaoi can land her skills and trap Jax in her E, W, R combo, then there’s nothing to save Jax except for Flash. A good Teemo can make your life miserable, a bad Teemo is free gold. As Illaoi, it’s vital that you land your tentacle hits (Q, W) and to land Test of Spirit. Patch 10.21 !. As Jax, the best way to beat Illaoi is to fight her before she reaches level 6. If she is hard focusing your soul, attack her while she's doing it as you can do more damage to her than she can to you focusing your soul. If you're good at illaoi, the pool of counters dwindles to pretty much just these three. Pick champions with high mobility or movementspeed. This subreddit is dedicated to Illaoi, the Priestess of Nagakabouros and Headmistress of Tentacle Academy. Click to register. (this also helps avoiding tentacle attacks). Teemo is faster than Illaoi. Learn how to dodge her tentacles, which nullifies a lot of her damage. Pick champions with high mobility or movementspeed. Call for ganks to get an advantage. Pick champions with high mobility or movementspeed. Edit: and singed. Illaoi’s damage comes from her tentacles. Oracle’s Lens also shows Teemo’s location when he is in stealth. If you stay stationary, you risk a bunch of tentacles damaging. Teemo has a blind which counters any Illaoi’s melee attacks. If she does, move away from her and wait until it is over. Darius players should try to maximize mobility to avoid Illaoi’s tentacle slams. DO NOT stand in one spot and auto-attack her (move around). Does her E deny the spirit? In the end, it’s all about which summoner is more skilled. Teemo has the range and abilities to poke Illaoi and render her useless. Aatrox is a skill matchup but is slightly in illaoi’s favor don’t try it. Once her ult is on cooldown and you destroy her tentacles, happens, Jax can use the opportunity to engage. Always try to leave the range of her E (Test of Spirit) to stop her from dealing extra damage to your champion. Illoai’s tentacles attack each time she hits targets nearby with her W. Her tentacles also automatically attack nearby Vessels/Spirits every 10 seconds. Best Counter Picks from the Best Data. He also has the movement speed to kite her while his shrooms slow and damage her. Play as safe as possible to prevent pokes, and his all-in engages. Don’t engage her. but no matter what if you go even it will make her struggle to do her job. Buy Mercury’s Treads and Spirit Visage to negate his magic damage. ; completely impossible unless they are sloppy/reckless, Singed: your E is useless and he outruns all your skillshots, completely impossible lane, just dodge, Kayle: haven't seen her in a while, but anyone who still plays her is a main and will deny your all-in, Gnar: endless kiting, CC and %hp damage, same rules as Quinn, Heimerdinger: he's you, except ranged, build defensive/regen and outfarm, Teemo: you will never get a kill, but with 2nd Wind, DShield/SCowl and some patience, neither will he; he's outpushable, as long as you watch for ganks; buy wards, Tryndamere: free , no-cost, instant invulnerability for 6 seconds, mobility and high damage, no chance unless he's stupid/sloppy, try to force his ult through pressure and always back off if he tries to outtrade during it, Garen: no mana and a passive, free Warmogs, unless he gets stupid/reckless there is nothing you can do, he will run you down and kill you or simply run away if you ever get any damage on him, various mages/AD ranged cheese picks: Viktor, Ryze, Kennen, Lucien etc. Your goal is to farm as much as possible and build early magic resist items. Estatísticas dos Campeões, popularidade, índice de vitória, melhores itens e feitiços. Try to land Test of Spirit with 2 or 3 tentacles nearby. One time I got matched against a malz top, His range fucked my everything His passive fucked my Q and E His Q fucked my R His W fucked my E His E dot fucked my E And his R fucked my R. Malz is annoying, and forces you to build tanky, but in the end he is no hard matchup, just sit back, clear his voodlings and the wafe with q, get visage, or even better adaptive helm. Take small trades, out sustain her (Q heal + Grasp of the Undying), and let her push to your tower. Illaoi has trouble chasing opponents because she has no gap closers. Landing it is crucial as it helps you sustain. For example, Garen or Riven/Irelia. Never fight her while her ultimate is active. Not only will you damage her with your basic attacks, but the potion deals damage over time. Really curious: how does Morg fit into this? Also what’s eve doing here. Find Illaoi counters based on role and lane stats including win %, KDA, first bloods, healing, early lead, comeback ratio, counter kills and more for use during champion select. you have to be patient, play safe and hope to outfarm them, never go out to fight on their terms, make them get impatient and overextend. His Toxic Shot (E) can deal damage over time. Avoid standing close to the tentacles she spawns as she is likely to use this chance to dunk you with her W and cause the tentacle(s) to hit you VERY hard and heal her slightly. Idk how I managed to forget him. The key to defeating Illaoi is dodging her E and tentacle strikes. Darius mains tend to go for movement speed items like Phage, Ghost, and Boots. Do not stand close to her tentacles when she is near.

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