TelAthens5279.8775279.8165279.856Piraeus4178.1314175.0314136.746Thessaloniki031-279.520031-223.090031-232.186Volos0421-24.3120421-25.1120421-23.984Elefsina5546.6175546.7865545.428Irakleion081-303.520081-303.517081-342.331Ioannina0651-25.3420651-26.5580651-72.200Kavala051-230.363051-223.248051-222.966Kalamata0721-63.3510721-63.3360721-63.362Karditsa0441-24.6920441-22.0310441-41.981Kozani0461-22.4000461-31.8720461-34.330Komotini0531-22.4650531-27.1790531-71.604Lamia0231-56.4390231-56.4240231-56.415Larissa041-621.285041-621.283041-621.281Mytilini0251-26.1890251-41.2810251-41.666Patra061-223.406061-223.274061-223.566Rhodes0241-64.9340241-65.3680241-65.302Pension5234.9795238.9535249.451Tripolis071-222.552071-224.464071-224.464Chalkis0221-23.3010221-24.5640221-23.876Chania0821-42.2320821-40.7320821-40.732 IKA Open Line: 5200555-64 (10 lines) and 184 Puplic Information Bureau: Athens 5234.211-5230.709, Thessaloniki 031-232005-232186 Administration: Sickness Benefits Directorate: 5236061 ext. The case must be reported directly to IKA within three days, so that an assessment and confirmation of the emergency is made, and the imperative need for hospitalization is determined by the IKA auditor-physician. Insurable days: at least 5,500. ß! porters, news-stand vendors, slaughterhouse workers etc.) * They should not be receiving old age pension or disability pension from the State or other insurance Fund (with the exemption of OGA, the Farmer’s Insurance Agency). Bilateral Agreements of Social Security Greece has signed bilateral agreements of social security with Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Quebec, New Zealand, Cyprus, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Egypt, Libya, and Poland. Abroad, in case of diseases that cannot be diagnosed and treated in Greece due to lack of appropriate scientific means or specialised physicians. * If the death of the insured was due to an Accident Outside Working Hours, the members of the family are entitled to Death Pension provided the diceased had completed 1/2 of the required working days of those mentioned above. 5. DISABILITY PENSION Prerequisite conditions: * They do not receive an Old Age Pension or Disability Pension from the State or a Legal Entity of Public Law or other insurance Fund besides their main one (with the exemption of OGA, the Farmers’ Insurance Fund). EXTENSION OF RECOGNITION A number of regulations make it possible for IKA to recognise the duration of one’s military service and/or the time of civil service employment as pensionable time. In general, agreements foresee equal insurance treatment for the citizens of the contracting state when they reside in the territory of the other state and the inclusion of insurable and pensionable years when calculating pension rights. Take a virtual store tour and make your purchases online through the fascinating ΙΚΕΑ Virtual Walkthrough! 538 8899, Crossroads, Rafina 190 09 tel 22940 77777, Dromokaitio 343 Iera Odos, Haidari 124 61 tel 210 540 4100, Agios Panteleimon 3 Dim Mandouvalou, Piraeus tel 210 425 2850, Attikon 1 Rimini, Haidari tel 210 583 1000, Asklipiio, 1 Vas Pavlou, Voula 166 73 tel 210 895 3416-9, Metaxa 51 Botasi, Piraeus 185 37 tel 210 428 5000-11, 210 428 4444, Onasio (Cardiological) 356 Syngrou, Kallithea 176 74 tel 210 949 3000, Tzanio Afendouli & Zanni sts, Piraeus tel 210 451 9411, Areteon, 76 Vas Sofias, Athens 115 28 tel 210 728 6000, Eginitio, 72 Vas Sofias, Athens 115 28 tel 210 728 9500, 251 Airforce Hospital, Mesogion, Katehaki tel 210 746 3399, 401 Army Hospital, 138 Mesogion, Katehaki tel 210 749 4000, 417 Nimits Hospital, 12 Monis Petraki, Athens 115 21 tel 210 728 8001, Navy Hospital Athens, 70 Dinokratous tel 210 721 6451, Agathonisi Medical Centre, tel 22470 29049, Agios Efstratios Medical Centre, tel 22540 93222, Alonissos Medical Centre, tel 24240 65208, Andiparos Medical Centre, tel 22840 61219, Astypalea Medical Centre, tel 22430 61222, Elafonissos Medical Centre, tel 27340 61294, Folegandros Medical Centre, tel 22860 41222, Hios Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22710 44303/5, Ikaria, Agios Kirykos Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22750 * They should not be receiving Old Age Pension or Disability Pension from the State or other insurance Fund (with the exemption of OGA, the Farmers’ Insurance Agency). b. * They do not receive Old Age Pension or Disability Pension from the State or other Insurance Fund (with the exemption of OGA, the Farmers’ Insurance Agency). 2. Especially for construction workers, if they have completed 80 working days in the previous year or 15 months, provided they have an overall number of 200 working days. Those who started a pension scheme with IKA and do not belong to any other Supplementary Fund are automatically included in the IKA - TEAM scheme as of 1 February 83. The amount of contribution is a percentage of the gross income of the employee. * members of the insured person’s family, if they suffer from Paraplegia or Quadriplegia with medical disability of 67% and the insured person meets the prerequisite conditions mentioned above. * They do not receive an old age pension or disability pension from the State or a Legal Entity of Public Law or other Insurance Fund besides their main one (with the exemption of OGA, the Farmers’ Insurance Fund). Old Age Pension - prerequisite conditions * Disability due to paraplegia - quatriplegia . : 10:00 - 20:00. 5000, 210 726 5100, Elena Venizelos (Maternity) 2 Elenas Venizelou Sq, Athens 106 72 tel 4. Medical Examination by physicians at local IKA surgeries, family doctors and rural region doctors as well as IKA affiliated physicians who examine patients at their private practices. We apologize for the inconvenience. CONTRIBUTIONS IKA is a Social Security Organization. 2. Laiko 17 Agiou Thoma, Athens 115 27 tel 210 745 6000 MEDICATION Prescribed medicines are administered by IKA physicians for the restoration of health and full recovery of those insured. HOSPITAL CARE IKA meets the need for hospitalisation of directly insured customers as well as pensioners and their families: 1. If they have completed 3,000 days of employment, they can submit a relevant application at any time. They do not belong to any disability category - as far as insurance is concerned - that exceeds 67% disability. 2. DISABILITY% OF DISABILITYPENSION SUMOBSERVATIONS Heavy80% and overfull Ordinary67-79.9%3/4 of full If the insured person has completed 6,000 working days and the disability is due to psychiatric problems, mainly, then the person is entitled to the full sum Partial50%-66,9%1/2 of fullIf the disability is mainly due to psychiatric problems, they are entitled to ¾ of the full pension sum DEATH PENSION - Beneficiaries In case of death of the insured person or pensioner, death pension beneficiaries include: 1.The surviving spouse. We all want our homes to be a safe place. Mothers of Minors Prerequisite conditions: Age: 55 years. 92222, Kerkyra (Corfu) Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26610 88200, Lefkada Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26450 25371, Paxi Medical Centre, tel 26620 31466/31178, Zakynthos Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26950 59100, Aegio Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26910 22222, Kalavryta Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26920 22226, Patra, Agios Andreas Prefectural General Hospital, tel 2610 227000, Patra Prefectural General Paediatrics Hospital, tel 2610 622222, Rio University General Hospital, tel 2610 999111, Agrinio Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26410 57333, Mesolongi Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26310 57100, Tripoli, Panarkadiko Hospital, tel 2710 371700, Arta Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26810 22222, Drama Prefectural General Hospital, tel 25210 23351, Halkida Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22210 35100, Karystos Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22240 24004, Kymi Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22220 22332, Karpenissi Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22370 80680, Alexandroupolis Prefectural General Hospital, tel 25510 74000, Didymotiho Prefectural General Hospital, tel 25530 44100, Florina Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23850 22555, Amfissa Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22650 28888, Lamia Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22310 30121, 30111, Grevena Prefectural General Hospital, tel 24620 72400, Polygyros Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23710 20101, Amaliada Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26220 22222, Krestena Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26250 23500, Pyrgos Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26210 22222, Naoussa Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23320 22200, Veria Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23310 22082, Ioannina, Hatzikosta Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26510 80111, Ioannina University General Hospital, tel 26510 99111, Kavala Prefectural General Hospital, tel 2510 292000, Karditsa Prefectural General Hospital tel 24410 65555, Kastoria Prefectural General Hospital, tel 24670 55600, Goumenissa Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23430 42222, Kilkis Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23410 20400-10, Corinth Prefectural General Hospital, tel 27410 25711, Kozani Prefectural General Hospital, tel 24610 67600, Ptolemaida Bodosakio Hospital, tel 24630 54000, Molai Prefectural General Hospital, tel 27320 22922, Sparta Prefectural General Hospital, tel 2731 28671, Larissa Prefectural General Hospital, tel 2410 230031, Larissa University General Hospital, tel 2410 617000, Volos Prefectural General Hospital, tel 24210 39225, Kalamata Prefectural General Hospital, tel 27210 46000, Kyparissia Prefectural General Hospital, tel 27610 24051-3, Edessa Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23810 27442, Yiannitsa Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23820 56200, Katerini Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23510 57200, Preveza Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26820 46200, Komotini Prefectural General Hospital, tel 25310 22222, Serres Prefectural General Hospital, tel 23210 94500, Filiates Prefectural General Hospital, tel 26640 22203, Agios Dimitrios Hospital, tel 2310 203 121, AHEPA University Hospital, tel 2310 993 310, Trikala Prefectural General Hospital, tel 24310 23652-4, Livadia Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22610 20051, Thiva (Thebes) Prefectural General Hospital, tel 22620 24444, Xanthi Prefectural General Hospital, tel 25410 47100. tel 210 250 2100, Polikliniki 3 Piraeus, Athens 105 52 tel 210 527 6000, Sismanoglio 1 Sismanoglio, Maroussi 151 26 tel 210 803 9911, 210 613 Full old age pension to those insured in new areas or new occupational classes. PENSIONS The basic prerequisite conditions for entitlement to a pension are as follows: FULL OLD AGE PENSION 1. IKEA Limited is a company registered in England with its registered office at Floor 7, 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, MK9 1FH and company number … The Opening hours for all Stores and Pick Up & Order Points are: Criteria for inclusion in the scheme: the only prerequisite condition for an employee is to be a Greek citizen or of Greek origin. The contribution rates, as they stand today for the various sectors of employment, are as follows: IKA CONTRIBUTION RATE PERCENTAGES AS OF 1 January 94 (approved by IKA Administration, Act 75 / 95) Insurance BranchInsuredEmployerTotalMedical care in services and payments2.555.107.65Pension6.6713.3320Heavy & health- hazardous occupations2.201.403.60Ocupational hazard-11 Total11.4220.8332.25IKA - TEAM336 Total14.4223.8338.25HEAVY - TEAM1.250.752 Total15.6724.5840.25 IKA also collects contributions for the following branches of insurance, which are then passed on to the Organisations who are entitled to them: PERCENTAGES OF CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED FOR VARIOUS ORGANISATIONS AS OF 1 January 94 (approved by IKA Administration, Act 13 / 95) Organisation Insurance BranchInsuredEmployerTotalUnemployment1.332.674Military Service-11OAEDDLOEM112ELPEKE & LEPEE-0.450.45LPEaAE-0.150.15EKLA0.100.260.36Ergatiki Katikia (Council Homes)10.751.75Ergatiki Estia (Labourers’ Union) Special Self - Insurance Account Since this was established on 1 November 1990, it has been meeting pension scheme needs of various groups of uninsured men between 16 and 63 and uninsured women between 16 and 58. PENSION PAYMENT The above mentioned family members of the insured deceased person receive a Death Pension provided the deceased had completed: 1.

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