The easiest measurement of a battery is the voltage. Knowing how much power an electric motor uses is helpful when calculating the size of the wires and circuit breakers to use with the motor. Select either AC or DC current on the meter. Record the reading and compare it to the FLA listed on the motor. This is not a real problem if the meter can read negative. Check the casing of the motor for a small plate. There must be a way. The readings will fluctuate more with a load but you are looking for an average reading but you shouldn't see spikes above 10 amps. I thought your question was primarily where do you hook your leads up. Reinstall the drive belt, check tension and loosen the walking belt so the belt does not spin. Unless your meter is designed to only be used on AC or DC circuits, you'll need to select which one you're testing. How would blasting a barrage of arrows with heat affect the metal arrowheads? Thanks for contributing an answer to Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange! What is this torus wire coil next to dc motor? You will be redirected once the validation is complete. The service requires full cookie support in order to view this website. Read the multimeter display and then immediately remove the sensors from the AC motor. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Meteorological Society. This is the theoretical number of amps used by the motor. The motor will draw the minimum current this way. For example a 500-watt motor -- running on 50 volts -- will draw 10 amps. This process is automatic. DC/AC is not different per say, so the voltage to current ratio stays the same, your blower is fused at 30 amps so that means it could be drawing 26-30 amps i would say(for the question im sticking with 30a). Problems with Arduino PID tuning on DC motor. Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. How to find the sum of that series related to Legendre functions of the second kind? On some meters, both are fused. A motor with the same wattage -- running on 20 volts -- will use 25 amps. If it's below the range, get your motor checked as it may require maintenance such as new brushes. you should have a reading in the 6-8 amp range if the belt is good. Edit: All the pictures I have of it are in this page. Let the wheels freely rotate. If your going to spend all the money, you might as well spend it on what you need to go about it safely. Since you probably want variable drive and bi-directional, you want to drive the motor with a H bridge controlled by PWM from the micro. Thanks. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Start with the 1A scale. If it is a lead acid, zinc, or NiCad the voltage if carefully done gives information about the state of charge of a battery. Instead of trying to measure motor current while it's in the circuit, I would measure the motor by itself. I don't know what capabilities the arduino has, but there are real micros out there with PWM hardware specifically meant to drive such H bridges. The meter is trying to read in the negative direction because you got the hookup backwards. Calculate the amps used by dividing the wattage by the voltage. Voltmeter resistance should also be taken into account. Also there's a chance that the measurement activated fuses in the amperemeter. I guess details of where exactly you connect the ampermeter are important. Thanks for the help so far.

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