Many “expert” bloggers perpetuate the myth that “shorter is better,” that blog posts should never be more than 600 words long. 1 post a week means you’ve got 52 doorways at the end of the year – daily posts means 365 doorways at the end of the year. Nice stuff. In reality, most people write a whole bunch at the beginning because they’re excited about the new venture and then taper off. As a site owner, however, there are a few things you need to stay on top of right from the start. I’ve heard many people answer the ‘how many posts’ question with the suggestion that you should aim for a daily post. However, if you’re trying to create more engagement with your readers, try posting something short. Oh well. They don’t have to be letter-perfect or introduce you and your blog. If you have have been following for some time, will have noticed major changes in last few weeks. How big is your topic/niche – how much is there actually to write about on that topic? The last piece of advice I offer is to aim for regularity rather than daily. Get a nice, long list going. t.src=v;s=b.getElementsByTagName(e)[0]; Make money? Your content will take readers on a journey instead of being one-off posts they read whenever they remember. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tricky business, and while the rewards for getting it right can be extremely high, focusing too much on it can be a huge waste of time. Use this checklist to create enough content to launch your blog the right way and keep you writing fresh content regularly. WordPress Hosting, Training, and Incredible Personal Support. If you have trouble coming up with 30 ideas, it’s probably not a good idea for a blog niche. The only way you can get more readers, they say, is to write posts that are short and sweet. Each has different advantages depending on what you want to get out of your blog. Your blog posting frequency should come out of a variety of factors including: Keep in mind that over time your posting frequency may change. But most of all, remember to have fun! For a deeper dive into a blog launch, check out our post on the 47 things you need to do before launching a blog and best blogging platforms. Schedule them to be published automatically on your launch date. Blogging Tip: Want more shares on social media? And don’t forget to sign up to our email newsletter to get the latest blogging tips and updates! Many “expert” bloggers perpetuate the myth that “shorter is better,” that blog posts should never be more than 600 words long. Some bloggers just launched with one post, some launched with several. It’ll help you with that initial few posts and keep you moving forward so you’ll publish consistently in the future. How often do you write? Once you find what works for you, stick with it and make sure to have fun with it, because that’s what blogging is all about. So for this type of blog, you’re going to be posting very frequently. It’s really frustrating when 9 out of 10 “How To Start A Blog” articles on the internet are nothing more than affiliate marketers trying to sell you old-school web hosting like BlueHost and HostGator. 1? Of course this also depends on how and where else you’re engaging with your readers. Longer posts might not get a lot of comments, and they might even be shared slightly less than average on social media, but if you can wait until Google takes notice, you might just get lucky and see a big bump in search traffic. Required fields are marked *. Your blog posts now simply must address readers and their problems. Learn how your comment data is processed. Related to this, I’ve noticed when I slow my posting frequency down that comment numbers often go up. For more help in creating that content for your blog launch, we’ve created a checklist for you. The product offers that appear on the website are from respective hosting companies, plugin companies, and theme companies from which Blog Tyrant receives compensation. But don’t worry, there is a middle ground…the Ideal Blog Launch. How often you post to your blog depends a lot on what type of blog you actually have. Consistency is best when it comes to blogging. If they have already read everything they’re interested in and you don’t have new content for them to read then there’s a tendency that they will unfollow your blog. Is the quality of your posting suffering because you’re posting too often. Or even once a week. Slowing our blogging frequency down has led to a higher engagement, higher quality of posts (at least that’s our intent) and steady (if not slightly higher) traffic. To help you avoid these two extremes when you start your new blog, we summarized a few strategies you can use for your blog. We hope this post has taught you how much content you need to launch so you can set up your blog for success from the start. 47 things you need to do before launching a blog, 17 Best Ultra-Successful Blogs (Ideas You Can Steal), How to Use ‘Yes or No’ Email Popups (+Why You Should), How to Write a Newsletter That Gets Results (17 Tips), 7 Best WordPress Survey Plugins for Your Blog (2020), How to Do Keyword Research for Beginners (Step-by-Step), How to Embed a YouTube Playlist on Your WordPress Blog. It’ll help get it indexed by search engines and showing up in search results. The editorial wordpress plugin has been my go-to tool for years! For example, if you have a gossip blog, you may need to post daily, several times a day and any time there is breaking news or gossip that you need to cover. Wow, this is really interesting and very useful post, thanks for sharing. Consider rewriting them with new information, visuals and related posts. And those posts must be engaging. Black Friday Blogging Deals – Believe the Hype! How to calculate how many blog posts to have for launch. If you have a seasonal type of blog, such as a gardening blog, you may want to post very frequently during the spring and summer and then back off some and post less frequently during the winter when far less people are planting and harvesting. The frequency of blog posts is something that gets talked about a lot and there is no perfect answer for all blogs – but here are a few thoughts on the topic. The more posts you publish over time, the more doorways you present readers with to enter your blog. This is what I have been looking for straight to the point and super informative for a first time blogger! How old is your blog? Also, be sure to use my coupon code to get 25 percent off: WritePractice25. My favorite tool that helps find grammar problems and even generates reports to help improve my writing is ProWritingAid. If you can only come up with 10 ideas at first, it’s going to affect your posting schedule – you don’t want to post every single day and then run out of ideas in ten days. Not posting too much also poses a threat on your blog. Get the personal help and support you need to survive and thrive online! The ideal blog launch includes the right combination of topic research, keyword planning, and blog post work. DISCLAIMER: We make great efforts to maintain reliable data on all offers presented. But then I found out the source of all the new attention was a guest post written nearly two years before. Type your blog idea into the search box and see what auto-complete options it gives you. After you come up with 30 topics, keep this list handy going forward as you’ll add to it whenever you come across a good idea. So, here’s the takeaway: if you’re running a large database-style news site, you should have as many categories as you need, as long as you have at least 10-20 posts in that category. Established blogs with plenty of content should focus less on how much new content they can create, and more on updating and optimizing their current content. Posting something new, engaging, compelling and helpful every day over several years can, over time, begin to feel like a chore – particularly if you have competing pressures of life (family, work, social life etc). That’s why having a few posts ready to go as drafts is vital before you launch. How much money does it cost to start a blog? But, you don’t need 20 blog posts ready to go either. Can I actually stick to a frequent posting schedule? So, take a calendar and plot out the posts you’ll write each week. We recommend you start by publishing once a week, so you develop the habit of writing regularly, and the Google search bot comes more frequently to your new blog. What factors come into play for you in deciding how many posts per week is right for you? First, take 10 minutes and come up with 30 blog post ideas. Well… it depends. How thirsty are they for content? Blogging tip: Want more comments on your blog? any beginner bloggers wonder about how much content they should have ready when they launch their blog. Most bloggers go through bursts where they just naturally have more to write. Currently reading: Blogging 101: How Many Blog Posts Should You Have For Launch? Here on “That Work” – SLG we never switched from 18 posts in a week one week to 5 the next – it’s ebbed and flowed very gradually over time. “How many blog posts should I start with? Here’s a great example from the food blog, My Creative Expression: Online tools like Canva have templates that make it easy to create social media images, while a scheduling tool like Buffer Pro can help schedule your posts in advance and save you time. How long is the average blog post, you generally write? You can write article headlines or just simple ideas if you want, but the point here is to see how many articles you can come up with in the beginning. Check out our ProWritingAid Review. Whether you’re posting once a month, once a week or every day, the most important thing is that you are consistent with your posting. Your earning potential as a blogger is entirely dependent upon you and your efforts to become successful. Not a fancy app, just a good workhorse that gets the job done. So be consistent. To create a content calendar, you can use: By this point, you’ll have created enough content to launch your blog and get it out there. Also remember that YOU as a blogger are probably a lot more worried about your posting frequency than your reader. And others will tell you that they wish they would have launched their blog sooner instead of writing a ton of content beforehand. Do you prefer to prepare an in-depth article? How frequently you love to write an article? Medium length posts are also pretty good for SEO and for generating discussion. You write and publish a bunch of posts at the start and then taper off as you run out of ideas and energy. I've …, See All The Ways I Can Help You... about BlogPress Individual Coaching and Training, Get Started WithOur FREE 5-Day Blogging Crash Course. You are about to finish the blog post that you believe will be a blast (well, good luck with that), but you have this question that no one can give you a right answer: how many images should you use in it? What’s your end goal for the blog? One of the best things you can do to feature your content well is host your blog on a professional platform. It’s important that you consider yourself and your own site when setting up a schedule that works. Thanks for making such detalied e book on blogging . We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves as bloggers. Join our 30,000+ email subscribers for blog updates and get instant access to a 10,000-word guide on how to start a blog and build a sustainable business using keyword research, Google traffic, and a lot of tested strategies. Some bloggers get fancy and use a WordPress plugin to track it, but even a paper calendar will do.

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