They are inflexible so they are more difficult to store or transport than a soft case. The Pro-Max Takedown Shotgun case is apt for take-down firearms and to provide security and comfort. In its package, you will get silica gel canister, a waterproof accessory box and a lot of other things that you might need. We carry the best tactical rifle cases and AR-15 cases from the most popular manufacturers like Allen, BLACKHAWK! Some double soft rifle cases are equipped with shoulder straps for carrying your gear longer distances. A one-way valve releases any pressure build up caused by heat increase or changes in altitude while flying. Mossy Oak’s Stillwater rifle case, made of polyester, is rugged and lightweight. Economy AR Pistol Case Storage: The storage capacity of the gun case for a single gun or for many guns has to be considered. It is a great fit for your rifle; therefore, you will not have any problem fitting in there. 99 - $51.74 $ 51 . The NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Case is ideal for the shooter or hunter who just wants a quality soft case without investing a lot of money. Parts labor and shipping included. Thanks, * As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is what makes it able to withstand use and abuse whenever one is on the go. Plano 10470 Gun Guard SE Single Rifle Case Review, 6. I learned that finding the best case to fit your rifle can be a frustrating and time-consuming undertaking. It also adds an extra layer of padding while stored in your soft case. Embroidered with the popular VooDoo Tactical logo, this is a double rifle soft case you will be proud to own. Copyright © 2019 Tac One Sprots, All right reserved. They are NOT TSA compliant and simply will not protect your rifle and scope from the all-to-often heavy gorilla handling typically associated with the airline industry. Let's see some criteria that you should look for in a rifle case: Preference to durability: The durability of the gun cases have to be given top priority. THIS CASE IS MADE IN CHINA. Updated hourly. The scopes have 52m objective lenses which make the job that much more challenging. If the guns are taken to the shooting club, it does not require much protection as much as taking them to the woods. The  46″ size will accommodate larger scoped hunting, tactical rifles such as FAL, M-1 Garand, M-14, and shotguns up to 45″ inches in length plus 2 pistols. If you own an expensive rifle and scope build and want the maximum protection your best option is a hard shell rifle case. Plano Pro-Max Single Scope Contoured Rifle Case Review, 2. Pelican rifle cases have a great reputation in the market, of being strong and ultra durable. Whether you are planning that once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip or heading out of town to a shooting competition, you will appreciate being able to pull your prized possession along instead of carrying it. 1/2″ thick to protect your rifle and scope. Pelican cases and backpacks, provide rugged protector cases. Whether you need a tactical rifle case or want to go with a durable military type double rifle case we have you covered. This is a great case that has been designed to withstand extreme conditions. From the review, Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case w/Wheels is an amazing choice to go for. Finding the best case for your rifle depends on the type of rifle you have and what you intend to do with your rifle. Its inbuilt pressure equalization valve will help in case of changing altitudes. Each model is thoughtfully designed for maximum functionality and overall utility. It comes with a dimension of 3.8 X 53.6 X 13 inches. The lining is easy to clean and has oversized lockable zippers that are easy to open. Economy AR Case with Pre-Cut HDPE Mil-std Foam $ 69.00. Each case has functionally attractive and appropriate camo coloration depending on model. We Got Everything What You Need. This DOES NOT change the price you would pay. It is provided with airtight shields too as well as Dri-Loc Seal. The shotgun fits with its scope in the case. More often than not companies do not provide the important details in their description you should know. You may also go through into those circumstances and definitely now you are looking for the best rifle case for your firearm. These cases are water resistant but NOT waterproof or floatable. And you don’t have to carry along a separate case for your pistols. The soft gun or rifle cases are lightweight and perfect for hunting trips. Allen Company is a USA manufacture of shooting and hunting gear since 1970. When compared to other higher priced cases the VISIM Double looks just as good and does just as good a job of protecting your firearms, for less money. If you plan on flying a soft rifle case will not work for you. A TSA Airline approved rifle hard case is designed to withstand the abuse of the airline baggage handling crew (in most cases; no pun intended). The hard case can be waterproof, airtight, and have other handy features. Rifle bags and gun bags from Barska come in protective hard cases that are watertight and crushproof. $149.99 #14. The inside of the case is high density foam that is meant to keep your gun safe from any kind of impact. The case has been constructed using strong and durable resin. The shooting bags and range bags can store all the gun range needs that are required. Smith and Wesson pistols are perfect for accuracy and stopping power and have to be well-protected for perfection. There are other products from Plana such as the Gun Guard, SE Single rifle case, the Pro Max Double Scoped case, the AW XL Pistol, and accessories case in black. Because they are soft and flexible, they will fit in almost any space that’s large enough to accommodate them. It has customized foam inserts and has draw-down secure latches. It can be carried either by using the handle provided or by using it in a backpack style. Flambeau Safe Shot Econ Single Case Hard Sided Review, 8. I used some of them including Plano Pro-Max Scope rifle case and got excellent service. This is the kind of case that can give your rifle full protection as it is also waterproof, crushproof as well as dust proof. Top of the line. What is the Best Scope Leveling Tool for your Rifle? The main compartment will hold 2 scoped rifles from 34” long up to 53” in length (allowing 1” per end). Some can weigh up to 28 lbs. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Allen Co. makes some of the best moderately priced soft rifle cases for hunters currently available. Once I was traveling to Virginia with my gun and then I realize the necessity of a perfect rifle case. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Water may corrode and make the firearms unusable. Hard Shell and Soft Rifle Cases –  Waterproof and TSA Airline Approved! Handguns, pistols, and revolvers are various types of firearms available for easy handling. Eventually, I found the best cases for my own requirements. The interior of the case is lined with heavy-duty, dual-density foam for maximum protection. Pelican Storm iM3410 Scoped SINGLE Rifle Hard Shell Case, Vault by Pelican – V770 SINGLE Rifle Hard Case, Plano ProMax PillarLock SINGLE Rifle Case, Boyt H51 Hard-Sided DOUBLE Scoped Rifle Case, Plano AW DOUBLE Scoped Rifle Case 108191, w/ Wheels, Flambeau Outdoors 6499NZ Safe Shot DOUBLE Rifle Case, Boyt Harness Signature Series SINGLE Scoped Rifle Case, Allen Co Gear Fit Pursuit Series Soft Scoped Rifle Cases, NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded SINGLE Rifle Case, VooDoo Tactical Weapons Padded DOUBLE Long Rifle Case, Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical DOUBLE Rifle/Pistol Soft Case, TSA and Airline Guidelines for Transporting Firearms and Ammo, Boyt Harness Signature Series Single Scoped Rifle Case w/ Pocket, Allen Co. Gear Fit Pursuit Series Soft Scoped Rifle Cases, NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case w/ External Magazine Pockets, VooDoo Tactical Weapons Padded Double Long Rifle Case, Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Long Rifle/Pistol Soft Case, IRON JIA’S Waterproof Long Rifle Soft Tactical Dry Floating Case, ← Best Way to Determine Scope Ring Height.

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