I’ve edited out the first part (since this is, after all, a blog about soap trivia). Subject: RE: Grandma's Lye Soap From: jeanenepratt Date: 28 Jul 01 - 03:15 AM The song is sung on an old comedy record called "In The Book," which is a parody of an old time preacher. Then it was cut into bars and used for about anything you can think of! The ash was heated until it became white, and was then mixed with water. Ingredients: Lard (food grade), Water (aqua), & Sodium Hydroxide (lye). Our Lye Soap is handcut and there will be rough and uneven edges due to the unpredictable texture of the natural fat - it will not have smooth edges like our vegetable oil soaps. The first part of it is a parody of Little Bo Peep in the form of a Southern Revival sermon, the second part is a song, called “Grandma’s Lye Soap”. Br Brso we'll now sing the second verse. Mrs. O’Malley, out in the valley, Suffered from ulcers, I understand, She swallowed a cake of Grandma’s Lye Soap, Has the cleanest ulcers in the land! But she took along her vegetable compound, Hark, how the Herald Angels sing! According to who you talk to, you'll hear of amazing claims of the usefulness of Grandma's old fashioned lye soap. Sign me up for notifications of new blog posts. My site has Google Ads on the sides and within mosts posts. CHORUS: O sing, O sing of Grandmas Lye Soap Good for everything, everything in the home, The pots and pans, the dirty dishes- And for your hands, and for your face. Amazon Affiliate Links. The song was GRANDMA'S LYE SOAP. I am not an attorney, and so can’t offer “legal advice”. I know from practical experience that the secret is not in the scrubbing: it's in the soap!Do you remember Grandma's Lye Soap, Good for everything in the home, And the secret was in the scrubbing, It wouldn't suds, and wouldn't foam, Oh, let us sing right out (sing out!) Music is a mystery for people who play it, write it, listen to it, and write about it. Lyr Req: Grandma's Lysol? "You remember Grandma's Lye soap, Good for everything in the home - And the secret was in the scrubbing -It wouldn't suds, and couldn't foam! Just pure soap. Soap making was a big deal back in the old farm days of Americana. The song is based upon a real person, a Mrs. Billy Clark of Simpson, Saskatchewan. For pots and pans, and dirty dishes, And for your hands, And for your face! It is still made, even today, and sold through various retail and online outlets. He could barely say a word. Thought I'd pass it on. Oh, Uncle Paul, he was so small. Poor Lydia died and went to heaven. Weston Milmoe. I have read and agree to the [He uses Little Bo Peep as a text for his sermon and for scriptural reading uses the text, "Esau is an hairy man while I … Verse: Little Herman and brother Thurman Had an aversion to washing their earsGrandma scrubbed them with the lye soap Now they haven't heard a word in years! A lady named Gwen had no children. Comment Report abuse. Thank you for letting me relive the fun I had listening to it when it first came out. Johnny Hammer, had a terrible stammer. Anyway, the song comes from a popular comedy record by Johnny Standley called "It's in the Book" (1952) which incorporated the song. I am not an attorney, and so can’t offer “legal advice”. Johnny Standly had a mega hit song called “It’s In The Book”. ROUSING CHORUS (often accompanied by clapping and dancing) O Sing, O sing! 'Til they gave her vegetable compound, Now she delivers twice a year. All the church bells they did ring. No proof of the fact, just the say so of an 82 year old man, but he is not the sort to tell porkers. After the mixture was cooked, it was often poured into a metal pan to dry and harden - a process that often took 2-4 weeks or more. GRANDMA'S Pure Soap (Lye soap), 1.5 oz. Privacy Policy. Johnny Standly had a mega hit song called “It’s In The Book”. Although its therapeutic effects were never substantiated by medical proof, her product gained popularity among women, many of whom hesitated to consult male physicians about "female problems." Listen to Grandma’s Lye Soap (mp3 file – most computers should be able to play it). What I have tried to do is provide is detailed information concerning existing regulations which you can use to decide what you want to do with y our labels or good manufacturing practices. Join the Detergent-FREE generation. Grandma’s Lye Soap (1952) April 28, 2009. Verse: Mrs. O'Malley, down in the valley Suffered from ulcers, I understand Swallowed a cake of Grandma's Lye Soap- Has the cleanest ulcers in the land! In the 1920s, federal requlations caused both the product's claims and its alcohol content to be reduced.]. Pots and pans, the dirty dishes, For your hands and for your face. The resulting liquid was then processed to make lye. Lye Soap comes in a big 5-6 ounce chunk you can grate for laundry or whatever your little heart desires. The amount of lye used determined the strength (or harshness) of the soap. Besides labeling and GMP information, I also post information about my life and travels, which is provided for general interest and amusement. 'Til they gave him vegetable compound, And in a week he almost drowned. / Grandma's Lye Soap, Lyr Req: Grannie's Lye Soap? And for your hands and for your face! bar lasts several uses. Nothing on this site should be construed as advice- legal or otherwise - for your particular situation (which I know nothing about). O! What I have tried to do is provide detailed information concerning existing regulations which you can use to decide what you want to do with your labels or good manufacturing practices. My books are sold on Amazon, so if you click a link to buy my one of my books on Amazon, I will get a small referral fee. New Year's Rant on the Simultaneous Rarity and Ple... Billevesees (not updated since February 2018, but loaded with great posts), Con Spirito (not updated since 2017, but a few thoughtful posts are worth reading), The Big List of Classical Music Blogs (last updated in 2015, but still useful), Thea Derks (some posts in Dutch, some in English), Brass Chicks: a place where women kick brass, Historical Political Songs (Parlor Songs), Thematic Catalog (a catalog of music I have written), Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Just to be completely up front, I get small payments when you click certain links on my site. Within the text of my pages, sometimes I will recommend an item I found at Amazon. The whole performance was a spoof of a revivalist church service. In this day and age, only an attorney can tell you whether or not you are following the law/regulations - and even then sometimes it has to be decided by a court or government official. We have an old black and white photo of the Clark house, which was originally my father-in-law's home, but the family lost the house to unpaid taxes and it was purchased by said lye soap lady. No detergents, dyes, fragrance or other additives. B He was the shortest man in town. http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Corridor/5109/Novcont.html. Yes, I do have the whole thing. Is this what music is supposed to be about? For Grandma's Lye Soap, Sing it out, all over the place! FDA Warning Letters: Products Containing CBD. I hope and pray that they never change the formula. Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2020. Helpful. She was barren we did fear. In this day and age, only an attorney can tell you whether or not you are following the law/regulations - and even then sometimes it has to be decided by a court or government official. [Lydia Pinkham (1819-1883) was an American proprietor who claimed that her Vegetable Compound, a blend of herbs and 18% alcohol, could cure any "female complaint" from nervous prostration to a prolapsed uterus. I've seen several requests on the internet from people requesting the words, but have not found any who have had success in finding the words. I have links to my books on my website and occasionally recommend (and link to) items I found at Amazon. Brlet's get it with great exuberance, let's live … There they gave him vegetable compound, Now he's emperor of Rome.

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