Fencing becomes a form of self-expression for the children, and Endel becomes a role model and father figure. Selle lehekülje viimane muutmine: 14:41, 25. september 2020. Hiljem asutas Endel Nelis vehklemisklubi En Garde, mis tegutseb siiani. Carlos Saura •Thanks to Sasha Berman, Shotwell Media, for arranging this interview.•. DT: You chose not to reveal that the story was based on a real-life person, Endel Nelis, until the end of the film. John Ivory Screenwriter Abi Morgan (The Invisible Woman) John Boorman He doesn’t enjoy it particularly—he’s a loner because he needs to protect himself. When I make a movie, I really, really try to look for ways to tell the story without words, and to come across with whatever the film is about without overexplaining it. It was really frightening to see how this Estonian crew two generations, three generations later, were on their toes. There are always a number of details that you want to get into the film, but they will weaken the film. For a year she was looking for these children, going to schools, going to dancing clubs. It was great to hear their perspective about the film. You never know with children—they might perform, and they might not. When it came to the children, we had a casting director. That’s such a beautiful picture. The site's critical consensus reads, "The Fencer's inspirational coming-of-age arc is given added heft through sensitive direction, affecting performances, and a moving, fact-based story. In the middle of all this beauty you have this sorrow, this memory of these events, and you can see it in people’s faces, their expressions turning from relaxed to a tense awareness of what’s going on. KH: It’s always easy to see afterwards what we’re doing in the present. KH: We thought a lot about that. They will not strengthen the film. I could recommend him to any American or European director because he’s a fantastic coworker. He needed to know the choreography for those scenes so he could be a believable teacher. Miguel Gomes A young man, Endel Nelis, arrives in Haapsalu, Estonia (then part of the Soviet Union) in the early 1950s, having left Leningrad to escape the secret police. He’ll do whatever it takes to do his part. There, under an assumed name, he establishes a fencing school for the children, many of whom have been orphaned by the Soviet occupiers. •Availability: Opens July 21, NYC, August 11, L.A., with national rollout to follow. Frederick Wiseman Diane Kurys Claude Lanzmann Screenwriter Paul Laverty (The Angels' Share) They were really taking this from their own experience and their own memory. He learns to love the children, many of whom have been orphaned. Mart Avandi, the actor who played Endel Nelis, didn’t know fencing from before. DT: Did you consult with anybody from Endel’s fencing club? When we were looking for financing, quite a lot of financiers were concerned that the film wasn’t threatening enough, wasn’t dangerous enough. We Finns didn’t always see it; we would look at the events in Russia and say, “Well, if this happens it will be like this, but on the other hand maybe it will go like that.” We looked at it as something to discuss, but for the Estonians it was really close. Nelise tuntumad õpilased on Olev Piirsalu, Rein Kamarik, Boris Joffe, Valeri Rossar, Kaido Kuur, Peeter Nelis, Andres Lipstok ja Ants Veetõusme. We were looking at a place where every grown-up person has some kind of recollection or understanding of what this is about; even if you haven’t lived this situation, you still have some experience of fear of some sort, whether it’s firsthand or secondhand. We wanted the feeling of oppression to be really subtle so the people who know what it’s about will recognize this feeling. To scope out an actor you want to see, you have to go to the theater. KH: That was a hard one because Estonia is such a small country. Volker Schlondorff They were reading the script, they were reading words on paper, saying, “Maybe this should be more graphic. He’s that kind of guy. Why? [1], Pärast Tartu Riikliku Ülikooli lõpetamist suunati ta Haapsallu, kus ta alustas kehalise kasvatuse õpetaja ja vehklemistreeneri tööd.[2]. They had to go into intensive training for the film, and that was true for the main character as well. That particular night, that dark night, was one of the first scenes with the young boy who plays his grandson, a very sensitive scene. Of course they were really happy the film was made. Whatever he does he does 110 percent. Atiq Rahimi I asked the young man who was driving me around, “How come?” He said, “This is in memory of the first night when thousands of Estonians were taken from their homes one beautiful summer evening.” Tens of thousands of people were taken from their homes to some far-away place in Siberia; again and again people were taken from their homes. Whenever an actor says, “Can we leave this line out?” I’m so happy. Afterwards I sat down to talk with them, and it was really rewarding. I figured they would on the silver screen as well. Whatever I’d say today, I’d probably be wrong, but whenever you live where suspicion and prejudice grow, we’re easily back in this sort of situation where you look around and can’t trust anyone and realize you can’t live in society. A young man, Endel Nelis, arrives in Haapsalu, Estonia (then part of the Soviet Union) in the early 1950s, having left Leningrad to escape the secret police. I chose not to talk with them before shooting the film in order to keep the focus on the drama of the story. Of course the people were different, the situations were different, but what are our fears? I’ve done historical films before. Disapproving, the school's principal starts investigating Endel’s background. Following the war, the Soviets incorporated Estonia into the USSR. The Fencer (Finnish: Miekkailija, Estonian: Vehkleja)[2] is a 2015 internationally co-produced drama film adapted from the life story of Endel Nelis, an accomplished Estonian fencer and coach. Sound engineer Ben Burtt (Star Wars), Judy Gelman Myers: Based on the true story of Endel Nelis, whose fencing club still exists to this day. Meanwhile, Endel's friend (and coach) Aleksei warns him not to return to Leningrad under any circumstances. When it came to the little children, I didn’t have a common language with them, and that was the challenge there. Wim Wenders, Film critic Andrew Sarris: A tribute When the children saw Endel being taken away, they didn’t say, as an American kid would, “What’s happening?” These children understood exactly what was happening. Benjamin Avila Paolo Taviani They told me, “Look, we know what this is about,” and I trusted them. Cristian Mungiu I chose not to talk with them so I wouldn’t be emotionally involved with what went on in real life and  wouldn’t be able to tell the story in the best way. He finds work as a teacher and founds a sports club for his students, where he starts teaching them his great passion – fencing. Just when he begins to think he can have a normal life in this tiny Estonian town, the children beg him to take them to the national fencing competition in Leningrad, unknowingly forcing Endel to choose between his own fate and the trust they’ve found in his care. KH: That was the intention of the writer, which I thought was an intelligent one because we have taken some liberties with the story. [Our film] would not be something that turns people away, something they wouldn’t see because it’s so disgusting. DT:  In a very quiet, personal way, you captured the fear of people living in Soviet-occupied countries. It probably happened over the course of a decade, while in the film we had to speed it up. One night, we were shooting the scene where the grandfather is being taken away. Jean-Jacques Annaud One really nice thing…you can imagine it’s 2016, the film is an official selection for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, the cold war has ended and the Soviets have left Estonia. They weaken it because you’ll end up with a docudrama rather than a drama. KH: For this film I was the pupil and these Estonian actors were the teachers. That really struck me—for three or four hours I didn’t understand what they were saying, but they left an impression. Endel Nelis (28. september 1925 Karuse vald, Läänemaa – 12. aprill 1993 Haapsalu) oli eesti vehklemistreener. They see so few movies. There had recently been novels concerning the occupation in this part of the world, really graphic in their description of everything that could go on—everything perverse and really harsh. Endel Nelis (28. september 1925 Karuse vald, Läänemaa – 12. aprill 1993 Haapsalu) oli eesti vehklemis treener. DT: You mentioned “people who know what it’s about.”  I was struck by how much you could see this in the actors’ faces, especially the children. When you just read the words, it may be hard to imagine, but when you see it on film, it’s so clear from the acting what’s going on, even without words. DT: As you mentioned before, you also captured Endel’s longing for a normal life. When it comes to the point where there’s no one to trust, no one to rely on, but you need…  It’s just each one looking after themselves and asking the question, Is there a way out of this crap, this loneliness?

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