I swam widths and lengths, more of a widths person myself… It used to be, “Well, we’re going to go swimming. I mean, dogs just eat anything, dogs go… (mimes dog eating with both hands, very quickly) And you say, “Is that new and improved? People go around on clipboards, going, “Yes, you’ve got a machine, well done… And the machine… would you like to sign on that? Come on, you bastards! (mimes vampire holding clipboard, trying to question people), And also I think a few other things should work with vampires, like a chainsaw – that should really work. Alexander. They say they’re calling out the plasterers to prayer…”. Bollocks means testicles, so the dog’s bollocks are the dog’s testicles but it is good. Now stay… sta… hello? I’m not upset by that!” But if you hold your thumb up above it, it’s a cross, which means it’s a shape, so fingers should work! I would be a liberal, but the image of a liberal is sort of – because left and right have been in power for a long time in Britain, the image of a liberal is one of, “Oh… I’m not sure, and you’re…? Pope Pius IV – This time he’s pissed off. Sometimes they just come in, just like gunslingers. ”Good afternoon, I’m a bastard.” You go, ”Oh, can’t talk…” But now, if you’re a bastard, people go, ”That’s quite sexy.” At school, all the kids go, ”Hello. There are no balls in Antarctic, the Arctic, the Isle of Tarctic Tantartartic, Articartic, Lartarcati…. I believe they’re philosophies with some fucking weird ideas. 31 Oct. 2020. That is shit, isn’t it? ”And we call you British people the rosbifs ”and that’s very funny.” So…huge war of words and the whole hatred thing between the English and the French, it was dug up again. Steamboat Willie! We truly appreciate your support. I’ll put it in the garage. ”What do you want, you weird bleeders?” But there must have been a Death Star canteen, a cafeteria downstairs, in between battles, where Darth Vader could just chill. ”What’s it like being a human?” ”Pretty good.” ”Can l have a banana?” ”No, l have no bananas. “Well, I’ll have an ‘H’ wash – want an ‘H’ wash.” And you stuff it all in, and once you get the stuff going there’s a pair of socks coming, “Sorry, we’re late! Cats have a thumb half way up their leg, don’t they? That Pope has been renamed Pope Shit-For-Brains IX. ”Like that? This is the bracket. So I’m into ideas, this is my thing, because you’ve got to be if you deal with this. And there’s auctioneers out in the countryside, in the cattle markets. “Captain, it’s Starfleet Command on finger three.” (swiveling around in chair and switching fingers) “It’s the Klingons on finger two, Captain. l’m your boss!” ”You’re Mr Stevens?” ”Who is Mr Stevens?” ”He’s Head of Catering.” ”I am not Head of Catering! ”I was in one of my things.” Then it all bottomed out with the Renaissance. All material for educational and non-profit purposes only. You shove them in there, and then you take them out, put them to the side… “Actually, that would be fine in there… Maybe not… No, I’ve washed them a few times now…” And for a couple of days, you just go back and forth, and then you shove it all in. Four years of war. And…so I can’t tell you here, cos l don’t do active research, I do passive research. I have no ability to do that, Captain. You start off in Athens, where a joint is lit. [Imitates speeding car] ”Was that God?” Yeah. . Here we go… (mimes putting on helmet and jumping) “Oh, belly flop!” No, not all things, but I just notice this fear thing. It’s fucking freezing in here! If you get ten runners who are off their faces, it’d be great. ”Go, Mo! In Northern Ireland, Protestants and Catholics were going – the IRA – ”If you just sign your name on the declaration, ”we will be taking our hands off the guns right now, ”if you just put your signature there.” ”We will sign this paper if you will take your hands away from the guns. Christ, Spock! He’s from Judea, dark-skinned man such as we.” ”Really? Thank you. ”Sorry, Dad, they’re very noisy up here in heaven. Four Victorian people saying, (as James Mason) “Let’s go to Castle Dracula in Transylvania for no reason at all. No one’s thrown a banjo to a tiger. (singing mock Gregorian chant) It really never kicks in as a music, does it? Yeah… And he agreed, he is a bloke in a dress. The cat’s eaten the Delethian Crystals, you see, and it’s coughing up fur balls, and…” He could never do anything! Anyway, Jesus, the historical figure, who was called Joshua by Joseph, by the people, Jesus was the Greek name or something. (singing) We make chutney all day… It’s an earwig’s life, ain’t it? ”You’re gonna celebrate your death on a different year each year ”depending on where the moon is. Science fiction writers write it down, then it becomes films and it all comes to pass. Years of hard training as a street performer. Town Hall, New York City, 26 June 2000. An evening with Eddie Izzard in which he moves back and forth in time, with religion as the loose but constant theme. ”That’s the big bang! These have been done by Donald Pleasance, so they should be good. A big, fucking gun. When they’re shouting at you, “Oy, darling! That’s the trick. Absolutely not! ”And you, I don’t know what you’ve done, ”you cook it really badly, you know? Being complete bastards. Too many steering wheels… but you never saw them in the morning, when they came in to the starship Enterprise, going, “Oh, get the engine on, Chekov! ”I have to talk with my hand now. His comedic style takes the form of rambling, whimsical monologue, and self-referential pantomime. I haven’t got a garage.”. ”Then l did the Last Supper, gave them some wine, said it was my blood.” ”You said what?” ”’This wine is my blood.’ I was trying to make a ceremony.” ”But that’s vampirism. Behind him, the man was driving. Now the phasers were just there; you just had two settings – kill or stun, but it should have been a much more amazing weapon, ‘cause they had very advanced technology. No one can live at that speed!”. ”They’re drowning? – [Voice from audience] Who? No! No, it’s not His fault.” ”Er, yeah. Erm… All the weavers got it. And also I think we’ve all been thinking this without actually sort of consciously bringing it forward; when you watch this film, you think, “Does fingers work?” Just doing the sign of the cross with your fingers- do you have to have a cross with you, or can you just do that? Live in the sky, die in a window, yes…”Whereas we just got planes going straight into a cliff, or something, which is much more healthy. They take off out of the water, fly along, but they don’t have feet; they can’t walk on the ground, they don’t go and perch up on trees and stuff, so once it’s up in the air, they go… (mimes flying) “Fancy a swim?” Strange! In the south of England, the word is ”bar-stard” but in the north it’s ”ba-stard” and it’s much better to say ”ba-stard”. Lost them all. Hit him with a bucket!” (bonk) It’s not really what you want, isn’t it? ”What do you want? Vampirism and cannibalism right at the beginning… ”And you died on Easter, the biggest pagan ceremony in the history of ever! You and me…” And if one woman ever did say, “Okay, let’s go now!” I think that would totally freak him out. Women wear whatever they want now, they have total clothing allowance, which is groovy; and so women wear what they want, and so do I! ”If you’d just swing the fucking cameras over, the lads would like to give a wave. ”Ninth day, rested, cos I’d just made a world, you know? The first version of the Mona Lisa was much more… Happy Lisa!

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