Tell us little more about your I started by applying a thin even coating of thermal compound to the power resistor bases. A visual check should be made for oil and fuel leaks, and any abnormal noises should be investigated. Rated from 0 to 500 MHz, th... Ameritron ADL-1500 Dummy Loads allow you to run the maximum legal limit of 1,500 watts for a full five minutes! Going back to the derating curve I found that this is still only about 18% of the recommend surface area for a derating of about 51%. Load Box and DI. Power factor of welding machines ranges from 50% to 70%, are furnaces from 80% to 90%, and induction furnaces from 60% to 70%. By using our site you agree to our. Frankly I was expecting these heat sinks to provide a much larger boost than they did. The unit should be run for 30 to 40 minutes under actual load, and all weekly-check items observed. I haven't manage to blow them up yet. It has a strong lightweight aluminum construction. This is a take-off on a Dummy load that I've built in many different forms over the years. You have inspired me to make a big power resistor. With a resistance/reactance load bank (dummy load), inductance and resistance are selected to yield a value of impedance that collectively exposes the engine and generator to the loading that they will experience in service. NO ADDITIONAL COST: You pay $0 for repairs – parts, labor and shipping included. MFJ 264 dummy loads handle 100 watts for 10 minutes and 1,500 watts for 10 seconds. The interesting thing is that using two loads in parallel (4-ohm configuration) or two loads is series (16-ohm configuration) raises the total power per channel to 44.8W. Technically, there really isn't much to this speaker load box project. If I only use two of the four load resistors, I can assume 12% of the required heat sink area. Note. This is about 6% of the required surface area. Be sure to follow the chart guidelines for how many seconds this dummy load can handle a certain amount of watts. Dummy load resistors are commercially available, but they are very expensive at the power rating needed for this project. Robstafarian said: Yes, that … Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Sold by Zbeem and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Please try your search again later. EASY CLAIMS PROCESS: File a claim anytime online or by phone. Handles 100 Watts for 10 minutes, 1500 Watts for 10 seconds. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Superbat UHF Male PL-259 to UHF Male PL-259 Low Loss Digital Coax UHF Jumper Cable (12 inches RG58…, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The best thing to do is build an 8Ω load box which can handle a lot of power, something like 150–200W. From the power equation: R = E²/W = 120²/1800 = 8 Ω . Engine safety shutdown systems are not subjected to actual operating conditions, and are therefore not fully tested. That will allow you to use that some load with pretty much any amp, as most amps which do not support all three common cab impedances support either 8Ω and 4Ω or 16Ω and 8Ω outputs. I'm to dumb for those fancy gadgets.This is mine. Polyphase induction motors have power factors ranging from 50% to 90%, with the lower power factors applying to smaller and lower-speed motors. This makes accurate calculations particularly problematic since we don't have max element temperature ratings and thermal resistances for the resistor cases. Weekly test operation under no-load or light-load conditions does not permit engine fluids to attain proper operating temperature. A "Dummy"Load would be a fancy looking empty box! It's worth keeping an eye out for 'old school', (school sometime literally), linear slider lab rheostats. This being the case, I chose what I thought was a reasonable resistor; a chassis mount, wire wound power resistor with a "50W" rating. Then I started to look at the resistor data sheet. They make excellent resistive loads. Keep posting. thermal grease to the heat sinks. I am using this dummy load for testing my ham radio equipment. If I want a 4-ohm dummy load, I connect the second resistor in parallel with clip leads. Test your transmitter the proper way—with a dummy load from DX Engineering! Their failure to perform properly when pressed into service is almost always accompanied by actual or potentially dangerous conditions and/or significant financial loss. Four would be required. My first though was to simply mount four of these to the heavy plate paint the top black and assemble the unit. Consider one of these Diamond Antenna DL30 Series Compact Dummy Loads. So apparently my 50W resistor is only a 50W resistor when connected to a bare aluminum heat sink with a total surface area of 291 square inches. These 25 holes are the equivalent of a 1.2 square inch hole in the base plate. This 50 ohm dummy load has saved me many hours of troubleshooting misery by providing not only a dummy load but also a good 50 ohm termination for checking coaxial cable and RF circuit paths in general. But, as I looked at a piece of heavy aluminum plate stock sitting on my workbench, I decided that I could do better; and make it look better at the same time. What could be simpler? The MFJ-264 is ham radios most versatile 50 Ohm dummy load. Every six months (or 250 engine-operating hours), a thorough inspection should be made of the following systems: cooling, fuel, starting, lubricating oil, and air intake/exhaust. Every year (or 250 engine-operating hours), engine oil and oil, air, and furl filters should be changed. Here's an analysis of all of the possible resistances you can get using a suite of 1, 2, 4 and 8 ohm resistors (at t = 7:50): nice boxes. Most claims approved within minutes. One more important thing to remember is that the derating of the resistors is dependent on the ambient temperature where the resistors and heat sinks are located. The vector resultant of resistance and reactance is the circuit impedance (see illustration). Dummy load box used to deal with effects and output more easily. This means that it is critical to vent the enclosure to help prevent heat build up. This has been a lesson on chassis mount power resistors which I won't soon forget. Aug 21, 2017 #3. However, they are designed to fit 12 gauge 2-3/4" shotguns. Recommended Application of a Generator Load Tester. Overall this little unit is a great success. Engine cranking battery electrolyte levels should be checked, and battery specific gravity hydrometer readings should be taken. I decided that I would position one above each power resistor. The circuit parameter known as “power factor,” or PF, is the ratio of kW to kVA. An example of one of the rare exceptions is found in NCPA 110 (USA) Emergency and Standby Power Systems, which requires load bank testing for mandated emergency units serving critical areas in hospitals. Mfj-264 Dry Dummy Load, 1.5kw, 0-600 Mhz , SO-239 Input, Works with all radios 160 Meters to 650 MHz, QRP to full 1500 watt legal limit, Handles 100 Watts for 10 min, 1500 Watts for 10 Seconds. The majority of his designs are fully original and may be found on his website and on this forum. It uses a number of non-inductive resistors in parallel to achieve 50 Ohms over a wide frequency range. The vector resultant of resistance and reactance is the circuit impedance (see illustration). With some air movement across the fins, it appears that the heat sinks become much more efficient at dumping heat. ATU-100 EXT 1.8-55MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner by N7DDC 7x7,100W Open Source Shortwa... HYS 25W Dual Band VHF/UHF Mobile Transceiver Golden Mobile Ham Radio Amateur Radio ... Mcbazel Surecom 0014-0154 PL259 Male Plug DC to 1.0GHz 25W Watt 50 Ohm Dummy Load, MFJ-921 Manual Tuner + SWR: 2m/1.25m, 30/300W. Here is a picture showing the squeeze out around a mounted resistor. Sold by wlaniot and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Inductive reactance causes current flow to lag the applied voltage by 90 electrical degrees. With a nominal SWR below 1.3:1 to 650 MHz and … Building the Dummy Load. Every two years, the engine coolant system should be thoroughly flushed and refilled. The object is to get just enough thermal grease on the surfaces to ensure that there are no unfilled voids between the two assemblies. System safety control systems and unit control panels should also be checked. They, too, cause current to lag the applied voltage in the manner of electromagnetic loads. This configuration assures a good short thermal path between the power resistors and the heats sinks. We will send you an Amazon e-gift card for the purchase price of your covered product. Such operation causes fuel deposits to collect on the combustion chamber, injector nozzles, piston rings, turbocharger, and exhaust system. It's MFJ: what can I say? The test monitors the engine and … A Free & Open Forum For Electronics Enthusiasts & Professionals, Login with username, password and session length, Well, a dummy compared to most here anyways. , it's a start. Oil should especially undergo spectrophotometry and infrared analysis to confirm its integrity. Found a place by me that is gonna laser engrave my faceplate for me. Following are the technical specifications of Dummy Loads (Terminations) W (N- JR- W): Frequency : DC- GHz Impedance : VSWR : . Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2020. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. You get SWR below 1.3 to 650 MHz and 1.1 at 30 MHz. There are few purely resistive loads in industrial plants; their existence is essentially limited to incandescent lighting and resistance heaters. Current flow through the resistive component yields kilowatts (kW), and the kW level determines the horsepower load that will be imposed on the genset engine. Figure 2 shows the published derating curve for ambient temperature. I tested out my Amp once I got this dummy load. In a stereo configuration I can get 4-ohms loads by paralleling two loads, or 8-ohm loads as is, or 16-ohm loads by series rigging two loads. But in each case it takes two resistors to get to that power level. They work with all radios from 160 meters through 650 MH... MFJ 260C Dummy Loads are air-cooled, non-inductive resistors in a perforated metal housing. Trademarks, Diamond Antenna DL30 Series Compact Dummy Loads. Please upgrade your browser from current version(Microsoft Internet Explorer - 11). When the screws holding the resistors are tightened, any excess grease will squeeze out the sides. Load bank testing simulates the electrical demands of one or more items of electrical equipment, specific processes within the plant, or an entire facility. Engine/generator sets (otherwise known as gensets), represent a substantial capital investment. « Last Edit: December 15, 2018, 05:37:32 am by vk6zgo » Logged The following users thanked this post: 001. I see you use the same power rating method I use. The generator and exciter stator and rotor windings should be checked with a megohmeter to detect any insulation degradation. Please try again. The voltage regulator is what enables the system to recover quickly from large load changes. This proposition is where I started with this particular project.

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