The Collective Security Council is the highest body of the Organization. The CSTO charter reaffirmed the desire of all participating states to abstain from the use or threat of force. • On 7 October 2002, the Presidents of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan signed a charter in Tashkent founding the CSTO. 1. Under the auspices of the Organization, the Coordination Council of the Heads of Competent Authorities to Counter Illicit Drug Trafficking is conducted by the Regional Anti-Drug Operation Permanent Action Channel, which aims to identify and SVGBlock drug smuggling routes, curb the activities of clandestine laboratories, prevent the diversion of precursors into illegal trafficking, and undermine the economic foundations of the drug business. Traditionally, in order to analyze the military-political situation in the regions of collective security, retreat meetings of the standing committees of the Parliamentary Assembly are held with a subsequent report to the PA Council. [33] The Kyrgyz crisis exposed complex perspectives and perceptions about the role of the CSTO.  CSTO members are Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. * In 2007 the CSTO signed an agreement with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) to broaden cooperation on issues such as security, crime and drug trafficking. Russia's clear preeminence within the organization limits its legitimacy. [29] Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that "only in the case of a foreign intrusion and an attempt to externally seize power can we state that there is an attack against the CSTO," and that, "all the problems of Kyrgyzstan have internal roots," while CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha called the violence "purely a domestic affair." Promote cooperation among them in the political-military sphere, 3. Annually, free of charge or on preferential terms, in accordance with agreements existing in the CSTO, only in the Russian Federation are enrolled: up to a thousand citizens of member states go to military universities, up to 100 people to law enforcement and civil universities. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) had been unproductive and has not materialized into the political-military pact Moscow had envisioned as a competitor to NATO and the EU. The CSTO RRF (more than 20,000 personnel) are a component of constant readiness and include highly mobile contingents of the armed forces of the member states, as well as the formation of special forces that unite the units of security and special services, internal affairs agencies and internal troops, emergency response agencies . The CSTO Permanent Council reviewed proposals for the development of a targeted program to strengthen the Tajik-Afghan border. ”. The CSTO Parliamentary Assembly also plays a significant role in ensuring uniform approaches to the harmonization of legislation, work on convergence of the legal fields of member states, primarily on the main activities of the Organization, namely: drug trafficking, illegal migration, the fight against terrorism and organized crime. Three days earlier, on 26 August, Russia recognised the independence of Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In order to deploy military bases of a third country in the territory of the CSTO member-states, it is necessary to obtain the official consent of all its members. [4], On 28 June 2012, Uzbekistan suspended its membership in the CSTO. The CSC has the right to create, on a permanent or temporary basis, the working and auxiliary bodies of the Organization. [3] Also, Russia has won the right to veto the establishment of new foreign military bases in the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO). To this end, the CSTO holds yearly military command exercises for the CSTO nations to have an opportunity to improve inter-organisation cooperation. - The Council of Foreign Ministers is an advisory and executive body of the Organization for the coordination of the interaction of member states in the field of foreign policy.

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