The company claims that by embedding Quip for collaboration purposes, you’ll be amazed to see how sales and service teams work together. A great solution is extensible with plugins so that you can customize it to be what your users want. It uses a very simple site structure, so the look of your wiki can be adapted directly by editing its template. Red Hat and the Red Hat logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. It has a web interface to render the results and it's easy to put it in an intranet or private web for other people to use. So we decided to investigate and to weigh in on the pros and cons of what’s on offer. With Slack, you can put collaboration at your fingertips and do whatever work you can do. The prices shown in the above image are for five users. Get the desktop app, web app, or mobile app. Just sign up and create your account with Confluence for a free trial. Give and get comments in joint projects, mention (@) team members, and make decisions smoother. For above 250 users- $1.10 per month per user. XWiki follows a similar path but with different components. Whether that’s for internal or external use. Powerup your work with built-in templates to reflect your creativity and inspire team members with your work. Real-time editing and formatting of text and enrich your text with pictures, graphs, tables, and attachments. If you need a full UI adaption, skins can help. Confluence supports Spaces for individual topics and uses Categories and Subcategories within these spaces. Review and Comparison of The Best Confluence Alternatives: Confluence is a software for the collaboration of teams and projects to share knowledge efficiently. For a small team of 10 members – $10 per month. Jira, OneDrive, Salesforce, Single sign on etc. Start with a blank page or customizable template. Slite lets you comment in the context, mention (@) team members, and reply to the comments. The open source wiki platform behind Wikipedia is a compelling alternative to Confluence, SharePoint, and other proprietary collaboration solutions. So the issue is establishing a basic ruleset to protect your data—and ensuring your knowledge-management tools support the numerous possible ways of accomplishing that. BlueSpice comes with an extension store. Bitrix24. Its Secure LDAP (LDAPS) plugin enables it to connect to LDAP and Active Directory services. It’s simple and easy-to-use interface lets you easily share things between your teammates. This software was developed in Java language and was licensed under both on-premises software and software as a service. It is an open and accessible platform unlike the other file and document sharing tools, to do the best possible work as a team. Different team roles for different members for the proper division of work and various workspace roles. That said, if you have more complex requirements – whether in project management or delivering an intranet or wiki – then other platforms may be more suitable. So, what are the best Confluence alternatives available on the market today? The product is targeted at teams spanning support, sales, and marketing. I suggest mentioning Mattermost and Riot as HipChat alternatives and XWiki as Confluence alternative… With Tettra, you can share information between your team members, people, and tools for faster results. I think if I'm honest, WordPress is probably a better alternative for a confluence user looking to self-host or hack at the code. Answer: There can be many reasons, like someone who just requires basic needs can go for a free alternative available in the market. Integrate with apps, work faster with inbuilt templates, and quickly access your data. One downside is that it’s sometimes seen as being less intuitive than other tools, meaning that more training is required to get started. However, other platforms are available that offer similar or overlapping capabilities. Some of the platform’s strengths include robust mobile functionality, customizable workflows, and an ever-increasing number of integrations (now including tools such as SAP and Salesforce). You can easily create and manage your work, team members, data, insights, and reports on the go. A tool that randomly shuffles text and files together is nothing but a waste of time. Install Wiki.js from anywhere on any device and it works virtually on any platform. Simple syntax with unlimited page revisions, recent changes, and straightforward configuration. Tettra automatically keeps your documents up to date and lets you find out which content is useful for your teammates. This suggests to me that DokuWiki has the strongest ties to its open source community (although BlueSpice and XWiki are also perfectly valid open source projects). From our perspective, though, Confluence definitely sits at the front of the pack. A staggering 190 million people (across 200,000 organizations) reportedly use SharePoint. Slack can be considered as a single channel for every conversation and the members can join and leave as they wish to. Some resources related to Confluence will help you to get a deeper understanding of what collaboration software is and why there is need of such software: Looking at the Confluence dashboard, you will notice it is quite simple and user-friendly with a clean interface. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is achieved through managing interactions, reports, and sales funnel, emails to clients, and via apps and integrations. Slack also offers an Enterprise grid plan for enterprises. It's open source. And since 2016, it has been owned by CRM-giant Salesforce. Slite is a platform where teams share their knowledge, collaborate on projects, and take meeting notes. Xtensio can be amazing and easy to use tool that lets you share everything with your teams and clients. If you’ve ever wondered what a wiki could do for your workplace, then – in my opinion – Confluence by Atlassian is the answer to the question. It stores its content in text files (rather than in a database) and uses an indexing application to keep track of updated content. Bitrix24 offers a free plan for those who are just getting started. A centralized place for all work and resources. Having a tool that can be a perfect solution for small to medium-size businesses and streamline your data sharing is the best. It can be used by the teams of any size from any industry. Slite. Confluence is a Java based wiki solution by Atlassian. The difference in how data is stored on the hard drive and how it's presented to users is largely a matter of presentation. Tettra is a software collaboration tool and knowledge management system for higher performance of teams. BlueSpice follows a different approach. Both are different products from the same company. What’s more, it comes with strong integrations, plugging seamlessly into the Atlassian ecosystem and benefiting from the hundreds of apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Local authentication, social authentication, enterprise authentication, and two-factor authentications for an extra layer of security. DokuWiki is a popular, free, and open-source software that runs without any requirement of the database. If you are uncomfortable entering your company's shared knowledge into software that you don't own or control, the open source projects BlueSpice, XWiki, and DokuWiki are excellent alternatives. There are also add-ons that allow users to search between the two platforms when they are, 16 Best Jira Alternatives for agile teams in 2020, Jira Confluence Integration: The complete 2020 guide. A free e-commerce platform, visual website builder, free responsive templates, web forms, email marketing, etc. Search your conversations in your history that gets saved automatically while you are working. He has been an active advocate of Open Source principles since then in numerous positions primarily in the areas of High Availability, Cloud Computing (OpenStack & Ceph) and process automation. It has a simple, clean and easily understandable interface and that’s the reason why it is the most popular choice while choosing a wiki software. If BlueSpice's ancestry makes you imagine MediaWiki's austere design, have a look, because even the default theme is modern and appealing. Slite. is a new-age document collaboration tool that helps teams collaborate, share, track, and … They allow you to change CSS and velocity templates. /Slash commands, drag-drop functionality for easy collaboration and teamwork. We’ve reached out to consultants in our network and scoured the internet for answers. The dashboard allows you to visit your recently working page, lets you invite users and create spaces for more members to work together. For teams who are facing support, issues can also switch from Confluence. DokuWiki follows a "back to the roots" approach by staying true, in form and function, to a typical wiki environment. Get offline sync with Notion across all devices for boosting personal productivity. Image by Mapbox Uncharted ERG, CC-BY 3.0 US. Everything is organized in channels for faster work and implementation. Jive pitches itself as the “world’s leading intranet and collaboration platform.” It enables teams to communicate (via messages, news feeds, and blogs) and to collaborate around files, tasks, discussions, and documents. The key question to ask, though, is precisely what do you need? Popular open source Alternatives to Confluence for Self-Hosted, Linux, Windows, Mac, Web and more. Those who require a free and open-source platform for working can opt for Bookstack, Wiki.js, and DokuWiki. Get your team synced and share your notes, files outside your team via different export features. Tettra offers one forever free plan for teams who are just about to start. A smart app that doesn’t need lots of maintenance. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary permission to reuse any work on this site. MercadoPago, Callgear, 2-way SMS, Monitor24, ECWID online, Google, GitHub, Slack, Okta, Twitter, Facebook. A simple and interactive interface so that everyone can contribute to teams. iDalko France:+33 (0)1 84 88 43 80, Some teams use Confluence and SharePoint in tandem, calling on Confluence’s wiki functionality and deploying  SharePoint for document management.

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