All charts of the application are available for free. about the climate classes according to Köppen-Geiger, the altitude and the selected time period (4). one of these data sets before clicking on a location in the map. Review the biome information. Climate diagrams are often generated for a period of at least 30 years. Elevation of the location. Laura Zepner, Pierre Karrasch, Felix Wiemann & Lars Bernard (2020) – an interactive climate analysis web platform, International Journal of Digital Earth, Marcus Kossatz M.Sc. The selected time period can be adjusted individually by moving Distribution chart (box plot) for the mean monthly temperatures during the selected period, Distribution chart (box plot) for the monthly precipitation sums during the selected period. Click to select which biome is correct for the city. This popup also there are two types of data sets available - raster data (see 1.2.1) and station data (see 1.2.2). Legal disclaimer of Dresden University of Technology is applied Laura Zepner M.Sc. You can also see that you have selected a station by the note "Climate Station" in the popup (2). with the following constraint: Dark blue: The precipitation curve is clearly above the temperature curve (note change in the scaling of the precipitation axis). The climate class is calculated from the temperature and precipitation data according available time period for the selected data set (2) is shown in white. Currently, three different types of climate charts can be generated. Here, the average Climate data and weather averages in Christchurch. information we recommend the article "Understanding Boxplots" by Michael Galarnyk: It is also possible to identify data gaps. classes according to Köppen-Geiger, the altitude and the selected time period (4). Some of them are essential for the operation of the site, while others help us to a diagram is created below the map (5). Dr.-Ing. map in blue (1). the temperature and the precipitation, of all places on Earth. On the left side of each chart you can switch between the Walter-Lieth Chart, sums of monthly temperature and precipitation values are shown. These data gaps occur exclusively in the Mail: Global Historical Climatology Network Prof. Dr. Lars Bernard DOI: 10.1080/17538947.2020.1829112. This kind of chart visualizes the distribution of different parameters. Web design and technical development: contains information about the name of the place you have selected (3) as well as information about the climate Elevation is based on SRTM data and only available between 60° northern In addition, it is also possible to select a position on the map by entering coordinates into the filter menu. to remove non-climatic influences that can bias the observed temperature record. This popup also contains information about the name of the place you have selected (3) as well as information For the title and elevation value the gazetteer from GeoNames Dr.-Ing. Two biome choices are given for each set of graphs, one is the correct answer. Examine the set of graphs below for a given city. is an easy to use web application for the generation of Walter-Lieth climate charts. The city of Christchurch has a temperate, relatively dry climate with rain falling on fewer days than New Zealand's other major cities. Overall Christchurch's climate is comfortable all year round, although winter nights can be cold and frosts are common.

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