Instant beef. “Everything ain’t going to stay the same. It’s alright that it’s changing, but it’s all about the artist that’s making it. BP: Here you go, right here. Poet describes the recording process of the song, explaining why he chose that to be the album’s first official single. I love spreading the word about underground hiphop, film, gaming and more. by DJ Premier), Singapore Kane – Dreams and Visions (Prod. He’s a real talented dude. Take you pick man, but don’t be stuck on one of them. Do you think beef today is dead? What’s unique about working with Premier? Everybody’s got something to say. Don’t get stuck with what’s forced in your face everyday on TV or BET or MTV or the radio.,, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 12:55. If the hip-hop culture had a union of some sort, there would not be so many problems within its structure. BP: Nah man, beef today is not dead. Are they bullshitting and putting nothing out, falling off the map, or going to continue to push it out? It shocks the system.”, He then added, “[DJ Premier] wanted to do the whole album from the gate. I’m talking a lot of shit. In 2007, Poet appeared on the track "Victory", on KRS-One and Marley Marl's 2007 album Hip Hop Lives, which was released as proof that The Bridge Wars had ended. “N.O.R.E., that’s my dun,” said the Queensbridge emcee. Your real fans are going to buy that shit, [not] download it, pay for it. ML: At the show tonight, Torae and Marco are also going to be in the building. “[Leaks are] all good, man,” said Poet. You’ve got to drop your shit, keep current, or you’re going to be fucking forgotten about and shit is going to change. Just don't expect the joint project to eventually drop. by DJ Premier). “If they’re not checking for [your leaks], they’re not checking for you. Poet later on signed to DJ Premier's Year Round Record label and released his second album, Tha Blaqprint in 2009 with the majority production coming from DJ Premier and guest appearances from the likes of Lil' Fame and N.O.R.E. Tha Blaqprint also features the song “Hate” [click to listen] featuring N.O.R.E., a fellow Queens native and one half of the duo Capone-N-Noreaga. The Hip Hop Spot WMS & DJ Riz - Jan 9th 1995 - WBAU, Album Review : Saukrates - Brick House EP - 1997, Endangered Species - Intangible LP - 2020, Single Review : Lil' Nik - Suicide - 1995, DIG002 - Random Rap Radio Presents LIVE ON AIR - 2020, Lost In Chillsville - Black Sheep in Rap Pages - 1993. Hip-Hop’ s got to change. Black Milk Plays “Losing Out” Live In Germany, Video. He stresses the importance of artistic integrity and blames any of the game’s shortcomings on artist responsibility. The character that made me love it was the villain Simon Phoenix. Take your pick. So don’t…worry about a download, just do your shit.”. Go look at everything so you can see your choices. You can’t expect them to keep [making] records. About vega. BP: For now, Yeah, but there’s much more to come. The name of the song was originally just going to be “I Fucking Hate You,” and I was thinking about…what kind of a song I could do with N.O.R.E. The act of genorisity also came with a preview of an unreleased song. AT: How did you link up with N.O.R.E. Yet for him, diversity is exactly what the game and its fans need. The 'Power' mogul had social media in an uproar after he told his millions of IG followers to "vote for Trump," but he's since changed his tune. I love to hear different flows and different niggas spit, different emcees getting it in. Do you think boom bap is making a comeback? Yet despite these releases, Blaq Poet only sees this a positive indication that his music is resonating with fans. by Ferhan C), Armani Caesar – Simply Done (Feat. It’s just crazy. It’s a billion dollar game, and you’ve got to be on your business. “The first single, you’ve got to make the beat,” noted Poet. In an exclusive interview with Audible Treats, Blaq Poet and DJ Premier opened up about the "Hate" track and the current state of hip-hop and the music industry. If your track leaks, it’s all good, you have to get it out there. “I told Premo [to] make something a little soulful, something with a little bounce to it, something with a R&B hook or something, like how ‘Unbelievable’ was with Biggie. I make that hardcore Hip Hop. ML: How did people respond to “Who Shot Rudy?”. Posted May 28th 2009 at 5:26 pm by gimantalon, DJ Premier’s Top 6 Dead Or Alive Producers, Conway The Machine – Nothin’ Less (Prod. Benny the Butcher), Public Enemy – State Of The Union (STFU) (Prod. You can leave a response, or create a trackback from your own site. You know you got the Internet, so you can have beef with anybody. It was pretty easy to work with Pete. You can check out The HipHopHeads Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts. Keron: I don’t know, maybe it- I don’t know. We got it in real quick.”, In addition, Tha Blaqprint boasts a wide variety of songs that capture every facet of Blaq Poet’s Queensbridge experience. That means [the fans] hear you. I know they know real niggas are going to do real things. been tight since way before he popped off, you know, so it was only a matter of time before we got together for a track like this.”Premo: “N.O.R.E. Tweet; In an exclusive interview with Audible Treats, Blaq Poet and DJ Premier opened up about the “ Hate ” track and the current state of hip-hop and the music industry.. AT: Tell me in your own words what this song is about. Screenshot of Blaq Poet from music video "Catch My Drift" by Ruc featuring Blaq Poet. BP: It don’t matter. So it’s all about the artist maintaining what they do right now and not taking…10 years to drop an album. Only when I’m on stage live is when I flip out, and rightfully so. BP: I mean, I ain’t sweatin’ it, but whatever happen happen. BP: Queens rappers? ML: Do you think we’re ever going to hear it on the radio again? That was the plan, but then Easy Mo [Bee] dropped a bomb, so we had to go with that. [The song is] just a shout-out to the strippers and the chicks in the club getting that money.”. Blaq Poet is back with a brand new 7-track EP untitled "Scribes" fully produced by the South American Beatmaker Daniel El Campeon. He needed that. BP: Working on Screwball material for the next Screwball project and another Poet project. Entries (RSS) ML: Do you think Tha Blaqprint is your best work? AT: What do you think about the current status of the music industry? Already in works is a remix of the single, featuring guest verses from California emcees MC Eiht and Young Maylay. “[The ‘Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed’ remix] is popping, it’s already done deal,” said Poet. I hope it stays underground. Do your research, and you’re going to find what’s really out there. RMC Mike, Lil Yachty, YN Jay, Louie Ray – Flintana, Video. A veteran from the Bridge Wars in the mid-‘80s, Blaq Poet has witnessed Hip-Hop’s numerous progressions and transgressions. I'm Vega and I run TheCrypt/HipHopHeads. I’m not gonna stop, I’m gonna keep coming and get ready for me. BP: Last thing I bought? Blaq Poet is currently working on an album with producers Stu Bangas from Guns-N-Butter, and Vanderslice to be released on Stu's label Brutal Music. After the last song is played, I’m right back to humble, I win regardless.”. Poet went on to team up with KL, Hostyle and Solo, creating the group Screwball. BP: Everybody’s different, they got their own different shit. It wasn’t all good, but it wasn’t all bad neither. MC Eiht, he killed it, shout out to him. I’m not going nowhere. Blaq Poet: “The song is about hate, about how people always be hating on people, especially when they start doing good.”Premo: “The song is about the state of mind that black people face in the wake of their success when you come from the projects. [3] At that time Poet was at least 17 years old, as stated in a 2009 radio interview. Blaq Poet then added, “It was hard writing [‘Never Goodbye (Tribute to KL)’]. and Comments (RSS). I wouldn’t go into her style. … Audible Treats is the company who helps the promote “Tha Blaqprint“. Timberland, nigga. Everything is healthy, hip-hop is good, and the recession didn’t even effect the industry; people are always going to want to eat and listen to their music.”Premo: “The current status of the music industry is very bad for major labels (they stopped caring about the quality of the product and the A&R’s at hip hop labels have lost their minds on picking the next good artist to sign). The Eaze Up Show Presents - A Tribute To DITC Pt.1... Real II Reel ‎- Flip Off The Vibe / Let The Words ... Propo'88 X Kamy X DJ Suspect - Straight Up - 2020, Ugly Mac Beer Feat F.Stokes - NY PARIGO 7" - 2020, Masta Ace Incorporated in Elements Magazine - 1995. I just don’t want to do a song back and forth where we’re just talking shit. That was hard writing it, and once it was written, it was even harder laying it down, but we got through it.“Beyond the two initial singles, a number of songs from Tha Blaqprint have previously leaked onto the Internet, appearing on a number of DJ Premier’s mixtapes. Guest Appearance: Kool G Rap & Haylie Duff. What’s next for the industry? Metallungies Hollers @ Havoc of Mobb Deep, Interview. So the bottom line is to keep constant and keep making music. Blaq Poet: “Before it blew up it used to be seen as hurting. The Good People - Good For Nuthin'​.​.​. Follow DJ_Kazzeo to never miss another show. I got taken to Bellevue by the hip-hop police. “It’s just hardcore Hip Hop, street anthems. Future "WTF?" Screwball General Blaq Poet is onto something with this concept and project! If your shit is leaked, then that is good.

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