20” Stellar Flat Ride - 1890g. DRUMMER AND BILL STEWART FAN, STEVE SMITH, ASKS: I dig Bill's ride cymbal time and his endless flow of interesting ideas while playing time and while soloing. 21” vintage A tribute ~2010g. ASK BILL. 450.00. sold out. Originally from Des Moines, drummer and composer Bill Stewart was born into a musical family—his father was a jazz trombonist and music teacher, and his mother was a choral director and music teacher. 21” Flat Ride - Bill Stewart Tribute ~1950g. Stewart plays various Zildjian K cymbals and is endorsed by the Avedis Zildjian Company. A collaboration with Paul Francis from Zildjian yielded the 22" K Custom Special Dry Complex Rides (in Thin and Medium Thin weights), which are meant to replicate the sound of an old K. Zildjian cymbal Stewart has had for a long time. ... Cymbal 20” Germania Ride - 1807g. Bill has an unusual grip that seems like it's based on getting a clear "knock" from the ride cymbal. 590.00. sold out. Memphis Drum Shop Tour - Bill Stewart & Paul Francis - YouTube 450.00. sold out. Bill studied music at William Paterson College, graduating in 1988. How did that develop? 2.0 Bill Stewart tribute - deep hammered edition - 2304g. 520.00. sold out. The nice crash sound gets out of the way quickly wh… 22” Tony Williams tribute Ride - 2286g . They were introduced in 2004. According to Stewart, "The K Custom Special Dry Complex Ride has some trashy quality, but can also be articulate. 550.00. sold out.

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