As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This may involve leaving the house, but it will be worth it. If you’re looking for an easy and global improvement to your tone, it’s hard to go wrong with Vintage 30s. 18 guitar speakers comparison, Celestion, Scumback, Jensen, Eminence. old classic Celestion GH 30’s and many others but I think we need to make mention of another classic. Its tone is punchy and aggressive in the low and mid ranges and a bit more moderate than some other guitar speakers here in the high range. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Celestion Vintage 30 Guitar Speaker, 8 Ohm . We are talking about a ceramic ferrite design which allows for more extended lower end of the range. But due to items 2 and 3, micro power may not be a possible choice for you. With the impedance of 4 ohms, you are looking at a decent compatibility with various amplifiers. Celestion’s BL10 series might be focused on a range that is generally considered too wide for certain bass guitar players, but these things simply perform great. What makes Patriot EPS15C so attractive is its refined tone. Last update on 2020-10-31 / Source: Amazon, I have a Behringer BB410 bass cabinet one speaker has a cracked cone. The XA25 is rated at just 25 watts per channel, but it played louder with greater ease than the SIT 3. We are talking about bass guitar replacement speakers. Same for acoustic guitars, horns, pianos, etc. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It's damned loud and I want my ultimate speaker to be able to recreate some of that drama. The parts-and-labor warranty is three years. More often than not, a 10-inch unit will be a bit sharper and generally brighter in nature. Love it! Celestion Vintage 30 Guitar Speaker, 8 Ohm, CELESTION G12H-75 Creamback 16 ohm Guitar Speaker. the singer on the center in front of me, the piano on the left, guitar on the right, chorists on the far right, etc. It is similar to the Celestion Blue but can handle more power. It has a ceramic magnet. It’s a super choice for rock lead guitarists and sounds positively gigantic when used in a 4×12 speaker cab. Speakers for 300B SET Amps. It handles 150 watts of power, which means all you country pickers and Teleblasters out there can get as loud as you want to be and keep everything crisp and clean. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Another one from the Celestion speaker catalogue is. They’re everywhere, and with good reason. Best Bass Amp Replacement Speakers Eminence Patriot EPS15C. Some people like mismatching impedances but this can lead to disaster for your output transformer. As you probably know by now, your choice of cabinet speakers for your bass rig will alter the sound you get from that setup. Standard that most bass players follow these days is a 4×10 config because it offers great tone for slapping works better with picks. Swapping them out for aftermarket replacement speakers can really extend the range of your gear. Let's start with luscious, organic and all there. Just my two cents….it’s a completely different animal…. Learn about Ohm’s Law to get all the gory details. EMINENCE EPS15C 15-Inch Pedal Steel Guitar... Eminence Legend BP122 12" Bass Guitar Speaker, 250... Celestion BL10-100X 10" 100W 8ohm Ceramic Bass... Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Review, The Best 1×12 Guitar Cabinets for the Money, Power handling: 300 watts RMS VCdia: 3"Impedance: 4 ohms, Frequency range: 42-2, 900 Hz SPL: 100. Then I hooked up a much more powerful amp, the Bel Canto REF500S, which pumps out 400 watts a channel into 4-ohm speakers! best speakers for imaging (soundstage - 3d) and "being there" effect? As long as you follow a set of basic rules, you should be good. That's it; the best amplifiers somehow allow the music's essence to cut loose. Old school Marshall cabs had 4 x 25-watt 12-inch guitar speakers, which made for a lot of speaker breakup. When switching between the two amps, both bass oomph and control show obvious improvement with the XA25, yet I miss the SIT 3's more fleshed out, more organic tone. It can be used solo with lower-powered amps and in multiples with the kind of big iron rock guitarists love the most. With the impedance of 4 ohms, you are looking at a decent compatibility with … That's not a problem, just turn the volume up a little more. Every speaker cab features a specific mounting system. Driver that delivers warm, rich tone and deep bass, This 250W driver is at home in small sealed enclosures, Also works well in pro audio and home Hi-Fi applications, Ceramic ferrite motor structure that delivers full body tones, Extended low end and greater linear excursion, Perfect for the high-powered rock performance. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by rebbi, Jun 12, 2015. Angus Young is just one of the many Greenback devotees out there and you might be the next one. Rock and metal players tend not to dig these as much, but, if you have a cool old Fender or another vintage amp that needs new 12-inch guitar speakers, these Jensen C12N’s are the natural pick. When comparing the SIT 3 with another Nelson Pass design, the Pass Labs XA25, the latter is more concise and transparent-sounding. So probably need to replace at least two since they are in a 4 ohm series parallel configuration with a 4ohm load for the cabinet. Only a few audiophiles knowing the subject, I think the best options are that supplied by Audiopax of Eduardo de Lima of Rio de Janeiro due to the fact that he sells SET amplifiers in a pack with a pair of adequate loudspeaker system (or the option that includes high efficiency full range units from the British Lowther). Meanwhile, 1960s-era Frank Sinatra albums are some of his best-sounding, and I had goosebumps hearing Sinatra with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra swinging like a big jazz band. A 3-watt amplifier may sound much better than a 16-watt amplifier because of the latter's complexity. What does the SIT 3 sound like? If you mismatch specs, you are running a risk of damaging your equipment unless it supports a broader range of outputs. Upgrades: Artisan cabinet $350. It also has a smooth top end that helps add definition to modern high-gain guitar amps. Buy on Amazon Eminence is one of the most popular brands you can turn to for aftermarket bass amp guitar speakers. It handles 75 watts of power and produces tight lows and punchy highs. However, Celestion’s custom voicing on this bass speaker allows it to reach rather deep in the frequency range. These are perfect for muddy driving rhythms in blues or jazz, where you can saturate a lot of the mix on your own. The Jensen sound is heavy in the mid frequencies, which makes it THE choice for many blues and jazz players. Their Patriot series EPS15C is a true beast. So who makes the best guitar amp replacement speakers for you? Probably our best speaker for very low powered valve amplifiers. We’ll definitely consider to add it. High-powered speakers in 4x12s is a tone secret many players miss out on due to the fame of the 25-watt Celestion Speakers that shaped the sound of rock guitar. There's real magic going on between the SIT 3 and the .7 speakers. The low-in-level, quiet details of the sound added much to the realism of the music. To be more specific, we are talking about the holes used to anchor the speakers. 32", Cutout diameter: 14. I have done a lot of research on the Internet and in other audio forums about this topic, but I thought that some of you fine folks might have ideas that I haven't yet thought of. The music is so much more ambient over the SIT 3; the music expands to fill my entire listening room. It's a sound you can lose yourself in. Delivers the sonic signature of a G12H but with Cream back levels of power handling. Johnson, guitar amp guru George Alessandro, and Eminence teamed up to create this one. You are going to want to get speakers that match your existing ones in Wattage and Ohms. In some ways, the idea of lower power is better not because of the first watt thing but because of the complexity of design. Punchy lows, lower-mid growl, crisp upper-mids, and very articulate, open highs. This way you can you find whatever combination you need and easily boost your bass amp sound to a new level of quality. And not just with acoustic music; Brian Eno's ambient albums, like Music On Land and Apollo, and Bill Laswell's brilliant Panthalassa ambient remixes of Miles Davis' electric tunes floated free of the speakers. It features an Alnico magnet and reproduces true vintage tones with a mix of British and American characteristics. Superb sound, rave reviews from customers. Thanks for letting us know Kevin. 03", Depth: 6. It’s one of the Celestion speakers that’s meant to be a sort of ‘jack of all trades’ guitar speaker that works as well in an old tweed combo as it does with a modern full-range modeler. This is something totally different. While listening to the SIT 3 and the Supremes to Ernst Reijseger's Cave of Forgotten Dreams soundtrack for the Werner Herzog film, the sound of the chamber orchestra was positively lucid. A warm and smooth 12" American guitar speaker packing a little Texas-style heat, Nice clear, fat tone with a little top end bite and a hint of British flavor, Ideal for: American Rock, Blues, and Southern Rock. is the original ceramic magnet 25-watt 12-inch guitar amp speaker that brought the sound of rock’n’roll to life. The SIT 3 measures 17 by 16 by 6.75 inches, weighs 32 pounds, and it runs warm to the touch. Dimensions: Overall diameter: 15. The heavier H magnet brings additional body, girth, and focus to any guitar amp lucky enough to be run through it. The general rule of thumb is that smaller drivers give you a tighter tone with more exposed mids, while larger transducers tend to dig deeper and generally have more girth in the lower end of the spectrum. At the same time, having four 10-inch speakers covers a lot of conventional genres as well. Connectivity is basic, just stereo RCA input jacks and stereo binding posts for speaker cables. Everything before the guitar speaker is colored by the speaker you choose and changing your guitar speakers can drastically alter the sound of a combo amp or speaker cabinet.

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