If there is, the steering gear has to be adjusted or removed for service. These eyes with bushings installed are used to mount the spring to the frame. From Trophy Truck to your Truck with King Shock Kits - How King Shocks can give your truck superior ride quality and control. Any more than this and you should adjust the steering backlash. You should not be able to move it back and forth. Consider equipping your vehicle with a torque-reaction spring, if it does not have one. Attach two large C-clamps to either side of the center bolt to contain the spring energy. Set the tie rod end of the bell crank at right angles with the front axle. Raise the front of the vehicle on safety stands. This allows the differential, half-shafts and driveshaft to stop spinning when the car is in two-wheel drive, saving wear and tear on those parts and improving fuel-economy. If you're ready to improve the quality of your ride, start shopping. Expert lifetime technical support on all purchases. Suspension is one of the 4×4 accessories that can provide toughness when off road. Small cracks can be veed out and welded. The longest leaf is called the main leaf and is rolled at each end to form eyes. Did you ever wonder why?The high center of gravity can cause a problem in corners, if the speed is excessive. Measure the balls on the Pitman arm and the steering bell crank for being out-of-round (oval) or having flat spots. When you order from us, you don't have to worry about the strength, quality, durability or performance of your components. Install a drag link repair kit, if necessary, and then adjust it. These eyes with bushings installed are used to mount the spring to the frame. Remove the drag link to inspect it. Having an upgrade suspension system that's ready for the challenge eliminates this issue altogether, ultimately saving you both time and money. Road test. Replace the drag link, if it is worn. Detach the axle assembly from the springs by removing the U-bolt nuts and the spring anchor plate. Slide under the vehicle, and check the steering bell crank pin and bearings for wear by trying to tilt the bell crank diagonally side to side. To free the spring, remove the attaching bolt from the frame bracket. Insert a pickle fork between the tie rod end and the bell crank or steering arm. Tighten the center bolt to break it off, but don't waste time undoing it; the bolt has to be replaced. If only one leaf is broken, replace this leaf. Mount it upside down and vertical in a vise. This was necessary to prevent the left side of the vehicle from ‘diving’ to the left and into traffic on hard braking. When the tie rod end is worn out it must be replaced. Over time, this may well lead to the destruction and necessary replacement of these parts. Toe-in is the difference in distance between the front edge of the front tire and the rear of the front tire. Clean the leaves of all rust and examine for fatigue cracks running across the leaf width near the U-bolts. Air ride truck suspension systems differ from your regularly everyday shocks by using a strong compressor to keep your ride more stable. Specify right or left side. Worn steering knuckle bearings can be detected by moving the wheel up and down. We carry hundreds of suspension systems and lift kits and shock absorbers for nearly every make and model of truck or Jeep. If you need additional help placing your order, chat with one of our knowledgeable parts experts. Still, these are great vehicles for regular off-roading and short distance travel. The spring should be fully extended. Adjust or replace the bearings. If you remove all the shims and the steering wheel free-wheels or you can move it up and down, the steering gear needs rebuilding. Instead, we give you access to huge inventory at everyday low prices. Paint new and any bare metal with rust resistant paint. If the frame is okay, check the curb height. Power wash the four springs and the frame rails, and inspect the frame for damage. On heavy braking, the axle wants to twist in an anti-clockwise rotation and pull the vehicle to the left. Fit the thrust washers top and bottom, and slide the bell crank in place. When four-wheel drive is not engaged, the locking hubs are used to disconnect the front wheels from the front differential, half-shafts (the shafts that connect the differential to the hub) and driveshaft. Of the many upgrades you can make to your truck, Jeep or SUV, adding an air ride truck suspension makes a tremendous difference in your rig's performance. Shock Absorbers: Tech Overview of Off Road Shocks, How to Choose the Right Shocks for you Truck, Leveling Kits, Truck Leveling Kits, & Suspension Leveling Kits, F150 Leveling Kit & Suspension Tips for Total Truck Transformation. A second leaf rolled around the eyes of the main leaf as a reinforcement is called the wrap leaf. The steering gear must be removed from the frame and rebuilt. To adjust the drag link at the bell crank end, screw the adjusting plug in firmly against the ball on the bell crank, then back off one half turn and insert a new cotter pin through the hole in the tube and slot in the adjusting plug. Drag illustration to view more parts . Right and left hand threads on tie rod end assemblies provide for toe-in adjustment without removing the tie ends from the steering arms. If you're ready to improve the quality of your ride, start shopping. The other end of the spring has a bronze bushing and is pivoted on a pivot bolt in the bracket on the frame. This U-shaped bolt allows a swinging shackle at the forward end of each front spring and at the rear of each rear spring. Raise the vehicle so the tire is just off the floor. 4x4s may not have the term "luxury" attached to them, but that doesn't mean that their ride can't be as smooth as any other hotshot sports car. There are two tie rod ends on each tie rod. Loosen the instrument panel bracket and the steering gear frame bolts to allow the steering post to align itself. | SHOP NOW, 2249 E Garvey Ave. N.,West Covina, CA 91791. Remove the four housing cover bolts. Do not use the center bolt to com-press the leaves, use the C-clamps. This could be due to improper adjustment of the steering gear or drag link, worn tie rod ends, worn steering bell crank pin and bearings, worn steering knuckle bearings or loose front wheel bearings. Remove the bell crank. Your safety and the safety of your family depends on your workmanship. Because you don't want to steer around off-road obstacles and trail hazards, you must demand top-quality air ride suspension parts when upgrading your rig. You can be assured that you are getting the best price possible through our 100% price match guarantee. Contact Skinned Knuckles by mail at PO Box 6983, Huntington Beach, CA 92615; Website skinnedknuckles.net and click on Subscribe or PayPal. Use a new center bolt. 1/2 Ton 92-99 ; 1/2 Ton 94-99 ; 3/4 Ton 92-99 ; 3 close 4 close 4 close 5 close. Buy the best and latest four wheel drive suspension on banggood.com offer the quality four wheel drive suspension on sale with worldwide free shipping. Raise the axle assembly, and disconnect the shock absorber. Driving thrust is transferred through the front half of the spring to the front shackles. Use a 1" wide push/pull tape, and measure the distance between the marks front and rear. Examine the drag link. They must be replaced. Spin the wheel to check the wheel bearings. Backlash at the steering wheel should be zero. Do not attempt to straighten either hot or cold. Apply grease to the grease fittings regularly to force out the road dirt. 1/2 Ton 94-99 ; 3/4 Ton 92-99 ; 2 close. The left-hand threaded bushings have a groove around the head. Check the position of the side adjusting screw. An eyeball check will reveal a broken spring leaf. The springs are anchored to the frame by plain or screw type bushings fitted into the spring eye with a U-shaped shackle bolt or shackle bars and pins fitted through both the bushing and the spring bracket. The wheel should spin freely without any bearing noise. Update: use Teflon pads between the leaves. Slide in further and check the drag link. Insert the cotter pin, bend ends open around the nut. Readjust if necessary. Grasp both front wheels and push out on both at the same time, and then pull in on both at the same time. Kits are different for military and CJ style Jeeps. (70-85 ft.lbs.) It results in better directional stability. Remove the cotter pins, and use a screw-driver with a large thick tip to unscrew the adjusting plugs. On CJ series the bell crank connects to only one tie rod. Remove the wheel and tire. At 4 Wheel Parts, we sell everything you need to take your vehicle to the next level, including air pressure switches, air system linkage kits, height control valves, air ride shocks for trucks, pressure switches and more. The ride quality on what is called the compact style SUV didn't get much better until the mid 1960s when the wheel base was increased and coil-spring front suspension was introduced on the Ford Bronco. Many war photographs show the Generals riding in the front passenger seat. 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