For calculating full load current in a 3 phase system we have to use the formula W =root 3 ×VL ×IL ×cos teeta (power factor )now IL =W /1 . The current is simply the kVA divided by the voltage. 3 Phase Induction Motor current calculator is used to calculate the rated and full load amperes of the motor. The measurement unit for current is Amperes often used as amps. Enter the rated volts, amps, power, and efficiency to find the current flowing through the motor. Similarly, Full-load Current, sometimes abbreviated as I full-load is the current required for an AC induction motor to run with its maximum load or rated power. Look at the above formula, the three-phase full load current is equal to Power divided by the 3 times of product of line to neutral voltage and power factor. Here in this formula W = power, root 3 =1.732, VL =Line voltage, IL =Line current and cos teeta= power factor. The power taken by a circuit (single or three phase) is measured in watts W (or kW). 3 phase motor current calculation formula is P/ (√3xVxPfxEff) or P/ (1.732xVxPfxEff) Both are same. As an example, consider a loa… Example 100 KVA 3ph load at 277/480v has a current of 100/(.48 x sq rt 3) or 100/.8314 … The full load current for a 3-phase load in kVA is calculated as: \(I=\displaystyle\frac{1000 \cdot S_{kVA}} {\sqrt{3} \cdot V_{LL} }\) The full load current for a 3-phase load in hp is calculated as: 732 ×VL ×P.f . For three phase motor amps calculation the below formula is used. The product of the voltage and current is the apparent power and measured in VA (or kVA) . Formulas to calculate 3 phase AC induction motor starting, running & full-load current The 3 phase Induction motor is popular for its efficiency and is … if you know the 3phase load divide it by the phase to phase operating voltage x the square root of 3. As we said, the full load current of the three-phase system is depending on the type of connection. Given the kW and power factor the kVA can be easily worked out. Motor volts is 380 volts, Eff is 0.89 and PF is 0.85 according the above nameplate. So our motor power is 15KW with 15 x 1000 = 15000 Watts. The relationship between kVA and kW is the power factor (pf):Single phase system - this is the easiest to deal with.

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