[4] The car was very expensive, costing about the same as a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and in the early 1920s sales were slow. [1] Production rose to around 700 cars a year with many supplied to the London taxi trade.

Early in 2013 Napier Turbochargers became part of Wabtec. Today Napier is no longer in the engine business, with the ending of the Deltic sales in the 1960s they had no new modern designs to offer. Napier had been taken over by English Electric on 23 November 1942.[22].

During the First World War the company was contracted to build 600 aircraft at the Acton factory (50 Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.7, 400 Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 and 150 Sopwith Snipes). Napier Vintage Car/Automobile, England.

The first of an initial order of six, three each two-cylinder 8 hp and four-cylinder 16 hp, all with aluminum bodies by Arthur Mulliner of Northampton and chain drive, was delivered 31 March 1900; Edge paid £400 and sold at £500. Es significativo el hecho de que el denominado color "verde Napier" adoptado por la compañía a partir de 1902, se convirtiese a continuación en el color oficial de los automóviles británicos de carreras, conocido como "british racing green". [1], James succeeded his father as head of the firm in 1867, and after his father's death in 1873, specialized in crafted precision machinery for making coins, printing stamps and banknotes.

La Napier era una compañía dedicada a la fabricación de piezas de artillería, balanzas, máquinas de acuñación de moneda y para la impresión, fundada en 1808 por David Napier, ingeniero escocés que había trabajado de herrero para los Duques de Argyll.

However, even better fuel economy could be had by flying a normal jet engine at much higher altitudes, while existing designs filled the "low end" of the market fairly well. The latter soon went into voluntary liquidation and thus the manufacture and marketing of Napier cars were united under a single organization. The Napier was a three-speed, shaft-drive 6.44-litre (392.7 cu in) four (127×127 mm, 5x5 in) of 44.5 hp (33 kW) (though described as a 30 hp).

Aunque los Napier no volvieron a repetir las victoria de 1902, el L48 destacó en los intentos de récord de velocidad.

The car was rescued from the family farm by the very young present owner in c.1950. Shipping by purchaser.

Napier quickly started work on newer designs, building on experience gained on the X style 16-cylinder, 1,000 hp (746 kW) Cub, used in the Blackburn Cubaroo single-engined bomber of the 1920s, and the resulting later 16-cylinder Rapier and 24-cylinder Dagger were both air-cooled H-block designs. Many world speed records on land and water, as well as the Hawker Typhoon and Tempest fighter planes, were powered by Napier engines. The GEC operation, now part of Ruston Gas Turbines, later moved to GEC-Alsthom and then Alstom, before being sold to Siemens in March 2003. 7759 (see text) Engine no. with the present roadster coachwork, including a CAV starting & lighting set which it still retains. Last of the great Napier engines was the Nomad, a "turbo-compound" design that combined a diesel engine with a turbine to recover energy otherwise lost in the exhaust.

Along with every major aero engine company in the post-war era, Napier turned to the jet turbine. In 1961, Rolls-Royce purchased Napier's aero-engine business, and continued to market the Gazelle, dropping the Eland.

The Napier was a three-speed, shaft-drive 6.44 litre (392.7 cu in) four (127×127 mm, 5x5 in) of 44.5 hp (33 kW) (though described as a 30 hp).

Vehicle production continued for a time on this basis and 2,000 trucks and ambulances were supplied to the War Office. III Coupe Internationale - Gordon Bennett (28/6/1902). Los éxitos deportivos llevaron también hacia el éxito comercial. Brooklands opened that year, where Napier engineer H. C. Tryon won the first ever event in a 40 hp (30 kW), and Edge made a famous 24-hour run in June, covering 1,581 miles (2,544 km) at an average 65.905 mph (106.06 km/h) in a 60-horsepower 589 cubic inch (9,652 cc) (127×127 mm, 5×5-inch) six, a record which stood for 18 years.

Dissatisfi… Napiers also inspired Charles J. Glidden to create the Glidden Tours in upstate New York, which in turn persuaded Napier to build a factory in Boston. [20], In October 1903 Levitt won the Championship of the Seas at Trouville, and the French government bought the boat for £1,000.[19][20].

It is the Railton powered by a 505bhp broad-arrow Napier engine.

Starting from scratch, Napier decided to use the new sleeve valve design in a much larger H-block 24-cylinder engine, soon to be known as the Sabre. It was a bad year for Napier's racing program; a 35 hp (26 kW) in the hands of Lt. Col. Mark Mayhew in the Paris-Madrid rally lost its steering hit a tree.

[1] He designed a steam-powered printing press, some of which went to Hansard (the printer and publisher of proceedings of the Houses of Parliament), as well as newspapers.

An attempt was made to buy the bankrupt Bentley company in 1931 but Napier was outbid at the last minute by Rolls-Royce.

También llevaba dos motores Napier Lion el Railton Mobil Special de John Cobb, que batió el récord mundial en 1947 con una velocidad de 634,39 km/h. 1912 A row of early Morris cars parked outside The Oxford Garage, Cowley, England, the start of the Morris Motor Company, 1912. Fuente: https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Napier_%26_Son&oldid=120464876, Wikipedia:Artículos con datos por trasladar a Wikidata, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores VIAF, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores GND, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0, Automóviles y motores aeronáuticos y navales. Al año siguiente Edge y Napier adoptaron la estrategia opuesta, crearon un pequeño modelo de 4 cilindros, de 44,5 CV que sorprendió a los rivales franceses y venció en la edición de la Gordon Bennett de ese año. As both the owner and entrant of the boat, "S. F. Edge" is engraved on the trophy as the winner. [21] The Lion came into service shortly before the end of the war. It, along with the Genoa factory (managed by Arthur McDonald), which built Napiers under licence as San Giorgios from 1906–9, was not a success.

Fuente: En 1923, Henri Segrave se impuso en el XVII Grand Prix de l´ACF sobre un Sunbeam. Also during the Second World War a six-cylinder 300 cubic inch road-vehicle engine was commissioned by the government, but this design was sold to Leyland Motors by 1945. Jarrott and Stocks crashed, and Edge was disqualified. Edge entered one in the 1901 Gordon Bennett Cup, only able to test it en route (it was completed 25 May, only four days before the event), Montague serving as his riding mechanic; she overpowered her Dunlops, and fitting new (French) rubber led to disqualification, since they were not of the same nation of origin.

Rowledge diseñó para Napier el modelo T75, un elegante 6 cilindros de 6,2 litros, un coche muy avanzado que sin embargo resultaba demasiado caro, lo que hizo que bajaran las ventas. At that point efforts were made to improve it, leading eventually to the Sabre VII delivering 3,500 hp (2,600 kW), making it the most powerful engine in the world, from an engine much smaller than its competition.

It was the first British victory in international motorsport, and would not be repeated until Henry Seagrave took the French Grand Prix in 1923. Napier made a wide variety of products, including a centrifuge for sugar manufacturing, lathes and drills, ammunition-making equipment for the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, and railway cranes. Starting from scratch, Napier decided to use the new sleeve valve design in a much larger H-block 24-cylinder engine, soon to be known as the Sabre.

That year, only six models were produced. Montague Stanley Napier, nieto del fundador era un gran aficionado al mundo del automóvil y a través de esta afición conoció a Selwyn Edge, quien en 1899 adquirió un Panhard de 1896 y convenció a Napier para que le ayudara a prepararlo. The advantage of this complex design was fuel economy: it had the best specific fuel consumption of any aircraft engine, even to this day.

At the same time, the ramjet was showing promise for high-speed supersonic flight. Edge's secretary, Dorothy Levitt, drove a 100 hp (74.6 kW) development of the K5 at the Blackpool and Brighton Speed Trials in 1905, and the next year ran the L48 at the Blackpool Speed Trials, showing talent by equalling Edge's speed and setting a women's record in the flying kilometre of 90.88 mph (146.25 km/h). AUD $385,000. Smaller models, the 3,000-hp-class Eland and 1,500-hp-class Gazelle did somewhat better, notably the Gazelle which powered several models of the popular Westland Wessex helicopter.

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